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Unused Paint

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midgey Tue 28-Jun-22 14:31:11

I just saw this on a local site, it’s seems such a good idea I thought I would pass it on in case other people didn’t know about it.

infoman Tue 28-Jun-22 15:36:59

Its a brilliant idea.

Su22 Wed 29-Jun-22 07:58:02

Great idea but unfortunately on checking on the website there is no drop-off point in my area sad

ixion Wed 29-Jun-22 08:34:07

I use Freecycle/Freegle a lot for this sort of thing.
Community projects are often looking out for items such as paint (even used paint, wood, odd rolls of wallpaper) and gardening items (tools, chicken wire, flowerpots, leaky hoses!).
All 'doorstep collection' too.

Highly recommended!

Jane43 Wed 29-Jun-22 08:53:38

We use Freecycle all the time. It’s amazing what people will take off your hands. We are tidying up the back garden and last week we disposed of several planters and nine paving slabs. Next is the shed - we have too many garden tools, I’m sure we will pass them on to somebody. Then we will tackle the garage, DH doesn’t take on so many DIY jobs as he used to so there are things in there he will never use, somebody will take them, including tins of paint, thanks for the link midgey

As forpaint weha

BigBertha1 Wed 29-Jun-22 09:24:15

Sometimes we juts put things at the end of the drive and often it has been the couriers who take unwanted items for you. Other than that I just out everything on Marketplace some of it it sold and some FOC. All our unwanted clothes and household linens go in a bag and popped in the Salvation army containers which are prolific round here and as the charity shops have got very sniffy about what they will and will not take we find the SA takes everything.