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toscalily Tue 28-Jun-22 16:15:38

Several resurrected threads in the last few days seemingly by new forum members (not advertising) always makes me wonder how & why when they can be years old. Is it that people actively looking for the links to problems they may have experience of or can relate to then join GN just for that one particular reason so they can respond and therefore the date does not register with them? I just feel a little bit sorry for any newcomers who take the trouble to reply then are told its old and out of date and probably feel a bit embarrassed. I know having been on GN for quite a long time it is pointless to request old, irrelevant threads be deleted, we know that won't happen smile

ElaineI Tue 28-Jun-22 16:22:23

I don't post a lot but sometimes search for things in old threads so it can be quite useful.

ElaineI Tue 28-Jun-22 16:23:02

I mean I don't start many new threads mainly post in current threads.

lemsip Tue 28-Jun-22 16:26:42

I don't know how very old threads are found, but,

any newcomer should of course look at the date on the OP before replying......then it wouldn't happen would it!
start there own thread with their problem and get replies

I can see that you are not new to gransnet though

NotSpaghetti Tue 28-Jun-22 17:03:55

I think it's only a problem if the OP is looking for advice on a problem that was current.
Many issues are perennial - what to do about noisy neighbours - comfy bras - should children be made to do sports day - recipes for carrots for example.
I think in most cases it's reasonable to just say it's an old thread but still probably worth reading through if interested.

MiniMoon Tue 28-Jun-22 23:44:00

I commented on one thread from 2011 a few days ago. It was on the subject of foodstuff brands etc disappearing from stores. I did say that it would be better to start a new thread.
After all very much has changed in 11 years.

Chestnut Tue 28-Jun-22 23:50:02

I don't see what is wrong with starting up an old thread again. Unless it is a problem relating to that particular moment in time many things are still valid and why not carry on the discussion? I think it's wrong for people to be chastised for doing so.

FarNorth Tue 28-Jun-22 23:52:06

I recently googled an illness and one of the results was a GN thread from 2017.
It was still interesting about people's experiences of that illness and I daresay I could have replied on it without it causing any problem.
Of course, if the thread is someone looking for advice it's not so good if there are replies years later

Esspee Wed 29-Jun-22 00:43:07

I find it irritating as very often when one person inadvertently resurrects a thread another member will point this out but still you get a pile on of members who having seen it is active and clearly haven’t read the whole thread go on to spend their precious time giving advice which is no longer relevant.

BlueBelle Wed 29-Jun-22 06:22:12

How do you see old threads ? whenever I search for anything I get the Moo…ved picture

Chestnut Wed 29-Jun-22 11:24:15

BlueBelle If I go to a topic then I can see pages and pages of threads relating to that topic.