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Netflix scam

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Sallywally1 Thu 26-May-22 19:18:27

I had a email saying they were having trouble obtaining my payment and should click on a link. Obviously I didn’t and went on to the Netflix webpage to check my account which is in order

Just a warning. This is obviously another scam.

Jillykins3 Thu 26-May-22 23:46:14

Thanks for passing this on .

MiniMoon Fri 27-May-22 00:09:27

I had a landline call this morning from a very British sounding "Rachael "( a recorded message) purporting to be from Amazon telling me that unusual activity had occurred on my account. An order had been placed for an iPhone 12 and £585 was being taken from my card. I was to press 1.
I didn't listen to the rest, checked my Amazon account and bank account. Nothing untoward there, so beware.

SusieB50 Fri 27-May-22 15:43:29

I have just had a text from “Netflix” saying my account has been suspended and a link to contact them . Deleted text and blocked number but I seem to remember from a radio or TV programme there is a quick way of forwarding numbers to prevent fraud . Does anyone know ?

SachaMac Fri 27-May-22 16:12:59

I think you forward scam texts to 7726, it was discussed on Morning Live the other day. I received a scam text claiming to be from one of my children this week, almost fell for it as one of them was abroad at the time.
I worry about my elderly mother getting fake HMRC or similar calls asking for her bank details to pay her a refund, I know she would fall for it despite all of our warnings. It’s very worrying.

SusieB50 Fri 27-May-22 20:07:30

Thank you !