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Good Morning Thursday 30th June 2022

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Michael12 Thu 30-Jun-22 05:43:21

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey cloudy start here in brackley this morning, my plans for the day ,is a shall I go to Bicester on the bus , or will I stay put.
This afternoon a face 2 face with my doctor as to what is wrong with me ,and will my prescription list increase?
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 30-Jun-22 06:02:22

Good morning from E Kent. It is grey and not very nice with a rather sulphurous sky.
Really, really good news from chateau Mattie. DD got her job! Despite having travelled all morning then flying to her first interview, getting home very late, then having her second face-to-face interview the next morning and rushing to the train to come back here for her dad, she did it. We are all in admiration.
DS too the first flight from Athens and arrived here at midnight to see his dad. It was his choice to come but I was deeply grateful and glad he now has a chance to bid his father goodbye
We took turns to sit with him all night, and will now be sitting vigil for as long as it takes. It is time, DH is serene although barely conscious.
Thank you again for all your support. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️

Susan56 Thu 30-Jun-22 06:03:43

Good morning from Shropshire.

I am awake far too early!We are taking Henry over to see my mum today.It will be a long day but hoping he will have his nap in the car🤞🏻We will go out for lunch and then to the park so H can run off some energy before the journey back.

Mick, I hope your drs visit goes well and you get some answers.

Thinking of grandMattie and her family.

Also thoughts with all unwell and those with family members who are unwell.

Have the best day you can everyone🌻🦩

Susan56 Thu 30-Jun-22 06:06:01

Crossed posts grandMattie.Huge congratulations to your DD.
I am so glad you have your DS and DD with you,our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Sar53 Thu 30-Jun-22 06:39:48

Good morning from a grey Essex by the sea where it has obviously rained overnight.
Congratulations to your DD GM and hugs for you. Hard days ahead for you and your children.
I am off to DD2 this morning for a couple of days, mainly to look after the girls this evening whilst DD and SIL go to a works do in London.
I haven't seen them since Easter so looking forward to it.
Have a lovely day everyone, much love xx

mumofmadboys Thu 30-Jun-22 06:42:37

Sending love and prayers for all in the GMatttie household

Jaxjacky Thu 30-Jun-22 06:46:43

May you find strength together gMattie.

Ashcombe Thu 30-Jun-22 06:47:10

Good morning from a fine but chilly (8 deg) Torbay with rain due later.

Good luck at the doctor's, Mick.

I’m so pleased to about your DD’s job success, grandMattie. You all deserve some heartening news. Having family support must be such a comfort at the moment. I pray for a peaceful end to a life well lived for your DH. ✝️

A quiet day here with domestic tasks ahead of another rehearsal tonight. Last night, the local G & S Society were on stage, rehearsing The Mikado, whilst we practised speaking in a range of accents for ‘Allo, ‘Allo! I'm reading in for DH as one of the airmen so speaking posh English isn’t difficult compared with challenges faced by others. One young couple on the cast are Spanish; she is playing Helga (German) and he is Bertorelli (Italian) who, at one point, has to mimic Hitler! Confused? We are!!

Safe travels to Susan56 and Sar53 and a good day to all, if possible. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 30-Jun-22 06:51:02

💐💐💐for GM and her family as they await the inevitable.
It is my book group this afternoon and we will talk about any of the books we have read off the Platinum Jubilee book list. We meet in the village cafe so I usually have lunch there first. This evening a group I belong to is meeting in someone’s house rather than zoom for the first time since March 2020!

BlueBalou Thu 30-Jun-22 06:58:32

My thoughts are with you grandMattie and your family 🤗
It’s a bright sunny start here, I’m having a quick coffee before an early dog walk. Pedicure later- bliss!
Then more house reordering- it’s getting there!

Kalu Thu 30-Jun-22 07:01:22

Good morning everyone from a rainy start to the day in Glasgow.

DH had his lengthy surgery, over 8 hours, on Tuesday and I am delighted to say, all went well. Both DDs and I were allowed a short visit once he was settled in HDU. He was in good spirits and I was so relieved to hear his surgeon say she was very pleased with the outcome. Thank you once more to all who sent best wishes and hugs, it meant so much to help me through this difficult time in our lives. 💞

Dear GM, my heart goes out to you as I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Sending much love, strength and gentle hugs to help you through such a sad day for you and your family. ❤️

An appointment with the surgery nurse to take bloods as I have recently changed BP meds. then a visit to see DH this afternoon are my only plans for today then a quiet evening with DD2 and SiL who still have two weeks here before returning to Australia.

Best wishes and strength to those going through difficult worrying times, hoping all have a smooth day ahead.

Susan56 Thu 30-Jun-22 07:09:50

Kalu, such good news that your DH’s operation went well and that you have had a short visit with him.Hoping that he is soon back home with you💐

NanKate Thu 30-Jun-22 07:12:22

Good morning Mick and All.

Thinking of you and your DH and supportive family today grandMattie 💐

Stephanie48 Thu 30-Jun-22 07:13:13

Thinking of you GrandMattie flowers

Chrissielou Thu 30-Jun-22 07:17:22

A sunny start here in Oxfordshire. Starting to feel a little better from the ill timed covid experience, may sit in the garden today if I can muster up the energy. Its not been the holiday I had planned.
grandMattie may you all find comfort from being together, having the chance to say all the things you need to say. Your DH will know how much he is loved I'm sure, and what more can any of us want. flowers

cornergran Thu 30-Jun-22 07:24:53

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright, breezy corner of Somerset.

Yesterday went to plan, always a surprise. Some ironing this morning, then a call to a friend on her birthday. I’d love to be able to visit, we go back nearly 70 years, sadly not practical as she lives in Norfolk. Somehow the distance stretches every year. This afternoon a meeting to hear about changes planned for our hospital.

Congratulations to your daughter grandmattie, a huge achievement. My heart goes out to you all at this time. Sending much love. I’ll be thinking of you all.

Mick I think I’d stay put this morning, good luck with your GP appointment. That’s wonderful news kalu. Safe travels to those venturing out. Take care everyone. Hope Thursday is gentle with us all.

Marydoll Thu 30-Jun-22 07:29:31

Good morning all from a rainy Glasgow.

Congratulations to your DD, GM. The saddest of times for you, your DH indeed found treasure in marrying such a loving and strong woman as you.

It will be a quiet day for me. After yet another emergency consultation with a nippie sweetie of a doctor, I had a face to face consultation yesterday morning.
When she saw how unwell I was, she was kindness itself. I have now been diagnosed with a full blown infection in both kidneys, in addition to everything else. I feel truly awful, but so relieved I managed to get past the dragon receptionist, who wasn't very pleasant to me on the previous day! 😭
Hospital admission was mentioned again, but due to being such high risk, it's best for me to stay at home, if possible, so I intend to be a very well behaved girl.

However, this has actually been a blessing in disguise. She was shocked that I no longer see a cardiologist (no point, nothing more can be done!) and has some concerns about one of my medications, which may be causing other problems, so she is considering writing to the professor, who is carrying out research on my heart condition.
Next week, I will have another consultation to deal with something else she has picked up on.
Just like buses, you don't see one for ages, then they all come at once.

We had the usual dramas with the blood letting and in the end, the poor nurse gave up and called the health care worker, who knows me well. She took one look, laughed and said, I might have known it was you!!
The last time I saw her, she barred me from her room. I let go of the cotton wool (too busy talking) and blood spurted all over her desk, the floor and me. 😚

Pitt, I loved your cartoon yesterday and Brook, I bet the weather in Devon is much better than Inverness at the moment! 🏖

For the poorly DDs, the Kalus, Baubles, Mr Grannmarie and anyone I may have inadvertantly missed, your are in my thoughts and prayers. I seem to have lost track of what's going on.

Whatever your plans today, enjoy. Life is too short to waste it!
Finally, to all those, who have shown great kindness to me, thank you! 😪

brook2704 Thu 30-Jun-22 07:31:04

Good morning everyone from Polperro where it’s a lovely sunny start to the day
Just want to say to gMattie that I’m thinking of you and your DH at this incredibly sad time. Sending much love and support

Beechnut Thu 30-Jun-22 07:34:35

Good Morning everyone from near Bourton on the Water.
I am staying with my family, two of which I hadn’t seen for nearly four years and I feel quite emotional.

Congratulations for your daughter Mattie and you are never far away in my thoughts at this time. x

baubles Thu 30-Jun-22 07:35:39

Good morning all from damp South Lanarkshire.

So pleased to hear the positive news about your DH Kalu and that you will have your DD for another couple of weeks. Big hugs.

Dear grandMattie may you and your family take comfort and strength from the love you have for one another and for your husband. thanks

Thinking of you Marydoll, hope today is a better day.

Gingster Thu 30-Jun-22 07:38:06

Good morning all and as Sar says it’s grey and damp out there.

GM - love to you all ❤️.

Bowls group for me this morning, Dh to the dentist and Financial Adviser here this afternoon, to discuss our wealth (or lack of it) 😂.

DGD 2 has her Prom this evening, so we are going round to see her in her finery and wave her off with boyfriend in a Mazaratti. What fun but what a lot of baloney! The twin boys decided they wouldn’t bother but will have an after party with their friends. 😂

Take care all and hope your travels, appointments etc go well.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 30-Jun-22 07:40:20

Good morning from a sunny Oxfordshire. masterOops arrived at midnight after road closures in Cornwall, I now need to shake him awake to get to Oxford to sit in on some taster sessions, but we need to get through the rush hour traffic first.
Hope you start to feel better soon Mick,Marydoll, Chrissielou.
kalu I hope your DH improves quickly to get back home.
Granmattie my thoughts are with you and your lovely family, well done to your DD, she did well as her thoughts must have been elsewhere.
Virtual hugs for anyone I haven’t mentioned and let’s hope the rest of us find something to cheer us today.

Pittcity Thu 30-Jun-22 07:41:05

Good morning from an overcast Colchester. Showers on and off yesterday and humid. Looks to be the same today.
Housework and shopping today. DH thinks we should walk to Lidl because of the price of petrol. I have countered him with the chance of rain....we shall see.
Sending love to all, especially Grandmattie, Kalu and Marydoll 🦩x

ShazzaKanazza Thu 30-Jun-22 07:41:30

Good Morning from Hull. I’m still in bed so not sure what it’s like out.
I heard rain through the night.

I was thinking about you grandMattie through the night every time I woke up. I was so happy to hear about your daughters good news. It’s comforting to having your DC with you as you all surround your DH with such love. Sending you all our love from myself and my DH 💐🌻

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 30-Jun-22 07:42:43

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate
I’m glad you have support from your family at this difficult time GrandMattie, but so pleased your DD has been offered the job.
Yesterday I had an early start going sketching on a sheep farm!! It was very interesting. The sheep were quite curious as to what our group were doing there. Our tutor has a studio on the farm. It was a lovely setting. I tried to do a watercolour which I’m not proud of. But I was interested in the techniques she used for acrylics.
Today a delivery from Sainsburies and later a hospital appointment for a premed before my procedure in 3 weeks
Have the best day possible folks