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New items of clothing ! Do you wash before wearing?

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Audi10 Mon 27-Jun-22 15:15:32

I always wash underwear yes, but I can honestly say I do not wash anything else! Maybe I’m a mucky pup!

Audi10 Mon 27-Jun-22 15:22:02

I forgot to say all new items I hand up on hanger on the washing line to get airing first

NotSpaghetti Mon 27-Jun-22 15:23:58

Yes. My daughter works in the industry and says everyone would be keen to wash them if they saw the storage/making-up process and what happens along the line.

Urmstongran Mon 27-Jun-22 15:29:33


Just bought a pair of summer trousers in Sainsbury’s and popped them on a hanger ...

HowVeryDareYou Mon 27-Jun-22 15:45:45

No, I don't wash anything before I wear it (I don't believe in making work for myself)

Zonne Mon 27-Jun-22 15:53:37

Nope. Too lazy, and I can say its better for the planet. And my water bill.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 27-Jun-22 15:55:37


Dickens Mon 27-Jun-22 16:14:16



Just bought a pair of summer trousers in Sainsbury’s and popped them on a hanger ...

It's not lazy Urmstongran... life's just too short!

... I quite like Sainsbury's clothing range. I did once wash a sweater I bought from there because I saw the sales lady pick it up off the floor before putting it back on the hanger, and it was the only one of its kind left. Unfortunately, it was one of those tunic-type sweaters made of cotton which looks and feels like wool... and I hung it on a hanger fairly damp and it stretched so much, it became a dress grin.

Davida1968 Mon 27-Jun-22 16:19:06

It depends! On what it is/where its worn (!) and from where I bought it.....

Urmstongran Mon 27-Jun-22 16:23:15

That made me laugh Dickens!

I often think about the joke the comedian John Bishop made years ago. Apparently his sons told him he should never buy clothes from a shop which also sells sprouts ...

Ailidh Mon 27-Jun-22 16:40:46

It's never occurred to me.

Pantglas2 Mon 27-Jun-22 16:43:28

Always - you don’t know who tried it on beforehand….

ShazzaKanazza Mon 27-Jun-22 16:50:07

No I never do. I just hang them up or pop in a drawer. I’ve honestly never thought to.

Elizabeth27 Mon 27-Jun-22 17:09:53

No, never had and won't start now.

H1954 Mon 27-Jun-22 17:12:59

No, not unless it is soiled, I've got more respect for the planet and my energy and water bills to be fussed about washing new clothes.

Bridie22 Mon 27-Jun-22 17:48:31


BlueBelle Mon 27-Jun-22 17:52:47

No never thought it would be necessary Why would you ??
Never caught anything from clothes in my long life 😂😂😂

CanadianGran Mon 27-Jun-22 17:57:24

No, I don't. Living dangerously!

Pittcity Mon 27-Jun-22 17:58:45

It depends. I bought linen trousers the other day and wore them straight away but the shirt I bought at the same time had a chemically smell and so went in the wash.

V3ra Mon 27-Jun-22 18:01:25

Yes I wash new clothes before I wear them. I'm having a real struggle to control my eczema at the moment so I need to know there's no starch or finishing product on the garments.

Poppyred Mon 27-Jun-22 18:08:18

No, why would you??

MaizieD Mon 27-Jun-22 18:11:45

Nope. Never have and I'm still alive after 70+ years...

SunshineSally Mon 27-Jun-22 18:11:58

Brand new clothing - no, but if I got something secondhand then I’d definitely wash it before wearing it.

Redhead56 Mon 27-Jun-22 18:12:36

Yes I do I think someone might have handled the clothes with dirty hands. You can clearly see that something has been tried on as there are streaks of makeup.

DillytheGardener Mon 27-Jun-22 18:13:00

Yes I always wash mine, watched a show on BBC and apparently there are all sorts of chemical nasties on new clothes from the manufacturing which you need to wash . No thanks.