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soop Thu 23-Jun-22 15:39:38

WELCOME. How pleased I am to be able to say...we have a new gathering place.

Grandmabatty Thu 23-Jun-22 15:40:14

Hi Soop. I'll drop off some crumpets.

soop Thu 23-Jun-22 15:41:25

Here we are again
Happy as we can be...
All good pals
And jolly good company.

wine brew cafe] cupcake flowers sunshine smile and limitless hugs.

Bellanonna Thu 23-Jun-22 15:42:12

Thanks soop

soop Thu 23-Jun-22 15:43:16

Grandmabatty you are a star.

Here is the woodpecker that visits our garden and feasts on the peanuts.

soop Thu 23-Jun-22 15:44:40

I have said so MANY times, I shall say so again...^You lovely lot are amazing^. So there!

ShazzaKanazza Thu 23-Jun-22 15:49:33

Hello to you all this lovely afternoon. Thankyou for the new kitchen Soop a warm welcome as always. ☕️🍰
I’m sorry I haven’t any treats to bring to the new kitchen Soop unless you all fancy a mini magnum each.
We’ve been to the seaside today where I’ve had gluten free fish and chips. I’ve never had such crunchy batter I could barely cut it but it was a treat.

Loving Ladyleftfieldlover’s stained glass garden decoration. Something to treasure.
Enjoy time sitting in the garden listening to the birds feeling like I could nod off.
Speak soon. X

Charleygirl5 Thu 23-Jun-22 16:36:59

I cannot believe we have moved yet again!

One of my local hospitals surpassed itself. I received an appointment yesterday for last week! I do have an appointment for the same day and time but next month.

When I rang, naturally it was nobody's fault- it was obviously the Royal Mail.

Pittcity Thu 23-Jun-22 16:49:22

Does this new kitchen have a terrace where we can sit in the summer shade to sip our drinks?

kittylester Thu 23-Jun-22 16:56:40

It does now Pitt, what a good idea. Any one fancy a glass of bubbly rose?

gillgran Thu 23-Jun-22 17:12:32

Oh great, a lovely new kitchen, just as welcoming as the previous ones. Thank you, soop.

Yes please, kittylester, /*Pittcity*, a glass of bubbly Rose on that summer terrace, would go down a treat. I'll bring some strawberries to go along with it.

Warm thoughts for you all.

Susan56 Thu 23-Jun-22 17:15:19

After a day with Henry I will retire to the terrace and rest!A glass of rose sounds perfect!

Blossoming Thu 23-Jun-22 17:18:44

What a lovely idea to have a terrace! It’s been super hot today, I have salted caramel ice cream to share, but be quick before it meets smile

mamaa Thu 23-Jun-22 17:19:58

👋🏻 just popped in to say ‘Hello’ and to admire the smart kitchen. So shiny and new- I shall provide the 🍾 for our consumption on the terrace, whilst relaxing on the rather elegant garden furniture.
I’ve just spotted the hot tub too- what a good idea as there’s plenty of room out here (might need a rota though Soop in case we all get the same idea)😉. Must dash, wishing you all a good rest of the day and evening, kitcheners.

brook2704 Thu 23-Jun-22 17:39:08

Ooh there you all are! What a lovely terrace with such a beautiful view, I’ll sit alongside you if I may. The salted caramel ice cream is yummy blossoming, the strawberries delicious gillgran , the champagne and bubbly rose just perfect mamaa and kitty - thank you all. And your stained glass garden ornament looks stunning llfl really catches the sunlight

Another gorgeous sunny day here, I’ve pottered about in the garden and sat in the shade under the gazebo. So pleased the weather has been so good today as DGD went on a school trip to Nairn beach - she had a fantastic day in and out of the sea

Pantglas2 Thu 23-Jun-22 17:50:54

Hello kitchenfolk - thought I’d pop in with some scones and lemon curd made earlier this week (don’t let MrPG know…it’s the last jar!)

Don’t often trot along but always read and wish all with troubles a lovely time here with friends x

soop Thu 23-Jun-22 17:58:31

Our new terrace is the tops. What a grand idea. We shall have somewhere to sit in the summer sun. Like magic, we each have a canvas recliner complete with a sun canopy. Potted plants surround us. Birds are all of a twitter. The bees are busy visiting the flowers. We have umpteen bottles of bubbly and a very tasty buffet. Wouldn't mind betting that we are going to enjoy our time together.

It's been a busy day. Appointments kept and shopping done. I even have a new ironing board cover. hmm Cannot wait to use it. wink

Love to you all. I shall be with you again in the morning. Enjoy your evening. smile moon

Grandmabatty Thu 23-Jun-22 18:10:28

Brook Nairn beach is absolutely glorious! So much white sand. I bet she had a ball.

Jaxjacky Thu 23-Jun-22 18:32:02

Hi all, lovely kitchen, as you know, I’m not a baker, but I’ve rustled up cheese straws, purchased pistachios, cashews and honey roasted peanut's, just the job with a slurp.
What a stunning piece of art llfl you must be well chuffed!
We’ve had cloud today with scattered showers, relatively cool at 20, not the sunny south.
Friends round soon for dinner after their two months in Australia, I’m sure with lots of tales, her son, DIL and their first child live in Melbourne. They flew business class and will never change back now they’ve got the taste.
Have a lovely evening all x

Hiraeth Thu 23-Jun-22 18:54:01

Hello lovely kitcheners,you are all so busy and the food sounds delicious . I’ve just made myself an Aperol with Prosecco and ice cubes . Enjoying sipping it on my little terrace and listening to the birds . Have a great evening kitcheners and stay safe

brook2704 Thu 23-Jun-22 21:32:54

She did have a great time thanks grandmabatty

Grandmabatty Thu 23-Jun-22 21:59:27

Nearly ten o'clock at night and I've been sitting in the garden in my jammies. It's warm and still and light. That's the beauty of a Scottish summer. The other side is the attack by midges though, which brought me in. Not the voracious west coast ones but little biting buggers all the same. I'm thankful for the sunshine and the warmth and long days.

Doodle Thu 23-Jun-22 22:09:05

Sorry Kitcheners, been out all day and only just back. Haven’t the time to read and catch up with everything but just wanted to pop in with news of Panache .

Panache sends her best wishes to all who remember her
This is a poignant month of memories for her but she wants everyone to know she is leading a peaceful and gentle life. She has had another cardiac issue diagnosed and has had an op for a facial BCC but is “Stepping out and looking forward” and hopes the same for all of us.
She is thinking of us all

dragonfly46 Thu 23-Jun-22 22:19:25

Hallo everyone - I just popped in to try out the terrace and nip a quick glass of rose.
I have to say the loungers are very comfortable and love the fairy lights trickling in the trees.

Thank you Doodle for news of Panache I often wonder how she is. She was very kind to me when I was ill.

I have popped some cheese straws on the side for those who are still up.

dragonfly46 Thu 23-Jun-22 22:20:22

I think the lights are twinkling but you never know, they might be trickling!