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Enough with the jubilee already.

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Honeysuckleberries Sat 28-May-22 22:50:40

The celebrations haven’t started yet and I’m already fed up with them.
I bought a loaf of bread yesterday and it had a silver crown on it and a jubilee message. When I think of the cost of redesign and printing a new message, it must impact on the price I’m paying.
Then I’ve just seen the itinerary for next week and I’m bemused by the timetable.
There’s a glorious fly past again with 40 planes and helicopters etc. I always remember my husband laughing at previous fly pasts as the UK has such a paucity of planes to do it that some of them were training planes and clapped out aircraft to bulk up the numbers.
I also didn’t realise the bank holidays were Thursday and Friday.
Oh well soon be over and we can have an in depth examination of Meghan and Harry and what they did/didn’t do, who wore what and how much did it cost etc. Ammunition for news articles for months and posts on gransnet.
Bring it on.

Hetty58 Sat 28-May-22 23:03:47

I'm planning to ignore it all - plenty of gardening to do - but suspect I'll be dragged out by annoyingly cheery neighbours on Friday and Sunday to 'celebrate' - dammit!

paddyann54 Sat 28-May-22 23:10:10

Happy to report my home city has decided NOT to organise jubilee celebrations.There are far more deserving causes for the cash to be spent on

BlueSky Sat 28-May-22 23:17:24

That’s why EasyJet flights are so expensive Jubilee week? Everybody is trying to escape! grin

twiglet77 Sat 28-May-22 23:20:06

I work in a supermarket and we are open every day, but closing at 8pm rather than the usual 9pm on Thursday and Friday. Urgent calls for staff to volunteer for overtime, with the expectation it will be busier than the week before Easter. Fancy banners all over the store, Pimms on promotion, Jubilee patterned cupcakes are flying out at £6.50 for a box of six! The amount of wine and bubbly that’s gone through my checkout this week is incredible, people are buying 15+ bottles… why?? I am thrilled that the Queen has survived to mark this incredible anniversary but the outrageous level of spending for people who’ll never meet her to have a party, it’s utter madness.

Floriel Sat 28-May-22 23:25:58

Twiglet, all that sounds great!

Kalu Sat 28-May-22 23:28:20

More importantly, we haven’t seen youngest DD and SiL for three years and they are arriving here from Australia on Thursday for six weeks! Huge cause for thé only celebration we will be interested in.🍾🎉

MayBee70 Sat 28-May-22 23:29:06

We’re going to have a drive round all the local villages next week to look at the decorations. I quite like seeing Union Jacks everywhere and not instantly thinking BNP. I like all the knitted postbox toppers as well. I rather like days that are going to go down in history and usually buy a newspaper to keep (although they’re usually about deaths and funerals; Diana, Red Rum, Syd Barrett etc). I’m afraid I’m a strange mix of armchair anarchist and extreme traditionalist! And, having shielded for so long I’m looking forward to going to the village celebrations and meeting up with people I haven’t seen for ages.

Hetty58 Sat 28-May-22 23:31:02

Our road is closing for the day - one big party - but I really don't think it's got much to do with the jubilee. It's more of a pagan feast, excuse to drink, chat and play - after a really difficult couple of years.

Zonne Sat 28-May-22 23:36:34

Totally agree. It’s not even the anniversary of either her accession or her coronation.

I’m going to stay with friends who live even more rurally than we do, and we’re all going to ignore the whole thing.

volver Sat 28-May-22 23:44:38

We're going glamping. No TV. 😊

biglouis Sat 28-May-22 23:46:14

Im not interested at all and will be just carrying on as for a "normal" weekend. If I do choose to watch TV I will stick to the streaming services to avoid all the hooha. No flags, decorations or street parties around here to my knowledge.

StarDreamer Sat 28-May-22 23:56:25


Totally agree. It’s not even the anniversary of either her accession or her coronation.

I’m going to stay with friends who live even more rurally than we do, and we’re all going to ignore the whole thing.

The Coronation was on 2 June 1953.

Next Thursday is due to be 2 June 2022.

NotSpaghetti Sun 29-May-22 00:17:48

Kalu - similarly we have our son over from America so that's our celebration! Have a lovely visit.

CanadianGran Sun 29-May-22 01:45:07

Come to Canada - no celebrations at all planned anywhere as far as I can tell.

I did read that there was $2 million CDN given by the federal govt to help celebrate, but when I looked up how the money was being spent, most of it was going to the Canadian Geographic Society to create 'learning resources' for their website. Basically history videos about the Queen and her relationship with Canada. On a website that almost no-one has heard of.

Other monies were being given to small groups that have applied for grants, up to $5k CDN (works out to about 3000 GBP - mostly senior centres having a tea, the Monarchist League (yes, there is such a group) having their private celebrations, and city parks planting flowers.

Charles and Camilla did do a 3 day tour here in May, but it was given about 1 minute on the news each day.

It is not a holiday here at all.

I admire the Queen, so just might bring a cake (or citrus trifle) to work in honour. I don't even think I could scrounge up any Union Jacks anywhere, might have to make something up.

Teacheranne Sun 29-May-22 02:20:53

There are quite a few parties and events going on in my area, I’ve not decided which to go to yet. My WI joined with the other one in our village to make red, white and blue flowers to decorate the lychgate at the church.

Teacheranne Sun 29-May-22 02:21:50

Here’s a better photo

notgran Sun 29-May-22 06:30:16

What a miserable lot of Grannies. grin I'm looking forward to 4 days of a Family Party wine, Jubilee Decorations around the house, garden and street, Trooping the Colour on the TV, a locally arranged event and anything else that goes on, I fancy, I'll be there. Unlike most of you posting here, I enjoy a bit of fun. A celebration for a female who has been our head of State all our lives is worthy of at least this. Long may she reign. flowers

Kalu Sun 29-May-22 06:34:17

NotSpaghetti Thank you, we certainly will. I’m sure a visit from your son will be equally enjoyable.

BlueBelle Sun 29-May-22 06:52:34

I m going to my allotment and then paint my front door 😂My daughters and granddaughter are escaping to France grandson will be at work and the rest of my family live overseas and won’t have to be involved
I must be totally miserable notgran but it doesn’t interest me at all Nothing against her Maj and I hope she has a lovely time but I m fed up with it before it starts and do you know what no one has ever looked on me as miserable
Just that my idea of fun is not red white and blue

nanna8 Sun 29-May-22 06:54:49

Why celebrate the class system? It has caused endless heartache and it is not a fair system where people inherit vast sums of money and vast tracts of land. Ridiculous in this day and age.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 29-May-22 06:54:57

Teacheranne the Lychgate looks beautiful.

We’ve been invited up to another Village for a drink, hopefully the Oopsies will still be here, (they arrive tonight for MrOops birthday on the 1st.) and we can stay at home and sit in the garden instead.

Grandma70s Sun 29-May-22 06:59:17

.I think it’s fun. I remember George VI and the Coronation. It’s rather alarming to think that was so long ago, but it’s living history. I don’t like flags, though. They seem too nationalistic. There is a party I may or may not go to, but I’ll be watching a lot of television.

BigBertha1 Sun 29-May-22 07:02:48

notgran I'm with you In looking forward to it. June 2nd is my grandsons 18th Birthday so it's a big weekend for our family and we will enjoy all the Jubilee celebrations and wish our Queen a very long life.

volver Sun 29-May-22 07:08:18

With the greatest respect, she's already had one of those.