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The Côte D’Azur Caper

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CaravanSerai Sun 26-Jun-22 22:08:59

No, not a new light BBC detective drama starring him from Midsomer Murders and her from something else that may have had Martin Clunes in it.

This is a virtual trip for Grans cruising along the Cote D’Azur on the luxury yacht Aresteas. We began in Marseille en route to Monte Carlo and are currently in Cannes.

All welcome. Bring swimsuits, sun cream and sparking Champagne.

This is a spillover thread with a title change to describe our current course. As on the old thread, we ask that people chat about the things they plan, encounter and explore along the route rather than post links.

MawtheMerrier Sun 26-Jun-22 22:12:55

Is this the one where we blow the bloody doors off?

CaravanSerai Sun 26-Jun-22 22:18:51

No! That will only happen if Brünnhilde loses at Gin Hokum. Let's play! Anyone dare shake her up like old Smallweed to see if any cards fall out of her sleeves?

MawtheMerrier Sun 26-Jun-22 22:21:26

Apologies- got the wrong film 😳😳😳

CaravanSerai Sun 26-Jun-22 22:24:14

Caine is in the card school though. The coach overhanging the quay is causing a bit of a disturbance though!

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Jun-22 22:26:45

Oh goody, this is wonderful! I was turning out some old games the other day and came across Old Maid from my childhood.
Such fun. Anyone care for a game when we’ve beaten Brünnhilde at Hokey?

MawtheMerrier Sun 26-Jun-22 22:28:10

I’m up for some cards. Gin hokum?
What was it somebody said about Brünnhilde?
Oh yes,
“Never play Gin with Brünnhilde. She cheats.”

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jun-22 22:29:29

Nicely liberating from the N&P threads where I’m often exhorted to post my sources and/or links.
Yay! 🛳

MawtheMerrier Sun 26-Jun-22 22:32:13

I haven’t played Old Maid in years. The face looks familiar .

Then we could play Donkey. Sven reckons he’s hung like one. 😳😳

CaravanSerai Sun 26-Jun-22 22:33:06

Only if we can play the Scabby Queen version GSM.

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jun-22 22:34:41

Right up my street GSM!
I’m rubbish at card games. ‘Snap’ is about my level, much to Himself’s disappointment over the years. I just seem to put random cards down and everyone groans. It’s most off putting (and infuriating for them I suppose). I’d never make a card sharp ...

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Jun-22 22:35:18

I’m dying to meet Sven. He was always otherwise engaged at Argy.

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jun-22 22:35:57

X posts Maw! We even chose the same image ha!

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Jun-22 22:37:31

Oh yes, the SQ version. Now you’re talking!

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jun-22 22:39:04

Oughtn'twe to be playing something French? (I don’t mean the horn).
Isn’t it ‘Baccarat’?
Bet it’s hard ...

ixion Sun 26-Jun-22 22:39:55

Er - no-one told me it was formal dress 😳

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Jun-22 22:41:23

The Argy that should have said. As in Highlander, there can be only one.

CaravanSerai Sun 26-Jun-22 22:43:58

Urms. This is Gin Hokum. No rules apply. Think of it as late night Mornington Crescent with whisky and cigars and cake.

Except we ain't got no cigars. We were expecting ixion to bring a box of her old dad's Claudia Winklemans.

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jun-22 22:48:25

No rules? And whisky? Sounds amaz. 🥃 Count me in.
I had a malt earlier it kicked in nicely.

MawtheMerrier Sun 26-Jun-22 22:57:30


I’m dying to meet Sven. He was always otherwise engaged at Argy.

Form an orderly queue GSM !
When do we get to meet the new ship’s dog? He’ll be delighted that there’s a lovely big tree right in the middle of the deck for his delectation!

CaravanSerai Sun 26-Jun-22 23:02:43

OMG! Is there? I've got to try to flog this tub back to an oligarch when we get to Monte Carlo - try to recoup some of the 12 million Euro we paid for it.

Lucca Sun 26-Jun-22 23:18:26


OMG! Is there? I've got to try to flog this tub back to an oligarch when we get to Monte Carlo - try to recoup some of the 12 million Euro we paid for it.

Did we pay in used notes stuffed into a Prisunic carrier bag?

Lucca Sun 26-Jun-22 23:19:03

Does Prisunic still exist?

CaravanSerai Sun 26-Jun-22 23:23:32

Is that a store in Cannes Lucca? I think it might trade as Monoprix now.

MawtheMerrier Sun 26-Jun-22 23:23:51

You don’t mean that bag that was lying around and somebody picked up and took to Clarence House do you?