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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first official portrait released

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ixion Thu 23-Jun-22 20:01:40

I'm not too keen on either the dress itself or the appearance of the bust and sleeves - or is it me?
Faces good, tho '😁

Smileless2012 Thu 23-Jun-22 20:08:45

I think it's lovely.

RichmondPark Thu 23-Jun-22 20:10:23

I liked it until you mentioned the bust and now I can't stop noticing it.

Joseanne Thu 23-Jun-22 20:29:19

I'm not sure whether I like it or not. Is it the shadowing on the dress fabric, satin or velvet, that looks a bit odd?
And this made me cringe, use it to encourage children and young people from the county, Cambridge, to take an interest in art.

crazyH Thu 23-Jun-22 20:32:26

Her face looks the best I’ve ever seen - looks more like a photograph than a painting - very contoured and very pretty👌

DillytheGardener Thu 23-Jun-22 20:37:20

I don’t much care for it, Williams head looks like a potato and it is strangely small at the top, funny angle and he looks like he is smirking because he’s smelt some flatulence.
They both look like cardboard cutouts.
I’d love to see something a bit looser like the style of John Singer Sargent (obviously he is dead but a modern version). Saw a lovely exhibition of his at the Portrait Gallery with a visiting friend a few years ago.

Galaxy Thu 23-Jun-22 20:41:18

It's really not to my taste.

Zoejory Thu 23-Jun-22 20:42:26

I like it. Does look like a photograph though.

nadateturbe Thu 23-Jun-22 20:50:03

I think they both look nice, but it's almost like a photograph, rather than a painting.

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 20:54:09

It's horrible.
They're a young couple, the face of the future monarchy.

It looks old and stuffy.

TillyTrotter Thu 23-Jun-22 20:55:57

It’s a flattering likeness to Katherine, but I am not so sure about William. It is something about his head,
and the way he is standing. But it could just be me.

Stephanie48 Thu 23-Jun-22 21:04:04

She wore the dress in Ireland a few years ago, apparently

NanKate Thu 23-Jun-22 21:43:35

What a great photo of a lovely couple. 👍

Toetoe Thu 23-Jun-22 21:53:12

Amazing , as it is painted , a talented artist for sure .
I like it . Does anyone know what size Kate is , she is very slim.

Lauren59 Thu 23-Jun-22 21:57:20

I think it’s lovely overall. The colour of her dress is very beautiful and the style seems fine but the sheen on the fabric isn’t the best.

CanadianGran Thu 23-Jun-22 22:03:29

I had to look closely to see if it was a photo or paining. While i think it's very good, I would like to see something a bit more artistic, if that makes sense.

Look at this lovely painting by a Canadian artist of Kate.

Kim19 Thu 23-Jun-22 22:11:47

Doesn't do it for me.

Luckygirl3 Thu 23-Jun-22 22:16:07

I think it's horrid!

annsixty Thu 23-Jun-22 22:20:42

My mother would be telling William to stand up straight.
Katherine is lovely.

annsixty Thu 23-Jun-22 22:22:09

And also take his hand out of his pocket.

dragonfly46 Thu 23-Jun-22 22:28:19

I think it’s horrid too. They both look as if they would rather be somewhere else and I hate the dress. A pity because I usually love her clothes.

Glorianny Thu 23-Jun-22 22:33:16

It's weird. William is completely out of proportion. His head is much too small and one leg is longer. They both have one arm which has disappeared completely and as William has long arms and Kate is so slim his hand should appear somewhere. The only conclusion is he's feeling her bum.

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 22:43:45

That's probably why she has that faint smile.

Grandma70s Thu 23-Jun-22 22:43:54

It is too like a photo to be any good as a painting. Why paint a portrait if it is just like a photo?

I like the dress. It’s a lovely colour and Catherine is slender enough to get away with the satiny fabric - very few people would be.

I do NOT like her shoes. I notice all the time that she wears these silly three- or four-inch pin heels and pointed toes It sets a very bad example to everyone, especially her daughter.

Kate1949 Thu 23-Jun-22 23:06:16

I think it's lovely.