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Shop receipts do you prefer paper or e-mailed

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mokryna Thu 23-Jun-22 20:44:47

Buying a t-shirt this afternoon I was asked to give my email address because I wanted a receipt. The shop didn’t give paper ones. It was ‘sent’ but of course I hadn’t received it on my phone, I was told it doesn’t get sent off immediately. I then said I wanted to pay cash which was accepted and my change was put on the counter. I could see the money was wrong, it was less than it should have been and told the cashier so. On thé ticket the price was printed with the bar code on the tag but the price rung up differed. They admitted there was a fault on their side.

If I had paid by banker’s card I would not have known the mistake until later, instead of immediately. I do like a receipt which I can check immediately, I may not of checked properly the price on my email.

Grannynannywanny Thu 23-Jun-22 20:58:17

I never give my email address for a receipt as I’m sure it’s shared for junk mail. A paper one has always been produced when I say I don’t have an email address.

M0nica Thu 23-Jun-22 20:59:14


mokryna Thu 23-Jun-22 21:10:37

Grannynannywanny I had no choice, email only or none.

crazyH Thu 23-Jun-22 21:12:14

I always ask for paper receipts

Aveline Thu 23-Jun-22 21:22:56

Why give them your email address to sell? It leads to even more spam.

B9exchange Thu 23-Jun-22 21:32:02

Unfortunately there is no legal obligation for a store to give you a receipt, which is why you don't need to produce one for a refund, just a bank statement with the store's name and date on it will do. You can request a paper receipt, but that is all it is, a request and they don't have to comply.

I always refuse to give my email address, and so far have managed to obtain a paper receipt, but I imagine that won't work for too long. Naturally if you give someone your email address they will use it for adverts, and may well pass it on as well.

Kim19 Thu 23-Jun-22 22:18:09

I would have cancelled the purchase if I couldn't have a paper receipt immediately.