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Good Morning Friday 27th May 2022

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Michael12 Fri 27-May-22 05:54:40

Good Morning Everyone,
Another bright and sunny start this morning in brackley ,and its supposed to be a nice day in this part of the woods .
My plans apart from watching the cycling on TV later , will be governed by the way the feels to me , once I have done a early shop for essentials .
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 27-May-22 06:11:50

Good morning from a bright E Kent. The sky is full of contrails; all these happy holidaymakers!
Yessss- DH came home last night. I called the hospice and asked for their help. It obviously worked as at about 4 pm I received a call saying he was discharged, but (as usual),held hostage by the pharmacy not sending the drugs. It took them another 4 hours….
An exhausted DS arrived home, to my utter joy. We went to hospital for the pre-booked visit and waited with an ecstatic DH. He agreed that it had been the right thing to send him to hospital once the dreaded A&E was left behind.
All is lightness and joy in the gM household.
Thank you for your kindness and support through those rather dreadful few days. ❤️
Carp3 diem, dear friends. I hope today brings nuggets of joy, hope to the unwell, peace to all. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 27-May-22 06:16:02

Good morning Mike sunny here in Oxfordshire as well this morning, chilly though.
I was woken up at 4am, the top road has night time closures for a few days, we have gone from seeing 4 cars an evening to having double decker buses, trucks and so many cars I lose count, anyway at 4 this morning a huge truck lumbered past and woke me up, couldn’t get back to sleep so read my book instead.
Let’s hope I’m awake when we start floor laying in the cabin.

Chap coming out to give us a quote for a new bathroom today as well, let’s hope this one actually wants to quote to do it.

Apart from that I’ll enjoy the sunshine if it lasts.

Have a good day everyone and thoughts are with those who are having a rough time.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 27-May-22 06:17:01

Have a good day Granmattie you all deserve it.

Ashcombe Fri 27-May-22 06:22:06

Good morning from a dreary Stockholm where we have been moored overnight.

Yesterday we arrived here at lunchtime and joined a disappointing boat trip around the harbour. Unusually for Olsen tours, it was poorly organised with an ill prepared guide. Unfortunately, DH has caught a cold so, as advised, we contacted the medical team whereupon a glamorous nurse arrived to administer a PCR test which proved negative. When we return from being ashore, our temperatures are automatically recorded on a screen! The precautions are impressive and reassuring.

I hope today brings improvements to the health of the poorly folk. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Ashcombe Fri 27-May-22 06:24:36

So pleased to hear some happy news in your life, grandMattie with DS there now, too. 💐

Beechnut Fri 27-May-22 06:48:35

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A bright and sunny day is forecast.
Good news Mattie, you sound a very happy Mattie.

I had an early morning call yesterday to say my dentist was poorly but I was able to see to my relief another one. My tooth was mended.

I’ve several jobs to get done so I’m making a list so I can work my way through them. The washing machine is already on.

Have good day all 🦩🌼🌞

GrannyGravy13 Fri 27-May-22 06:53:48

Morning Mick and all

We have blue sky with fluffy white clouds here in S E Essex, o do hope it is warmer than yesterday.

We have The Imp today, so will pop into the big Sainsbury’
I haven’t done a big shop for a few weeks so my list is long. They have the automatic scan machines and The Imp likes to help Grandma 🤣

Pleased you have your DH and son home grandMattie let’s hope you have calm and enjoyable days ahead.

Ashcombe Stockholm is one of my favourite cities, did you have time to wander round the old town?

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Grammaretto Fri 27-May-22 07:11:45

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Sunny here though still not very warm.

What relief in the grandMattie household.
Nice pc from the North Ash .
I hope the news is all good today.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 27-May-22 07:18:09

Morning all from a sort of sunny West Oxfordshire. We are off to Pembrokeshire tomorrow for a week, so today will be busy with various preparations. Packing, taking a key to my friend who is feeding the cats, cutting the lawn etc. etc. We had excellent news from our younger son yesterday. His civil service job - executive officer - has been made permanent! So his office isn’t one that has been hit by Mogg!

Susan56 Fri 27-May-22 07:26:20

Good morning from sunny Shropshire.

Yesterday was not a good day.My mum has taken a turn for the worse.We don’t really know what is going on but from last week Mrs very independent to this week very unwell with the district nurse visiting everyday and possibly being admitted to hospital today.It is so difficult living so far away.Her neighbours are amazing and reassured me yesterday that they are more than happy looking after her.Her and my dad did so much for other people in the past and they say it is her turn for people to care for her.I am so, so grateful to them.

DH has a medical appointment this morning so while we wait for him I am taking Henry to a vegan restaurant in town for some of their delicious pancakes.I am always nervous taking him out to eat because of his allergies but obviously no eggs or milk in a vegan restaurant.

H and big sis are staying over tonight😳usual Friday night for DGD who isn’t overly impressed that H is staying too.He asks every week if he can stay and as we are taking them away for a few days in the summer we thought he better get used to staying with us.

Lovely to hear happy news from you grandMattie and glad your DS is home with you.

Have fun with the shop GrannyGravy!

Have the best day you can everyone🌻🦩

Marydoll Fri 27-May-22 07:28:39

Good morning all from Glasgow, where it is only 9 °C and has been quite windy over the last few days. I get unsettled when it is so windy, but at least the washing is drying, without need for the drier, especially as the lodgers' washing is adding to the load at the most inopportune times! Why can't they do it first thing, so that it doesn't need to dry inside? 😡
My tongue is raw from biting it! 😉

Better news from you GM and pleased you have your son back home to support you..
I was sorry to hear your Stockholm visit was so disappointing. DH too has bad memories of Stockholm. He used to visit Helsinki, on business on a circuitous route from Glasgow, via Stockholm. He phoned me late one night to say he was stranded on the tarmac, because they were struggling to de-ice the plane. I never slept that night, until I knew he was safely back in Manchester!

Yesterday, to our surprise, the schoolchildren were at Mass and of course that meant we saw Dollie. Her teacher was frantically waving at me, to show us where she was. We waited outside for a glimpse, as she passed, (on her very best behaviour , of course😉) . The HT (whom I know) pulled her out of the line and told her it was OK to give me a hug. It was just the tonic I needed. 😍
I know most of the teachers and everyone stopped to ask how I was. Such a simple thing, but it really made my day, to know I have not been forgotten.
Sometold me that I was looking so well. Nae chance of any sympathy there! 😉
It's amazing what a bit of makeup, especially a touch of lippie can do! 😁

I wish you all a pleasant day and sending my good wishes to all who are poorly. Praying that Baubles is making steady progress.

Harris27 Fri 27-May-22 07:30:36

Morning everyone a calm day in the NE. Work in a couple of hours then hopefully leisurely weekend. Been busy all week and ringing sister who has caught covid. She can’t believe it’s eventually caught up with her. A bit of gardening at the weekend then preparation for hubby 65th birthday. Low key but a lunch out then a homemade afternoon tea much later. Can’t believe where the years have gone.

Marydoll Fri 27-May-22 07:30:59

Susan, I am so sorry to hear your news about your mum. 💐

Jaxjacky Fri 27-May-22 07:31:57

Thes best news grandMattie 🦩👏👏
Good morning from S Hants, the sun is peeking through.
A cooking day today as son and family over tomorrow.
Tonight we’re trying out bowls.
Safe journeys to those travelling, healing thoughts to those poorly.

Sar53 Fri 27-May-22 07:35:48

Good morning from France where we are due a warm and sunny day.
The owner of the gites has a collection of 5 classic sports cars and has invited us all to take a car and drive out to lunch. No power steering, left hand drive and all manual what could go wrong. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went.
I'm glad your DH is home GM and that you have your DS with you, I hope you have a better day.
Enjoy Friday whatever you are doing. Love from France xx

Gwenisgreat1 Fri 27-May-22 07:37:40

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate
What a relief GrandMattie. It’s like you’ve come though a dark tunnel to the light at the end. Long may it last.
This morning I have my Dgs wonder what mischief he will bring! I should also be having the delivery of a new Microwave which I hope will work better than the current one.
Have the best day possible folks

Grandmabatty Fri 27-May-22 07:37:43

Good morning all from Polmont. 10° and windy. Susan I'm sorry to hear about your mum. 💐Grandmattie you sound so much happier today. Marydoll I'd struggle with having lodgers as I'm used to my own space. It won't be forever though.
Yesterday I had a lovely meal at an Italian restaurant. It was so good I just had a slice of toast at teatime.
Today I have a chiropodist appointment early-ish and then I'm picking up dgs1 from nursery for an hour. I look forward to seeing him. Have a good day all.

Sar53 Fri 27-May-22 07:38:39

Sorry to hear about your mum Susan, I wish her well xx

Grandmadinosaur Fri 27-May-22 07:41:05

Good morning from East Yorkshire where it is a sunny start to the day.

So pleased that DH and DS are home GM

A quiet day for me yesterday and a lovely time with GS after school. Recently he seems to be into puzzles and games so we completed a jigsaw after tea.

Today I need to do a food shop and collect some items I’ve taken to the dressmaker. She’s a lovely lady and can do miracles in that department! Sadly she said she is thinking of giving it up. I understand her reasons as she’s nursed elderly parents in the last year who passed away and now has a FIL with health issues too. Running a business at the same time must be hard.

This afternoon I am going with his parents to GS’s school. They are having a Jubilee party on the field. His reception year are singing Let it go from Frozen. He was practising when he was here last night. ❤️

Hoping Baubles is making good progress

Take care everyone.

Grandmadinosaur Fri 27-May-22 07:43:22

Sorry to hear about your mum Susan I hope they can get to the bottom of what’s wrong. It’s difficult when you are far away. We have the same issue with my MIL.

harrigran Fri 27-May-22 07:51:16

Good morning from a sunny but very windy NE.
It was a noisy night and with the wheelie bins out.
DS and I spent the day together, he beat me at Scrabble again.
Today I must do some housework, kitchen and bathroom floors need washing, least favourite job.
Pleased you got your DH home gM and you have your DS for support.
Thoughts are with Baubles and her family.

monk08 Fri 27-May-22 07:59:27

Good morning from a sunny Black country.
Glad to hear both your DH and son are home with you GM .
Need to go and collect my new glasses sometime today and will probably take a look around M&S outlet as it's close by, I might find something that I don't really need.
Friends coming later and we shall go to the club.
Enjoy your day everyone and may you all find some 🌞.

cornergran Fri 27-May-22 07:59:47

Morning Mick, morning All from a sunny corner of Somerset.

Yesterday went more or less to plan, nothing short of a miracle. Trying a new bus route today, other than that who knows at this point.

That sounds so much better grandmattie. Hope you get better news of your Mum today susan, distance is such a barrier. That sounds potentially exciting sar, your gite owner is a very brave man I think. Goodness, patience of a Saint comes to mind marydoll. Your experience is making me wonder how much we annoyed our son and his partner when we stayed with them for a month between homes. A lot I suspect!

Take care everyone. Hope Friday is kind to us all.

Urmstongran Fri 27-May-22 08:01:48

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. It’s dry again with white cloud cover, again. The Boy Wonder and L’il Miss break up from school today for their 2 week Whit holidays. Same for their mum from where she teaches. The children are apparently counting down their sleeps to Sunday!

We are off to spend an hour with my stepfather this afternoon.
Check he’s packed everything he needs for clubbing in Pacha ha!

Enjoy Friday (you to gillybobs) all who can. x