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Good Morning Monday 27th June 2022

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Michael12 Mon 27-Jun-22 05:54:04

Good Morning Everyone,
Its sunny with some early morning cloud here in brackley at present.
Today, I will go to my surgery , may walk there ? but will wear a baseball cap to protect me plus also carry some water as well .
I see my Doctor for the results of blood test and poo sample next Thursday afternoon so I hope I am OK .
I have been trying to increase my Iron intake , with a glass of Guinness at lunchtime .
Take Care,

grandMattie Mon 27-Jun-22 05:57:48

Good morning from yet another bright day in E Kent.
Rubbish day yesterday. DH very agitated and needed tranquilliser shot in the evening. It worked until silly o’clock since which I have been up. 😢
Hope all is well with those who are unwell and unhappy.
Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

BlueBalou Mon 27-Jun-22 06:03:04

Good morning Mick and grandMattie
I’m so sorry to hear that about DH, that’s really difficult to manage and cope with gM. I hope today’s more peaceful.
Yet more mayhem and chaos this week as furniture Tetris, decorating and carpentry continues- I honestly think I will have a day in bed when all this is over! It will get better……it will be worth it…….my mantra at this moment!
I hope everyone has a peaceful day x

Pantglas2 Mon 27-Jun-22 06:10:29

Good morning Mick from Pantglas Towers 🏰 - a little damp but promising sun later - hope that Guinness does some good! I watched a documentary on the making of it last night and they definitely swear by it’s medicinal qualities👍

A good bottoming is to be done here today before 🍹🍹when a friend comes over this evening (which I’m looking forward to rather too much after only a fortnight’s abstinence 🤪)

Will sit now on 🤦‍♀️ with my chamberpot and read of yesterday’s bizzinesses and pop in later ….

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 27-Jun-22 06:32:01

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. 💐💐💐GM. Usual Monday I think - Waitrose shop, laundry, ironing. Possibly a few things for a Charity shop or two. I have some admin to do too with bills to pay etc.

Chrissielou Mon 27-Jun-22 06:36:05

A bit grey here in Oxfordshire this morning. DH tested positive for covid yesterday, which was a good start to our 2 weeks off! So far I'm negative.
Mick there is insignificant amounts of iron in Guinness to make any difference, you might want to eat spinach, red meat, pulses which have much higher iron content.
Not able to take DD1 to chemo today, just hope she's well enough to have the 8th out of 12 treatments.
GrandMattie I am so sorry for all you are going through, I do hope your DH improves today. flowers

Sar53 Mon 27-Jun-22 06:54:36

Good morning from a bright and sunny 🌞 Essex by the sea.
A pile of ironing awaits me plus a few phone calls to make.
Thinking of all of you with problems.
Have the best Monday you can, much love xx

Pittcity Mon 27-Jun-22 06:54:57

Good morning from sunny Colchester.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 27-Jun-22 06:56:31

Good morning all from East Yorkshire where it is another sunny one.

Hope today is a better one GM

Yesterdays fruit picking was a bit disappointing. They had had a very busy day on Saturday so it was slim pickings. We managed to get about 3/4 of a punnet and a small one of raspberries. Still it was a fun thing to do together and we enjoyed drinks there afterwards. As I thought GS wanted to come back to ours after and we had lunch together. He went home mid afternoon.

I watched a bit of Glastonbury later.

Today just pottering really and will watch the tennis this afternoon. Two weeks where little gets done in this house or what I can get done before it starts!

Take care everyone.

grandMattie Mon 27-Jun-22 07:01:44

Forgetting mention that SiL works at Glastonbury so the family goes every year! Thus year just SiL and 12 yo DD1 went. Iris is nit very mobile and gets tired easily, so stayed home with DD for the weekend.
DD has decided to come over today. Don’t know for how long.

Pittcity Mon 27-Jun-22 07:02:46

Try again... Good morning from sunny Colchester. Another warm, dry day here. The garden will need watering again later. We're contemplating sowing wild flower seeds on the front lawn as it needs constant mowing. We're loathe to pave it as the estate is very green.
Housework and shopping after a lovely family weekend and Wimbledon on the TV later.
Love to all 🦩 x

Drawinggran Mon 27-Jun-22 07:09:07

Good morning from this newbie from West Cornwall. Off for a walk with new pup and old boy (dog not bloke) then hope to catch up on admin before getting on with the day job. Wish you all a good happy day.

Marydoll Mon 27-Jun-22 07:12:09

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where its 12°C, with rain forecast......again!

It's DH's birthday today, but he isn't too well. I'm a bit concerned as he is never ill. The golf has been cancelled, which is even more worrying. I have insisted on a COVID test, as it is rife again here.
I suspect my health problems are taking their toll on him. We will have a quiet day and enjoy our empty!
After all my complaints about the home invaders, they have been a great support to me during my latest health upset.

I'm sorry that you have so much trouble in your life GM and praying that you have a gentler day today.
Good to hear that you have a GP appointment, Mick, not to long to wait for your results.
When I worked in the finance dept. of the health board many years ago, I used to pay the invoices, from the pharmacy budget, for the Guinness and Sweetheart stout for recuperating patients. It was considered to be beneficial!

Hoping that the poorly DHs and Baubles have a gentle day.
I'm still a bit under par, but the Health Police, have gone to work, so I won't have them scrutinising everything I eat and drink. They mean well, but I crave only the food which is probably bad for me and they have been ensuring, that I don't eat it! 😉

Have a good day, whatever your plans.

Marydoll Mon 27-Jun-22 07:16:18

Welcome, Drawinggran. I hope all goes well for your daughter today, Chrissielou and Kitty's daughter is doing ok. Sorry, I can't keep up any more. RA brain fog has reared its ugly head again!

Gingster Mon 27-Jun-22 07:19:38

Good morning all and it’s another sunny one here in Essex.

Yesterday was lovely celebrating dgd3’s 13th birthday. The sun shone but we had a gusty wind and we had to hold on to our glasses of Pimms. The crisps bowl went flying, which the dog enjoyed. Lots of laughter and fun.

Today I’m off to my Chimes group. Our leaders husband is having Chemo so we can’t go to her house - we will play in the garden and hope the neighbours don’t complain 😉. We aren’t very loud anyway, they might enjoy us tinkling away! 😏.

Chrissielou - fingers crossed your your Dd today.🙏

GM hope you have an easier day 🙏.

Pittcity - I think wild flower gardens are the thing at the mo. I’m going to sow lots of seeds in the autumn . My ds1 has a beautiful area in his garden , so pretty and full of insect life.

Good luck with your decorating etc Bluebalou. It WILL be worth it. 👍.

Hoping you all have a pleasant day. 🦋

ginny Mon 27-Jun-22 07:33:40

Good morning everyone. Still very breezy but fairly bright.

Will be finishing packing up the ‘van today . A sweep up in the garden and clear out the fridge.
Dd3 and family were coming after school for dinner but DGS 2 is not feeling well. Probably best if they don’t come. We will face time them later.

Wishing all a good day.

Greyduster Mon 27-Jun-22 07:34:09

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It’s overcast and damp in South Yorkshire; the garden will be relieved. Mick drinking Guinness may not give you much iron, but it will cheer you up! They used to give it to patients in hospital! But as Chrissielou says, spinach is best. I got a lot of plants potted up yesterday before the wind made it impossible to work outside as it was blowing everything all over the place! Not sure what I will be doing today except I have to take a cardigan I bought back to M&S.
GM I’m so sorry your struggles continue💐
Welcome Drawinggran.
Have the best day you can, one and all.

brook2704 Mon 27-Jun-22 07:35:17

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s bright and sunny, still looks windy though
Welcome to drawinggran lovely to see you here
Good that your DD is visiting gMattie hopefully it’s some extra support for you but remember to look after yourself too
We’re off today on our walking adventures, flight down to Bristol and then the train to Plymouth. Should be there early evening unless we have delays and cancellations - inevitable I suppose these days! 😳
Hoping your DH feels a bit better soon marydoll and you’re feeling a bit better too
Chrissilou thinking of you and your DD 💐
Take care all whatever the day brings

Ali23 Mon 27-Jun-22 07:37:40

Good morning Mick and all from Derbyshire, where it’s drizzling at the moment! Still intending to get out and about though ... good job I brought my rain jacket 😊

Mick, enjoy that Guinness!

Grandmattie, I really hope that Mr GM feels settled soon. You must be exhausted.
I’m wishing you all a peaceful day, especially everyone who is feeling poorly or caring for others.

Gymstagran Mon 27-Jun-22 07:41:12

Good morning everyone. Its raining here in the west midlands. Granddaughter tested positive for covid on Saturday. Its about the fourth time she has had it. Rest of family negative so far. Fingers crossed for Chriselou's daughter.I hope she is well enough for her treatment. Thoughts too are with Kitty's daughter, hoping the side effects are manageable.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 27-Jun-22 07:42:38

Good morning from a wet and blustery Oxfordshire, they forecast sun this afternoon, fingers crossed.
The first thing I’m going to do today is make some lists, we are away next week and I’ve lots to do, MzOops and the Oopsies will be here when we get back home, so I will have to organise a shop to get here when they arrive (all vegetarians so not much in my freezer for them) then MzOops 50th party to organise also just after we get back, so it will be a big shop. cake to marzipan and ice before we go away, cards and presents to buy as it’s also one of GCs birthday, cars both need an MOT, goodness, makes me panic to think about it all.
Lists will calm me down and make sure I don’t forget anything, last time we went away I forgot some of MrOops meds, can’t do that again……
Anyway, 1st world problems.
Hope the GMs have a better day. Hope you have a good day Mick.
Hope everyone manages to see some sunshine today to cheer us all.

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 27-Jun-22 07:49:32

Good morning all from cloudy Harrogate
GrandMattie I hope your DD can give you a break? Otherwise maybe DH can go back to the hospice to give you a break?
If you enjoy the Guinness then it should help you Mick. It will be good to get the results this week.
What is your Chimes group Gingster?
Good Luck to your DD Chrissielou.
Welcome Drawinggran hope we will hear more from you
Went to see ‘Elvis’ yesterday. To my shame I fell asleep! DH enjoyed it though. Elvis was played by a very good looking lad.
Today I shall have a visit from DD and DGD ( after school)
Have the best day possible folks

luluaugust Mon 27-Jun-22 07:52:09

Good morning from a cloudy W Kent. We are now day five for Covid so might do a test out of interest, I seem to have lost track of the rules now.
Welcome to Drawinglady
Good wishes to all

dragonfly46 Mon 27-Jun-22 08:06:45

Good morning from cloudy Leicestershire.

Enjoyed watching George Ezra yesterday at Glastonbury, on tv - I wasn’t there!

Hopefully your DD will take some of the strain Mattie and you can rest.
Happy Birthday Mr Marydoll.
What a shame your DH has Covid Chrissielou I hope your DD is able to have chemo. She still has a way to go.
Thinking of kitty’s girl also.

Welcome Drawinglady.

Susan56 Mon 27-Jun-22 08:10:46

Good morning from Staffordshire.

Another busy journey over here this morning.I seemed to be the only car in long lines of lorries😖

DGS is very lively this morning😳he is out in the garden already with DH.We are making the most of our Mondays with him as he starts school in September and once the summer holidays start our regular childcare will end.We have a weeks holiday with him to look forward to in August then it will be the occasional weekend visit and school holidays only as they live too far away for quick visits.We have been so lucky seeing him regularly for the last couple of years.We still have another year before H starts school.

Grandmabatty, I hope your DGS is feeling better and that your DD managed to speak to a dr about him.

I am glad you will have the support of your DD grandMattie.Such difficult days for you💐

Best wishes to all unwell,awaiting appointments and test results and those with concerns for family members💐

Have the best day you can everyone🌻🦩