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I’ve been meaning to do a thread about this for a while: Myers-Briggs 📝

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FannyCornforth Tue 28-Jun-22 11:46:22

So no time like the present…
The Myers-Briggs Personality Test; otherwise known as 16 Personality Types.
I first did it several years ago.
It’s very interesting (well, I think so!)
Here is the link…

Georgesgran Tue 28-Jun-22 11:48:55

Hi FC - hope you’re progressing after your op. 🤞

FannyCornforth Tue 28-Jun-22 11:50:23

Thank you! That’s very kind of you😊

Elusivebutterfly Tue 28-Jun-22 11:50:25

I have investigated this before and find it interesting. I can see easily which type I am and also other family members and close friends. I have also been on forums for specific personalities.
I know it is not science and not serious but it does seem as if certain personality traits do fit together.

Audi10 Tue 28-Jun-22 11:51:56

Oh I just love things like this Fanny will have a go now while I’m having my cuppa, thanks

Georgesgran Tue 28-Jun-22 11:56:36

I’ve just done it - I’m a protagonist. What are you FC and others?

Grandmabatty Tue 28-Jun-22 11:58:19

It was interesting. I came across as an advocate. Many of the traits I can identify with. I hope you are recuperating well Fanny

Pantglas2 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:05:49

Snap Georgesgran !

Jaxjacky Tue 28-Jun-22 12:08:17

I’ve just done it, I think it’s about right, I came out as a sentinel.

Audi10 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:08:21

I’m the same georgesgran

Dee1012 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:14:26

Mediator...which given my work etc is pretty much spot on.

Kate1949 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:14:52

I'm a defender

Chocolatelovinggran Tue 28-Jun-22 12:18:00

I'm with Grandmabatty. It resonates with me as reflecting aspects of my career and in my personal life.

Mamie Tue 28-Jun-22 12:24:06

I am a protagonist (lifetime in education profession).
Pretty accurate I think.

henetha Tue 28-Jun-22 12:28:59

Fascinating stuff. I'm a mediator apparently. INFP-T

Joseanne Tue 28-Jun-22 12:30:38

Pretty spot on Fanny. I came out as even tempered, enthusiastic, empathetic and creative.
I'm not sure I'm quite a campaigner though?

Shandy57 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:38:00

I'm a defender!

aggie Tue 28-Jun-22 12:48:27

Adventurer ? I don’t think so !

shysal Tue 28-Jun-22 12:50:22

I too am a defender. I didn't need to be told that I am an introvert!

Callistemon21 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:51:27

I'm an Advocate - not sure about that.

Mollygo Tue 28-Jun-22 12:53:19

I’m a protagonist. Is that good or bad?

supernanauna1 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:58:51

Apparently I'm a Virtuoso!

GagaJo Tue 28-Jun-22 13:01:46

Architect. Introverted, intuitive, thinker. Sounds about right.

EkwaNimitee Tue 28-Jun-22 13:02:43

That was amusing! I’m an architect! Quite a lot was spot on

Hetty58 Tue 28-Jun-22 13:10:43

I'm a logician - no wonder I struggle to understand you all!