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Glastonbury clean up 😠

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Serendipity22 Mon 27-Jun-22 18:27:10

Ok, so the predictable clean up takes place. What I am not quite understanding is why isnt there a device like a road sweeper/ beach cleaner to clean the mass area instead of the people picking up the mess with a gripper stick??

Or maybe there is such device and I am unaware, to which I welcome all SERENDIPITY, you're behind the times.


GrannyGravy13 Mon 27-Jun-22 18:41:36

People are better at spotting what can be recycled and used by charities etc.

It’s the same at the end of every festival.

Luckygirl3 Mon 27-Jun-22 18:42:17

I am hoping that the picking technique relates to recycling. My family run festivals and outdoor concerts and their litter pickers separate all the rubbish and recycle all that is possible. Everyone is given a rubbish bag as they go in and are expected (and do) to use it and they go round regularly and pick them up and sort.

They also use no disposable drinks cartons or bottles. The whole enterprise makes them a good living and they donate large amounts of money to charity (£x per ticket sold) and support a charity every year who is allowed to go round and make collections.

Baggs Mon 27-Jun-22 18:50:11

Julie Burchill has written a scathing article about it. I quote: "The rubbish left behind which even though I haven’t seen this year’s yet was, before Covid, shocking; it took 1,300 volunteers three weeks and around £780,000 to clear up around 5,000 tents, 6,500 sleeping bags, 400 gazebos and 54 tonnes of cans and plastic bottles. What sort of half-witted hypocrites applaud Greta Thunberg but don’t bother to pick up their trash?"