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Two really stupid things I’ve done this week - am I doomed?

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Witzend Fri 24-Jun-22 11:16:34

First was a lunch with 2 ex colleagues - arranged by me! - which I forgot, having somehow got it into my head that it was for the following week.
One of them phoned from the pub, so I made it anyway, only 50 minutes late…

Next, Gdcs’ school are having a bake sale after school today, so I said I’d take 2 dozen chocolate fairy cakes.
Started making them last night, evidently away with the fairies or else paying too much attention to kitchen TV - or both - because literally a minute after I’d put the mix in the oven, I realised that I’d put it in 2 sandwich tins, not 24 paper cake cases!

Too late, it had already gone hot and liquid.
Had to go and buy more eggs for a 2nd lot.

To be entirely fair, things have been a bit manic lately, but even so…

GrannyGravy13 Fri 24-Jun-22 11:25:16

Not just you, I totally forgot the dental hygienist appointment this week, despite filling in the online health form three hours earlier!!

allsortsofbags Fri 24-Jun-22 11:33:05

I'm blaming the heat :-) My daft near miss was 2 days ago.

DD1's 50th birthday on Wednesday so I messaged her early morning, set card and present ready to take to restaurant for 6.30 - all good - then asked DH what he's like for diner :-) :-)

Bless him he was busy so missed my daft moment and said he might have a the chicken because he'd enjoyed it the last time we ate there.

Enjoy your cakes OP

M0nica Fri 24-Jun-22 11:59:17

Went to the supermarket yesterday. Afterwards took the bags out of the trolley and left the big basket, which hangs off the handle, hanging there - even put the trolley in the trolley park.

My excuse - that I was feeling under the weather. Mind you I woke this morning to find yesterday's sore spot is an abcess on my bum, so that probably explains it - and I still feel unwell.

Bignanny2 Fri 24-Jun-22 11:59:37

Last week I sent a personalised birthday card to my nephew with my grandson’s name on it !!!!! This week I sent a birthday card to his sister (my niece) without signing it 🤦‍♀️ !!!! And last week I also turned up for a hospital appointment on the wrong day! 😳

Esspee Fri 24-Jun-22 12:30:35

We’re all doomed Witzend. Let’s just enjoy things while we can.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 24-Jun-22 12:35:33

I did ask AC last Friday what time he was going away the next day, he just looked at me and shook his head…

Minutes beforehand he had reminded me what time to go round to his for Fathers Day BBQ on Sunday.

MawtheMerrier Fri 24-Jun-22 12:39:16

I recently went on a trip to Kelmscott with The Arts Society . I remembered everything, but one couple admitted they had arrived an hour early for the coach and another (wait for it) had actually turned up the day before and hung around for 3/4 of an hour before they realised they had got the wrong day.
There is hope for all of us yet!

kircubbin2000 Fri 24-Jun-22 12:41:39

Just one so far. I went into the chemist to get my prescription. They said they didn't have it. You've just sent me a text I insisted.
After some discussion they agreed to make up the tablets after a short wait and apologised.
Got home and checked my phone. The text was from last month!blush

tanith Fri 24-Jun-22 12:49:44

I went out yesterday to GSs for dinner and left my front door open 🙀 luckily my neighbour saw my car was gone and the door was open and she closed it. No idea how long it was open.

Maggiemaybe Fri 24-Jun-22 13:24:56

Well I did get a call from my hairdresser a couple of weeks ago - I'd completely forgotten a hair appointment, and had to dash round 10 minutes late in my exercise gear, a look that would have frightened any passing horses.

But nothing compares to my going up to vote in a local election and not finding my preferred candidate on the form. I was so convinced, and so adamant, that he should have been on the list that by the time I left the people manning the polling station were trying to contact HQ to see what had happened.

Which was that there was an old leaflet from the previous election sitting in and amongst the candidate bumph I'd put on my hall table. I still have no idea how it got there, but I just thanked my lucky stars that none of the people at the polling station knew me. blush I was only in my fifties then......

Susan56 Fri 24-Jun-22 13:29:39

I went to the supermarket yesterday and bought specific things I had vouchers for.Went to the checkout and totally forgot to use the vouchers🤦🏼‍♀️

lixy Fri 24-Jun-22 13:37:53


I went to the supermarket yesterday and bought specific things I had vouchers for.Went to the checkout and totally forgot to use the vouchers🤦🏼‍♀️

I get so cross with myself when I do that!

Friday is the day I feed the garden - 'feeding Friday' helps me remember. They nearly got fed with car oil the other week as containers on the same shelf and I didn't look first.

Georgesgran Fri 24-Jun-22 13:40:08

I went to bed last night and left the kitchen hot tap running and the plug in! Luckily, it was just bigger than a trickle, but not full stream - which is probably why I didn’t see it. Drained all the hot water, but the overflow kept up with it, so no damage done.
Another note to self……………

ginny Fri 24-Jun-22 15:05:21

I didn’t enjoy my porridge this morning. I had sprinkled curry powder on it instead of cinnamon.

Floradora9 Fri 24-Jun-22 16:10:19

I find my Echo dot's Alexa a great boon for remembering things . You can ask her to remind you an hour or so before you need to go out about an appointment . You just ask for the date you want and the time and she will never forget.

Witzend Fri 24-Jun-22 17:34:34

Ha, Mawthemerrier, a couple of years ago dh and I turned up for a concert at the Festival Hall, but it didn’t seem to be on anywhere.
Er, we had the right date - wrong year!! 😂

MissAdventure Fri 24-Jun-22 17:41:53

I'd been staying with my ex up in the highlands.
We got up at around 5am on a cold rainy morning so we could catch the coach to glasgow airport.
He wasn't coming back here with me, just coming as far as the airport then the next bus back to his.

It took the usual 2.5 hours or so to get to Glasgow, then another bus to the airport.

I had the wrong day! So we had to do it all again the next day.

Thorntrees Fri 24-Jun-22 17:54:07

I ordered some thick cut ham on my Ocado order today so we could have it with chips and egg for tea tonight as a change. Completely forgot about it and cooked fish and chips as we usually have on a Friday. Hubby said when we sat down to eat- thought we were having ham tonight- wish he’d mentioned it earlier🤣fortunately it’s dated until next week so won’t be wasted.

Cherrytree59 Fri 24-Jun-22 17:55:48

Saw a beautiful green crochet style dress (East) in my size in our local charity shop, thought that would be lovely for a wedding.

Left shop empty handed, then last in bed thought you numpty! going to a wedding next February and what's more have a jacket as yet unworn that would go with the dress.

9.30am whizzed round to shop en route to gym , luckily dress was still on rail Whew.

Put dress on back seat of car and didn't look at it again until removed from grandsons car seat, as picking up both DGSs from school, lucky looked inside bag .
Shock horror only half dress was in the bag!
The crochet top half, the green separate lining was missing!

I can report that got to shop just before closing and now have both parts to the dress and it fits. for now Christmas is in the way

Witzend Sat 25-Jun-22 11:56:20

Just to update, pleased to say that all my fairy cakes sold! Though I was a bit 😱 to see that they were charging £1 each for just a couple of mouthfuls - I was expecting 50p max.

I hadn’t realised that it was the summer fete as well as a cake sale - one very popular fund raiser was a ‘Splat The Teacher!’ , throwing wet sponges at heads, two at a time. Apparently all the teachers took turns - good on them. 👏

Pigma Sat 25-Jun-22 17:03:04

Think I’d have been inclined to take a scone cutter to the cakes to make ‘buns’ but, at that price, it’s a good job you didn’t! I have driven off twice - yes, twice - in the last fortnight with my handbag on the roof of the car. First time was at home and luckily my neighbour was in his garden and flagged me down, second time in a car park and I got as far as the barrier and someone waved furiously at me. Not just me though, I was once in the queue for petrol and the chap at the next pump started driving off with a Costa coffee on his roof!

Aldom Sat 25-Jun-22 17:30:45

My husband made rather an expensive mistake. He was flying to Australia and had a stop over in Singapore. On returning to the airport to continue his journey he found he had mistaken the time of the flight and was twelve hours late. He had to rebook his flight and pay for it a second time!!

Lauren59 Sat 25-Jun-22 17:47:23

My house cleaner was very late yesterday. When she wasn’t there at 12:30 I started to feel irritated. When she wasn’t there at 12:45 I texted, “ are you coming today?” She finally arrived hour late, offering no apology!
Later in the day I suddenly dawned on me that she had arrived at 1:00, her regular time. I don’t know how things get muddled in my mind sometimes!

hollysteers Sat 25-Jun-22 20:29:41

I parked my car in a street near to railway station recently as I was taking the train south but returning with DD in her car.
Three days after returning my daughter said “Mum, where’s your car?” Forgot to pick it up…
Put prescription in Boots in town and told to come back in an hour. Went shopping, forgot all about it and went home by car. Had to go in a few days later when I remembered (it wasn’t urgent).
Left purse on roof of car, kind man followed me home to return it. Nothing new, as a young woman I drove home with a birthday cake on the roof, which survived and once policeman made me pull in and when I wound the window down, handed me a can of beans. The large cardboard box of groceries was still on the roof..