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Good Morning Friday 1st July 2022

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Michael12 Fri 01-Jul-22 05:57:06

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a bright sunny start here in brackley after what looks like overnight rain.
Yesterdays Doctors trip , he checked my stomach ,and also added iron tablets to my subscription , I will have to go hospital visit to have my stomach checked sometime.
Anyway , I am going to change the way I take my medication , have been advised to have all after breakfast at least half and hour after with water .
I am going to stop taking a paracetamol, as the doctor said blood test revealed acid in my system .
Today , I hope to get a early Bicester bus ,after an early local shop as well .
Before returning to watch the Tour De France on TV first stage .
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 01-Jul-22 06:12:23

White rabbits 🐇
Good morning from a bright E Kent.DH is much the same, I had a Crossroads caregiver for the night which allowed us to sleep.
Glad the the GP is looking after you, Mick. Do what you’re told.
My comment about DH spinning the last threads of life was using the simile of the ancient Greek Fates. Look it up.
We had a new boiler put in yesterday, which meant we had no water for most of it. The company sent two plumbers to do the work so it could be finished fast and with the least disruption, which was very kind and thoughtful.
The three of us had a really lovely dinner and a bottle of Cava to celebrate DD’s new job. I felt we needed some happiness after all this gloom.
Thoughts and hugs to everyone, especially kalu, chrissielou and our dear Marydoll. Hope things improve for you.
Carpe diem ❤️🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩

Jaxjacky Fri 01-Jul-22 06:15:46

Good morning Mick and all from a sunny S Hants. A productive visit to the Dr then Mick, good.
A busy day on the phone yesterday, this evening I have a meeting with my voluntary group. MrJ will be back from his golf trip later too, I’ll prep chicken curry for an easy dinner.
Thoughts with all GNetters who have poorly family members or are under the weather themselves. Particularly grandMattie at this most difficult time.
Have the best day you can 🦩.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 01-Jul-22 06:30:58

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Thoughts and 🌺🌺🌺 for GM and her family. I usually listen to two lectures online from the V&A on a Friday morning, but I have a hair appointment today so will catch up in a day or two. Elder son, partner and my granddaughter are arriving this evening to stay the night. Therefore lots of preparation - their room, food etc. I hope the weather stays fine as granddaughter loves playing outside.

Greyduster Fri 01-Jul-22 06:42:34

Good morning Michael and all GNs from a cloudy, damp, cool South Yorkshire. Mick glad the doctors appointment went okay. Do look after yourself please.
We had rain of apocalyptic proportions yesterday evening and guess who was out in it?? I won’t bore you with the details except to say that DD thought it might be nice to meet for a walk🙄! I came home, dried off, saw I had an answerphone message and had a very long telephone conversation with our oldest friend, which rounded my evening off nicely. Not sure what gives today - dust removal probably and I started a painting yesterday so maybe more of that.
Whatever your day holds, I wish everyone a little joy.

kittylester Fri 01-Jul-22 06:51:47

Good morning all from North Leicestershire where the weather is quite mixed.

Our lovely cleaner is due today and I have a few phone calls to do.

We went to visit DD in hospital yesterday. She is fine in herself but her white cells are giving the medics cause for concern.

Sending love to the Matties.

Gingster Fri 01-Jul-22 07:02:46

Good morning all and it feels chilly here in Essex.

Yesterdays busy day all went according to plan. The financial adviser is more like a good friend now but she is retiring soon. We’ll miss her. She always puts things into perspective and clears up any thoughts and concerns we have.

We saw GD2 off with her beau heading off to the school prom. She looked so lovely !

Today I’m lunching with an old pal - it will be a long one as we don’t stop nattering . Her teacher daughter will have my youngest gd in her class from September. We’ve known each other for nearly 50 years and our girls grew up together.

I must shop for a picnic tomorrow. I’m off to Kentwell Hall with the U3A . It’s a large country estate where they have Tudor Reinactment days. Haven’t been for over 30 years and I’m really looking forward to it.

Well, I hope everyone has a ‘good’ day . Glad you’ve had some sleep GM and enjoyed a celebratory meal with your AC. ♥️


brook2704 Fri 01-Jul-22 07:07:31

Good morning everyone where we’re now at Seaton, the weather seems to be warm but cloudy
Good that you’ve seen your GP mick

A big congratulations to your DD gMattie on her new job, hope all goes very well for her

We’ll be walking a bit further along to coast again today, it’s such beautiful scenery it’s taking quite a while due to all the photo stops - and the steep ups and downs on the hills!
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Grandmadinosaur Fri 01-Jul-22 07:09:46

Good morning from a damp East Yorkshire.

I’m going for a pedicure today so will look odd toddling up the road in flip flops! Then I have a quick turnaround as I’m meeting my friend for lunch. We are going to a Greek restaurant also just up the road. She suggested meeting before or after her hair appointment I went for the earlier one. I can watch the tennis this afternoon doing it that way 😀

Thoughts to the GM family as always and also Kitty and your DD.

Glad your GP appt gave you some answers Mick take care and do what they say!

Take care everyone.

Ashcombe Fri 01-Jul-22 07:10:52

Good morning, all, from a bright and slightly breezy Torbay.

I’m glad your GP is helping you sort out your issues, Mick and that you had a little light in your dark tunnel, grandMattie, with a celebration and some sleep. Thoughts are with you and your DH.💐

This morning, I’ve already been out to move my car to a more suitable space as it was very busy when I arrived home from rehearsal. Last night the assistant director was absent so I was asked to help the director by noting on his script where the actors entered and stood, etc so he could concentrate on watching the action. He is 79, recovering from Covid and is devoted to our theatre. One of my favourite people.

Today is a welcome quiet day, free of commitments. No longer can I ignore the washing and tidying that needs my attention!

Your GD2 looks beautiful, Gingster! Such a rich shade of blue, set off by the flowers and nails! I’ll bet she had a wonderful time!

Have as good a day as possible. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Grandmadinosaur Fri 01-Jul-22 07:15:29

What a stunning young lady Gingster love the floral wrist attachment.

Enjoy your walking brook such a gorgeous part of the country.

monk08 Fri 01-Jul-22 07:16:12

Good morning all from the Black country.
Just passing through tablet needs charging.
Glad you got some sleep GM and that you enjoyed a celebratory meal with family, congratulations and well done to your DD💐
Mick listen to doctor and do as told.
Best wishes for anyone celebrating and virtual hugs where needed, will catch up later.
Enjoy your Friday everyone and may you all find some 🌞.

Marydoll Fri 01-Jul-22 07:27:21

Good morning all from a partly sunny Glasgow, where it's 12°C.
You sound a bit brighter GM, what an upheaval for you, when your DH is so unwell. Full marks to that plumbing company.
Mick, your doctor seems a wise man, hopefully now you will feel a bit easier in your mind, now you have a reason for the test results.

I have nothing much to report, I'm still in the thrall of this vicious kidney infection. I can recommend it, if you want to lose weight in a hurry. # svelte old lady. (Well not quite!)
After a lifetime of misbehaving, I'm find it hard to follow doctor's orders, I need practice! However another day at home, is another day out of hospital and I am determined to keep it that way. 😉

Send best wishes to all, who are struggling. Enjoy your day, whatever your plans.

Susan56 Fri 01-Jul-22 07:28:22

Good morning from Shropshire.

Glad things are being sorted for you Mick.I have stomach issues and take the effervescent paracetamol,much kinder on the stomach.

Also glad you had some sleep Mattie and enjoyed celebrating your daughters new job.

A long day yesterday visiting my mum.Henry was a star,so well behaved.Very difficult seeing my mum so diminished after her latest illness.She wants to move nearer to us which would make life easier but whether it can or will happen I don’t know.A lot to think about and sort out.

Today is our wedding anniversary.Celebrations will have to wait until tomorrow as we have Henry today then will collect DGD and they are both having a sleepover😳I am already looking forward to going to bed tomorrow night🙈😴

Hoping Grandmabatty’s little grandson is feeling better today, also kitty’s daughter,Mary and everyone else in the sick bay.

It was lovely to see Cherry’s post yesterday😊

Have the best day you can everyone🌻🦩

NannyJan53 Fri 01-Jul-22 07:29:51

Good morning from a dull and cloudy Black Country.

Arrived home from Lindos Wednesday afternoon, after a delayed flight, arriving in UK at 4,30am! A lovely 2 weeks, where we attended the Rock festival and made new friends. It did get too hot the last couple of days though!

Now back to reality. Collected sons dog yesterday to look after him for a few days whilst they are on holiday. He is quite an amenable little chap and nothing seems to phase him. Have to get into a walk routine with him, as I have never had him to stay before.

Missed all your news the last few weeks, so will wish you all a good day, and love and thoughts to all those struggling with their health or family members.

Grandmadinosaur Fri 01-Jul-22 07:37:23

Happy Anniversary to you both Susan enjoy celebrating when you can 💐🥂

Great photos of Lindos NannyJan one of my favourite places.

Ashcombe Fri 01-Jul-22 07:37:36

Welcoming me back, NannyJan53 and thank you for sharing those beautiful photos! 🥰

cornergran Fri 01-Jul-22 07:52:06

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset is overcast and damp.

Hoping the forecast sunshine materialises so I can get the stepladder out, a very droopy climbing rose needs attrition. Yesterdays meeting left us feeling very positive as we understood future plans for our hospital although the current reality remains a huge challenge.

Your nights sleep and family celebration along with a new boiler are all positives grandmattie, my thoughts are with you all. Good wishes to your daughter kitty, hope those white blood cells behave soon. A very happy anniversary to Mr and Mrs Susan. A hug on its way marydoll, if healing thoughts can help you overcome your current struggle there are plenty here. Hope you felt reassured after seeing your GP, Mick, some sensible advice.

Take care everyone. Hope Friday is kind to us all.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 01-Jul-22 08:01:29

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Hull.
Mick pleased you got some answers from the Dr yesterday. Enjoy the Tour De France.

Thinking of you all grandMattie as you go through this difficult time 💐
Hope your DD will be home soon Kitty. 💐
Happy Anniversary Susan 🥂
Your GD looked stunning Gingster. That’s the same colour my daughter wore to her prom 20 years ago.
Lindos looks gorgeous NannyJan.
Marydoll really hoping this kidney infection leaves you soon. 💐

Not to much today. I should have a zoom yoga but I might go for a long walk instead. Picking up DGS from school later.
Have a good day everyone if you can and thinking of those with stress and illness to contend with. 🌻🌻

Pittcity Fri 01-Jul-22 08:08:29

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Can't believe it's July already. It has rained overnight and there are showers in the forecast. The washing will be hung up indoors again so it's lucky that DS didn't have much when he got home last night. He only worked 3 days last week.
A quiet day today. Probably a walk this morning and Wimbledon later.
Happy anniversary to the Susans and love to all 🦩x

Grammaretto Fri 01-Jul-22 08:13:41

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Overcast but dry so far.
Your doctorMick was most efficient. I hope your new regime works.
Your plumber gM is excellent. You wouldn't like to send him here?grin
I'm expecting my English DS to stay for the weekend so I must prepare food and beds for 4. Yoga first and then a pensioner's nap.
I am tired after teaching a pottery evening class last night. It was supposed to be a taster session but they romped through and made a kilnful of pots.
Wow the prom photo! She looks like a bridesmaid Gingster. My DGD has hers next week.
Hope you feel 100% well again soon Marydoll
Happy anniversary Sarah wine
Wishing you all a happy day.

Grandmabatty Fri 01-Jul-22 08:13:54

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 11° and cloudy again. Good to see the doctor is sorting things out Mick. Grandmattie the power of sleep makes things easier to bear. Kittylester I hope your daughter's blood count settles. Susan thank you for your concern for dgs1. I'm sure he will pick up soon. He's getting away with more than he normally does, that's for sure! We all feel sorry for the limp wee bundle he is at the moment.
Said wee bundle, his mum and baby brother visited yesterday afternoon. We did play in grandma's garden for a while while dgs2 was sleeping to give mummy some peace.
Today I'm at an art workshop in the garden all day so fingers crossed that the rain stays away. I'm looking forward to it. Have a good day all.

BlueSapphire Fri 01-Jul-22 08:14:45

Good morning and happy White Rabbits day everyone from a bright and sunny 🌞Northampton, where I am enjoying my morning mug of tea. Looks as though we have had rain overnight.

A busy day yesterday with two dance classes and an evening health walk; luckily the rain held off for the latter, and then my friend and I enjoyed a carvery at the pub. I never fail to be amazed by the amount some people fit on their plates. We both went for the small plate and it was still plenty enough for us.

Am out again tonight as it is younger DGD's 12th birthday so there is a family meal out to celebrate. Shall have to watch my portion size as I am trying to lose a few pounds before my cruise! Have lost another pound this week.

But first a little outing on the bus for my top-up shop, and will enjoy a coffee in the M&S cafe.

The cruise company have sent me a list of excursions available on my cruise next monrh, so I spent yesterday morning booking them on line. Plenty of interesting places to see, and I am especially pleased to have got on a tour of vineyards and a cheese and wine tasting in the Margaux region.

May the sun shine on all today especially those with worries and cares.

Grammaretto Fri 01-Jul-22 08:14:46

Sorry to call you Sarah, Susan blush

Chrissielou Fri 01-Jul-22 08:14:51

A sunny start in Oxfordshire, we have an early Sainsburys delivery this morning. Starting to feel better, although no taste or smell at all.
Kittylester I do hope DD is well enough to return home and that she enjoyed her tasty treats. My DD1 is struggling with nausea, exhaustion and muscle weakness - all pretty much normal in this gruelling chemo cycle of symptoms. Our poor suffering DDs, so hard for them.
Pleased to hear you had a good night's rest grandMattie I hope today is peaceful and gentle for you all. Marydoll I hope you feel better very soon and are pain free today.