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Good Morning Sunday 29th June 2022

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Michael12 Sun 26-Jun-22 05:53:51

Good Morning Everyone,
Another sunny start with some cloud this with a fleshing breeze as well .
Today , have done my poo sample does not look good to me , but will go by instructions and do all necessary process.
Also sport wise I have got cycling on TV , but also the British Champs on a You tube channel as to live reports .
Take Care,

lemsip Sun 26-Jun-22 05:59:23

only sunday 26th june today not 29th as title says..


Michael12 Sun 26-Jun-22 06:10:28

Sorry , my error

monk08 Sun 26-Jun-22 06:10:58

Good morning Mick and all who follow from the Black country. Sunny start to the day let's hope it lasts DH fishing, hence the early start and I have an empty.
Nothing planned will take the day as it comes.
Hope Marydoll is feeling a tad better and the Matties had a better day.
Best wishes to anyone celebrating and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your Sunday and may you all find some 🌞.

lemsip Sun 26-Jun-22 06:12:48

no need to apologise Mick........we all have senior moments.......

monk08 Sun 26-Jun-22 06:12:48

Gosh lemsip your more awake than myself I never noticed.

Ashcombe Sun 26-Jun-22 06:17:22

Good morning from a bright mid Devon (near Okehampton) where I’m having a “working weekend” at my holiday static. I failed to notice the date, lemsip. Well spotted!

I hope your result comes through swiftly, Mick, so your GP can consider suitable treatment.

Yesterday, between the showers, I managed to clean off the verdigris from the window frames. I want to add a coat of protection to the tops of the balustrades around the decking, but it won’t take if rain falls. My commitments in Torquay prevent me being here during the week when we've typically had drier weather!

There are bigger problems in the world…. thinking of those with more serious concerns and hope today brings some relief. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Greyduster Sun 26-Jun-22 06:35:57

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is trying hard in South Yorkshire this morning. Glad to hear you sorted out your sample, Mick. Try not to worry too much.
I’ve been awake since stupid o’clock, so I will be tired later no doubt. My son came down yesterday and we had a nice day together; got the hedge cut, some paperwork sorted out, he fetched some compost for me, we had a nice dinner and then he went home. I have nothing much planned today; some gardening probably and a trip to take something over to DD’s but I won’t stay long. Oh, and I shall be cleaning cars - a box of little ones that were my grandson’s many moons ago that I want to pass on to the four year old next door! His mum says he’ll be delighted with them.
Enjoy Sunday the best way you can, folks!

grandMattie Sun 26-Jun-22 06:41:34

Good morning from yet another sunny day here in E Kent. I wish we could have quite a bit of rain. It pretended to last night, barely enough to wet the roads.
Rubbish day, with more serious stuff - hospital bed, ripple mattress, slide sheets, etc. bad night with DH more delusional, although I think the antibiotic is working. He is drinking more but eating less.
Hope today is better. I have hospice carers to do his morning toilet. Sadly, I think I shan’t be able to go to church if DH tries to get out of bed for the journeys he’s taking, or for a pen to copy documents he doesn’t know what they are. He is rarely rational now.
Hey ho! Onwards and upwards.
The best to those with health problems ❤️
Carpe diem, dear friends. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Sar53 Sun 26-Jun-22 06:51:14

Good morning everyone from a bright but windy Essex by the sea.
Dear GM you have so much to contend with at the moment, a big hug from me.
We have been invited to DH's eldest daughter for brunch then I am helping him get the boat ready to go back in the water later this week.
I was sorry to hear that Marydoll is so unwell, I hope we get better news today.
I wish everyone a super Sunday, much love xx

Kalu Sun 26-Jun-22 07:11:40

Good morning everyone from a sunny start in Glasgow.

A visit to DH yesterday who is in good form but very tired as he is 6ft2in and his bed was too short for him and he had a restless night unable to fully stretch out. I spoke to the ward orderly who quickly extended the bed and fitted a longer mattress enabling DH to be more comfortable, what a lovely friendly man he was, only too happy to do what he could to help. I left DH much more relaxed and ready for a much needed snooze. FaceTime is so handy for us to catch up any time of day too.

Easy for me to say Mick but do try not to worry too much.

Much love and best wishes to all, have the best day you can.

Susan56 Sun 26-Jun-22 07:13:49

Good morning from Shropshire.

We had a lovely day yesterday with Miss M.She really is a joy.We took her home late afternoon then a relaxing evening watching TV.

Nothing planned today but if the rain holds off we may wander into town.There is music in the park most summer Sundays.

I am sorry you are having such a difficult time grandMattie💐

I hope you get your test results quickly Mick and also hope Marydoll is responding to treatment and feeling better🤞🏻💐

Have the best day you can everyone🌻🦩

baubles Sun 26-Jun-22 07:22:15

Good morning all from cool and cloudy South Lanarkshire.

Sorry to hear that Marydoll is unwell and Mattie, I hope today is a little easier.

I’ve been back in hospital after waking up on Thursday feeling unwell. By lunchtime I was in a great deal of pain and felt really ill resulting in a visit to A&E where I was admitted. My stoma wasn’t working properly which has been put down to adhesions caused by the surgery. Thankfully it has resolved itself and I was able to come home yesterday evening.

Carpe diem indeed.

Grammaretto Sun 26-Jun-22 07:26:21

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders.
Sunny again here. I chuckled at your car cleaning session Greyduster I have a box of cars too, inherited from my mum who kept it to amuse the DGC.
I hope 🤞 the results are ok Mick
gMattie I remember those days too well. Sending hugs.
I was at my church summer conference and ceilidh yesterday and my helper and her friend cooked a Czech meal. This included strawberry dumplings. Jury's out grin
Hoping today goes well for everyone.

Kalu Sun 26-Jun-22 07:28:56

Sorry to hear you had a set back baubles but pleased to hear too the problem has resolved itself and you are back home. Onwards and sideways yet again hoping you stay well. 💐

aggie Sun 26-Jun-22 07:34:49

Good morning from a soggy Co Armagh, hope it clears for visiting Son and Co this afternoon
Oh gM you and OH are going through the mill xxx
Hoping for a better day for MD and Baubles and all poorly friends xxx
I’m about to put on the bread maker , we had power cuts yesterday so I didn’t put it on last night in case , but the wind isn’t just as bad this morning

brook2704 Sun 26-Jun-22 07:38:46

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s another sunny start to the day, fingers crossed it’s less windy than yesterday. Hope your results come through quickly mick and all is ok
Oh baubles so sorry to hear you’ve had a setback but hope things settle quickly again, take care
Thinking of you and your DH gMattie and to you and your DH too Kalu sending gentle hugs
Yesterday I managed to get last minute tickets to see DGD in her dancing show, she did very very well and we were all so proud of the little star ⭐️
Today I’ll be pottering in the garden and finishing packing a few things for our walking holiday next week
Sorry to hearmarydoll is feeling so poorly, hope things improve a bit soon
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Marydoll Sun 26-Jun-22 07:40:17

Good morning all, thank you for all your good wishes, yesterday.

I'm glad it's not the 29th June, for today is my friend's birthday and tomorrow, DH's!!!!!🤣 That would have been awkward, to say the least.

Thankfully I have managed to avoid hospital so far, as the pain has lessened and the meds seem to be helping.
I've had a bit of a fright, unusual for me, as I'm used to being unwell. I just couldn't bear the thought of hospital again, after my A&E episode a few weeks ago.
My GP said a surgeon would only be called out at the weekend, if my condition was life threatening. I suppose, I should be grateful it wasn't! 😁 That's why he advised staying at home.

This may amuse you. Mr Mdoll finds it difficult to cope when I'm unwell and really doesn't know what to do for the best.
I haven't eaten since Thursday, but yesterday he brought me a cup pf tea, accompanied by a CADBURY'S CREME EGG! 🤣 I have no idea where he found it!

Sending my best wishes to Kalu's and GM's husbands and so pleased to hear that *Granmarie's husband is home at last.

Have the best day possible.
I will see Dollie today, she has a secret she has kept since Wednesday and is bursting to tell me in person! 🥰

NanKate Sun 26-Jun-22 07:40:58

Good morning Mick and All.

Sunny and warming up in South Bucks.

Thinking of our dear Mary and hoping she can get some help today at the hospital. Also grandMattie what a difficult time you are having with your DH. You must be totally exhausted. 💐

Today we are going out to lunch with our oldest two sets of friends from our town for a belated celebration of our Golden Wedding, as they couldn’t be with us at our party last year. It makes me realise we have to make the most of what we have whilst we have it, as life can change on the spin of a sixpence.

Glad you are getting yourself sorted Mick.

NanKate Sun 26-Jun-22 07:42:21

Good to see you posting here today Mary 💐

Marydoll Sun 26-Jun-22 07:42:57

Baubles , I'm so sorry to hear of your setback. 💐

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jun-22 07:44:43

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s a lovely start to the day but with a stiff breeze. L’il Miss is being dropped off here in an hour while mum & dad take the Boy Wonder over to play in a football tournament being held in Stockport. It’ll be for a few hours so I’m glad it’s dry for them. I’ve promised L’il Miss we will continue to update her toy box here - when the shops open downstairs at 11am she is going to choose a new Barbie “with accessories please grandma”. She was excited last night when we babysat as she was already thinking which one she might choose! The joys for a 5y old eh, living her best life.

Mid-afternoon when I’m played out and she’s gone home I shall sit & read the Sunday papers. My stepfather has been relegated I the subs bench today but he’s very understanding.

I will be putting a great deal of effort (not) into our Sunday dinner. Chicken thighs in the oven for 50 mins with a small bottle of Nando’s peri-peri sauce poured over then ping a bag of mushroom rice in the microwave for 2 mins. I shall then announce to Himself that ‘dinner’s ready’!

Enjoy Sunday all who can. grandMattie you must feel as though you are living in a parallel universe just lately. x. Mick I hope you’re not feeling too anxious, waiting for results is stressful when you have worrying symptoms. Stay strong. 👋 to you Susan56! And Marydoll I hope you’re feeling better this morning, poor you. x

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jun-22 07:56:19

X posts Marydoll 👋

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 26-Jun-22 08:00:43

Gosh, I’m so sorry that so many of you are having difficult times at the moment. 🌺🌺🌺
I’m having a bit of a lie in today. The only church service in the Benefice is non Communion so I’m not going. Long story short, but if the vicar of the church which I can actually see from my house was to leave, I would start going there again. OH and I are going out for Sunday lunch today to a lovely pub quite near to where I had my volunteer stint yesterday.

Kalu Sun 26-Jun-22 08:01:08

Thank you Brook and Marydoll. It’s a tough scary time for us but we try to stay positive hoping for the best possible outcome for DH

Sorry I haven’t kept up with what a rotten time you have been having Marydoll a very frightening time indeed and I hope you continue to recover well. Lots of hugs. 💐