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Have you ever done something once but never want to do it again?

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nanna8 Mon 27-Jun-22 13:06:24

Helicopter ride for me. Wonderful views up over the bush in South Australia but I was very nervous. I once went sand surfing down a stonking great sandhill in New Zealand, ended up in a river. I screamed the whole way down, got a mouth full of sand but wouldn’t do it twice.

Pantglas2 Mon 27-Jun-22 14:35:33

A salon pedicure - I can’t stand someone touching my feet and didn’t know until then…🥴

MawtheMerrier Mon 27-Jun-22 14:38:59

The Black Hole (or some such) at Alton Towers!

fiorentina51 Mon 27-Jun-22 14:59:28

Being driven over the Applecross cattle pass in the Highlands of Scotland. The views were amazing, I'm glad we did it but wouldn't want to repeat the experience!

Millie22 Mon 27-Jun-22 15:08:57

I had a facial many years ago. Hated it and couldn't wait for it to be over. Probably didn't help when the therapist asked if I had enjoyed it and I said no 😂

Never again.

DanniRae Mon 27-Jun-22 15:11:02

There's a ride in Disneyland Florida called Space Mountain which is a roller coaster in the dark. I screamed in terror all the way down and would not go on it again!

GagaJo Mon 27-Jun-22 15:20:53

Scuba diving. I didn't my like heights and it hadn't occurred to me I'd have the same response to the distance between the water surface and the ocean floor.

Flumes. Only went down one once. Hated being enclosed. Will never do it again.

Living with a partner. Did it once, hated it, will never do it again. Ditto marriage. Not for me.

Chestnut Mon 27-Jun-22 15:28:00

Swimming the Thames at Henley (aged 17). I nearly didn't make it to the other side, and when I got there I had to swim back because there were low trees overhanging the bank. I was terrified, never realised there were currents.

maryrose54 Mon 27-Jun-22 15:45:42

Ridden a roller coaster, quite a tame one, but I felt so sick I've never ridden one since.

TerriBull Mon 27-Jun-22 15:48:47

Riding a horse, one of my friends was always horse mad and rode from childhood. In our teens she persuaded me to go riding with her Nothing against the beautiful animals that they are, but really not for me, I'm completely wuss at the thought of getting on one again. I imagine all novices experience the "oh my God I can barely walk" in the aftermath. I was nervous throughout, although mine was very docile I spent all the time fearing it would be spooked and just break into a gallop. I should have known better my mum told me I grizzled as a three year old when I was put on a donkey in the Isle of Wight sad

silverlining48 Mon 27-Jun-22 15:56:54

Exactly the same as you Terribull, except my horse did bolt after my friend and her horse as they went for a gallop. We were supposed to wait, but my horse had other ideas. It was terrifying. Lifelong fear of horses from then onwards.

Blossoming Mon 27-Jun-22 15:57:22

Pot holing. I really enjoyed it at the time but was glad to get back out in the open air.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 27-Jun-22 16:27:35

After my first marriage I said never again, but fortunately husband number 2 persuaded me.

Zeddy Mon 27-Jun-22 16:28:58

A Zip Wire, absolutely hated it

Musicgirl Mon 27-Jun-22 16:34:28

Camping. I did it as a girl guide and student and I am definitely not a great outdoors person. I also had terrible hay fever, made much worse by being in such close proximity to the grass. Fortunately, my husband has no more interest in camping than I do.

Beauregard Mon 27-Jun-22 16:40:35

A small submarine trip on holiday. I was ok at the time but I wouldn't do it now. I feel claustrophobic just thinking about it.

Grandmabatty Mon 27-Jun-22 16:44:13

Go on a motorcycle. I couldn't get the hang of it and didn't like the feeling at all.

foxie48 Mon 27-Jun-22 16:51:32

In my younger days I worked with some "at risk" teenagers and part of the programme involved taking a group on short breaks to give them a bit of challenge. I hate heights but felt obliged to do some simple rock climbing. It was all very safe but I absolutely hated it and it took every bit of resolve to do it. Never again! Now riding horses is a completely different matter, the day I can't ride a horse is the day I will be happy to die!

henetha Mon 27-Jun-22 17:16:39

Definitely marriage. Unless you are really happy it's a form of imprisonment!.

Redhead56 Mon 27-Jun-22 17:20:51

Cable car on Gibraltar and camel ride in Morocco. I did like either experience or the places.

BlueBelle Mon 27-Jun-22 17:27:08

70 year old and went on the highest commercial white water raft ride down absolutely hundreds of feet of vertical falls Was absolutely terrified and wound never ever do it again

Redhead56 Mon 27-Jun-22 17:34:01

I meant I didn't like either experience or places.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 27-Jun-22 17:41:53

Going on a RIB down a river. I'm a total coward and won't go on anything more exciting than a traditional roundabout or a child-friendly ride. Pity the DGC are now too old to need company on those!

CanadianGran Mon 27-Jun-22 17:45:24

Roller coasters. I actually have done it more than once, but under peer pressure. Terrified every time, and spent the rides with my eyes closed and barely breathing.

Meanwhile I loved the zip-line experience, it was thrilling! And this was between mountains in Whistler BC. Beautiful...

So for me, any ride that puts me upside down, I guess.

Kim19 Mon 27-Jun-22 17:54:43

Driving through Death Valley for me. I was a wreck by the end of it.