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Embarrassed by my shopping 🤣

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MawtheMerrier Sun 26-Jun-22 12:22:27

No, not because it was full of Tena lady or boxes of Germoloids - but the good looking delivery man must have been aware of my 5/boxes of assorted mini ice creams on sticks ( mini magnums , Lotus Biscoff ), baps, bacon and two bottles of wine.
I wonder if they ever wonder?

dragonfly46 Sun 26-Jun-22 12:24:52

I wonder that sometimes Maw especially when the Yodel man makes deliveries of cases of wine. He even comments when he brings something different like coffee pods.

Scribbles Sun 26-Jun-22 12:26:03

I wondered about that when I placed my order for delivery tomorrow. It mostly comprises cat food, wine and loo rolls!

MawtheMerrier Sun 26-Jun-22 12:27:43

It’s a bit like looking at the contents of the trolley in front of yours in the checkout queue isn’t it?

dragonfly46 Sun 26-Jun-22 12:32:25

Yes I am guilty of that and even been known to go back into store and try to find something I have seen in another's trolley.

MawtheMerrier Sun 26-Jun-22 12:33:34


Callistemon21 Sun 26-Jun-22 12:35:46

I've just ordered 12 bottles of wine with my next order - hope they come because they're on offer!
I won't buy any more until C********

ExDancer Sun 26-Jun-22 12:42:27

I got a part time job on the checkouts at a local store, for something to do after I retired.
At first I was so busy concentrating on getting everything through the till without making any mistakes and freezing the till, (its not as easy as it looks) I'd no time to notice what people were buying. Later, when I was more confident, I found it more interesting to chat with the customer than to really look at the contents of their trolley.
Don't feel embarrassed.

tiredoldwoman Sun 26-Jun-22 13:11:25

My Doctor was behind me in the checkout queue once - I quickly covered the cakes etc over with salad stuffs and a newspaper ! blush

MiniMoon Sun 26-Jun-22 13:27:27

I don't do online shopping, so can't add anything to the conversation.
One day our Hermes man came to the door with two very tall slender boxes. They had "live plants, handle with care" written on the side. He said, "I thought you were supposed to buy small plants and make them grow."
They were two trees DH had ordered for the end of the garden.

MissAdventure Sun 26-Jun-22 13:28:20


My Doctor was behind me in the checkout queue once - I quickly covered the cakes etc over with salad stuffs and a newspaper ! blush


kittylester Sun 26-Jun-22 13:29:08

This week my wine and DH's beer were on offer - and I got all 18 bottles of wine and 4 boxes of beer. blush

Stephanie48 Sun 26-Jun-22 13:45:20

Party time at yours then, kittylester grin

Floradora9 Sun 26-Jun-22 14:47:42

When my delivery man had delivered my shopping he said he was sure I would have a good week with all the wine I had brought.

Kate1949 Sun 26-Jun-22 14:53:16

Our delivery man said to us once when we stocked up on special offer wine 'Can I come to the party?' I didn't mention that it was for our own consumption.

JaneJudge Sun 26-Jun-22 14:54:38

my delivery man asked me last week if I was having a party blush

Redhead56 Sun 26-Jun-22 15:09:47

We often got to Aldi of Tesco for a selection of wines and get asked if we are having a party. I usually just say no we are keeping our conservatory stocked up cheers!

Marmight Sun 26-Jun-22 15:12:08

I don’t think they take much notice. In a hurry to get on to the next delivery and home! Rather like medical staff who have seen it all before when your legs are akimbo and nether regions on show 🤣. Talking of which TOW, most medics I know fill their trolleys with alcohol and totally inappropriate foodstuffs!
While waiting at the check out I like to think up recipes from the contents of fellow shoppers trolleys along the lines of Ready Steady Cook. Take 5 items : 🤔 A can of pilchards, 4 carrots, arborio rice, a pack of salted bacon and a can of evaporated milk 🤮

V3ra Sun 26-Jun-22 15:22:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlueSky Sun 26-Jun-22 18:19:26

During lockdown a chatty Sainsbury’s delivery driver told me a customer had ordered alcoholic drinks only instead of groceries. Quite unprofessional I thought.

ShazzaKanazza Sun 26-Jun-22 18:32:10

Maw your post cracked me up 😂😂

Esmay Sun 26-Jun-22 19:11:52

I regularly feel like a complete numpty on the bus :

It's my father's bulky incontinence and bed pads .
I try to remember to take thick plastic bags to cover them .
I feel like telling the sniggering school kids - they aren't for me !

Waitrose is the worst place to shop if you have a sweet tooth .
The yummy mummies like to look disapprovingly at your unhealthy shop and I heard one say to her kids ,that's how fat you get if you eat all those chocolates .

I also feel embarrassed if I've bought a lot of wine as the bottles rattle as I push my trolley along , because people do ask if I'm having a party !
I say yes !
I'm very tempted to say , no I have a drink problem !!!
🥳 🎈 🍾

V3ra Sun 26-Jun-22 19:19:16

Esmay have you asked your dad's GP surgery if he can have the incontinence pads delivered at home?
My Mum had this service provided for free through the incontinence nurse. Worth asking.

Esmay Sun 26-Jun-22 19:53:56

Pressed preview and it sent.
Meant to thank you fur your advice !

Esmay Sun 26-Jun-22 20:06:18

Sorry my text looked as though it had been sent now it's disappeared .
My father has the free Ontex pads plus Boots own make .
He has chronic IBS and is on a special diet to see what it causing it .
It's very difficult to implement because he is so sick and uncooperative.
He's had a recent admission to hospital and they discharged him with diarrhoea.
I asked the incontinence nurse for
more pads .
You are only allowed four a day.
I also asked for a greater absorbency and she said that they are not available.
It is not true about the greater absorbency pads .
She only has to revise the prescription .
We had a heated discussion and she has implied in a latter to his Dr's surgery that he has a pressure sore ,which he does not .
It has caused a disagreement with his GP.

I don't want to hijack this thread !
Thank you again !