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Good Morning Saturday 2nd July 2022

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Michael12 Sat 02-Jul-22 05:46:28

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dull grey start here in brackley this morning.
I have started to change my routine as regards to medication ,and meals .
I also had a letter from my surgery as to making an appointment at the JR in Oxford as to stomach .
Also paid off for my planned trip staying at Warners Nidd Hall .
Plus locally this weekend up the road a Silverstone we have the F1 GP , with a local team involved Mercedes , they have put up Chequered Flags in the town centre .
take care,

BlueBalou Sat 02-Jul-22 06:04:50

Good morning Mick, it’s a dull start here in Wiltshire too.
I’m on a massive tidying up today now the decorating is done, and before new interior doors get installed at the end of next week. Then there’s a few more things to get organised- I suspect it’ll be September before all’s finished ??
I need to do a charity shop run on Monday, and plan next week to fit everything in!
Have a lovely weekend x

grandMattie Sat 02-Jul-22 06:34:02

Good mo form a beautiful bright E Kent.
We’ve been sitting vigil all night with DH as the Crossroads person didn’t turn up. He’s still hanging on. A quiet day ahead, although our little town is having is annual “Folk and Ale” weekend. Lots of jollity and visitors.
I went to Lidl yesterday with DS and came home to find our friend, a retired lady vicar, the retired Bishop of Durham and DD all praying at DH’s bedside! Quite amusing having a trio of friends, all priests, in one go.
Look after yours selves, take care. Carpe diem. ?????❤️?❤️❤️

Gingster Sat 02-Jul-22 06:54:01

Good morning all and it’s bright and sunny here in Essex.

I’m off today to Kentwell Hall in Suffolk for a Tudor reinactment day with U3A.

Later this evening I’m sitting in with the teenage gds as the parent are out for a few hours, they’re old enough to be left alone but they do tend to argue so Nanna is there to keep things calm ?.

Mick I’ve been to Nidd Hall and it’s beautiful.

You’re house will be like new Blue. It will be worth all the hassle. ?

GM ?

I hope you all have a good day.?

Ashcombe Sat 02-Jul-22 07:20:38

Good morning from a dull but dry Torbay. It’s very quiet so far, hence I’ve slept later than usual!

No doubt it will be very busy around your area, Mick, this weekend. I see C4 are allowed to cover all the practices, qualifying runs and the actual race live. It’s a shame DH is in France (with no TV) as he’s an avid motor racing fan (hence he lives near Le Mans) and we both think a lot of Lewis Hamilton, whom he met some years ago.

How disappointing that your night time help failed to appear, grandMattie, but the visit of the clergy must have been a great comfort to you all. Keeping you all in my prayers. ✝️

Enjoy your weekend plans, everyone, especially those on outings!?????

Susan56 Sat 02-Jul-22 07:25:48

Good morning from Shropshire.

Henry and Miss M been here for a sleepover.H wouldn’t sleep upstairs, he only wanted his travel cot to be in the conservatory so DH has slept downstairs too??‍♀️All still quiet at the moment so hope they have had a decent nights sleep??We will take them home this afternoon.

BlueBalou how lovely if exhausting to have had the whole house decorated.All the upheaval will be worth it.


Hello to Urms??

Hope all in sick bay are recovering and thoughts with all worried about unwell family members?

Pittcity Sat 02-Jul-22 07:35:30

Good morning from sunny Colchester. DH left at stupid o'clock for a fishing competition and I have nothing on the calendar today.
We have been decorating the whole house bit by bit, so I'll get the paint out and do a bit more woodwork.
Westlife are playing a concert in the park next to our estate this evening, so I may sit out and listen if I'm not captivated by Wimbledon as I have been this week.
Love to all ? x

harrigran Sat 02-Jul-22 07:39:12

Good morning from an overcast NE.
A other fruitless day yesterday with very little achieved. Boiler still playing up, SIL came to help but nothing worked. Plumber can't come until Monday.
Long phone call from my sister last night, she is in town but not visiting yet.
Family coming today so will have to cook.
Thoughts are with grandMattie.

ShazzaKanazza Sat 02-Jul-22 07:40:13

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a dry Hull.
Mick exciting to live so close to Silverstone. I’ve always wanted to go to an F1. Maybe in my 60th year next year. ?

grandMattie ? how comforting for your DH to have your friends and family by his side with so much love. It’s bringing back to me when my stepfather died last August. He died at home we all visited and sat with him. I told him about my first meeting with him and how I remembered a handsome man with dark curly hair walking in the shop I worked in and how he still had more hair than my DH it made him chuckle and he died a few hours later ?

This morning we are looking after Gd2 while Gd1 goes for her first trip to the cinema. It’s the first time we’ve looked after her at ours without mummy and daddy around.
Later this afternoon we are out on the marina for drinks and the to an Indian which is Michelin recommended I think. We love Indian so it should be special.
Have a lovely day if you can. Thinking of those with stress and illness ??

Marydoll Sat 02-Jul-22 07:52:15

Good morning all, from a cloudy Glasgow.

GM, I hope you manage to get a few hours rest today. ?

Groundhog day here again, I have requested parole, but the Health Police have joined forces and are monitoring my every move with their beady eyes. I feel I have become the child and they, the parents! ?

I had an unsettling call from my GP surgery yesterday. A few concerning things have shown up in the bloods, which I had done, so more blood tests on Monday. Hopefully it's my biologics, which are responsible, rather than something more sinister.
Its nothing to do with my current issues, so the kidney problem is actually a blessing in disguise.

On a more positive note, this GP, who doesn't really know me, is definitely on the ball and has thoroughly read my whole record, which others don't.
I had noticed my hospital prescriptions, had been added to my repeat list for the first time, only after two years of being on them. However, since the consultant can authorise them and they are delivered to my home, I was curious and confused, because I couldn't see my surgery willing to pay £1000 a month for them!
Apparently, they are for information only, so if I do go into hospital ?, everything is there to be clearly seen, rather than having to trawl through my lengthy notes.
Not wanting to boast, I am on twenty two different medicines at the moment and even I can't keep up. ?

My biggest concern today, is that my DD has got hold of the power washer and plans to clean the little patio at the bottom of the garden, which is my favourite where to hide spot.
Unfortunately, DD has a track history of disasters and I await her antics with great trepidation.
I have told SIL that he is now her responsibility, we have gladly handed her over to him!?

For all who have mountains to climb, especially Baubles, the Kalus and the DDs, I send my best wishes and prayers, no candles, I'm afraid, just virtual one's My! ?
My foggy brain is finding it difficult to keep up with GN at the moment, so please forgive me, if I miss anyone.
A wave to the missing ones. ?
Hoping everyone has an enjoyable Saturday, whatever your plans.

NannyJan53 Sat 02-Jul-22 07:56:52

Good morning from a rainy Black Country, which I quite like after 15 days of continuous heat (never thought I would say that!)

Granddog is my little shadow and I can't move without him following me. I think he knows I am his route back to home! He only has to wait until Tuesday.

No plans for today except holiday clothes ironing, and walking the dog.

My heart goes out to you grandMattie and your family, glad that you have your family around you to draw comfort and strenght.

cornergran Sat 02-Jul-22 07:57:52

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright corner of Somerset

General faffing about day ahead here.

The love around you must be a comfort to you all grandmattie. Rest when you can. Good to hear your medical appointments are being organised mick.

Thoughts go to all finding life tough. Hope Saturday is gentle with us all.

monk08 Sat 02-Jul-22 07:57:58

Good morning all from a dry but dull Black country.
Off to visit a friend who like DH has just had a bypass they can compare scars?.
Over the club this evening catch up with our other friends.
Thoughts with grandMattie ??.
?Urms and any other missing posters.
Full English calling so will catch up with everybody's happenings later, enjoy your Saturday and may you all find some ?.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 02-Jul-22 07:58:41

Good Morning everyone, Mick you have plenty to keep you occupied today, hope your appointment comes through soon.
MasterOops is being put on the train this morning he has to make a change to get home, fingers crossed he doesn’t get confused and miss his connection, I get so anxious about it, I suppose it will be even worse when he starts driving.
Then we have to take back some T-shirts that MrOops ordered online, all the wrong sizes, he did it whilst I was watering the garden and wouldn’t waist for me to check the order. Men. Going into Oxford on a Saturday is something I could do without, but we are going away so it has to be done today.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a better day today, my thoughts are with you GM and your family.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 02-Jul-22 07:59:08

Wait not waste

cornergran Sat 02-Jul-22 08:02:14

You definitely win in the medication stakes marydoll. smile. Sounds as if you’re under guard, a good thing too. Love and positive thoughts heading your way. Will have everything crossed for those blood tests on Monday.

BlueSapphire Sat 02-Jul-22 08:04:31

Good morning everyone from a slightly overcast Northampton, with showers forecast this afternoon.

Had a lovely meal out with the family last night to celebrate younger DD's 12th birthday. Where has the time gone?

Shall try to dodge the showers this afternoon as I have a John Lewis order to puck up at Waitrose. Nothing else planned for today

Shazza, reading your posts from Hull reminds me of the time we spent there while ferrying DD up and down to university for three years. Fond memories of the weekends we stayed at the hotel overlooking the marina, and wandering around the shopping centre opposite.

Thinking of grandMattie and her family today.

brook2704 Sat 02-Jul-22 08:09:19

Good morning everyone from Cawsands which is just west of Plymouth, it’s a bit grey and drizzly this morning but not cold

Sending ❤️? gMattie to you and all your family

Your day sounds really good fun Gingster enjoy!
We’re off to find some breakfast somewhere soon - a little cafe on the quayside hopefully
Fingers crossed for good results with the blood tests on Monday marydoll
Hi to any missing posters ?
Take care all whatever the day brings ?

Ali23 Sat 02-Jul-22 08:16:22

Good morning everyone. The sun is peeping through the curtains. Not sure if it will last all day. We had a sunny day yesterday then a drenching downpour, which moved on as quickly as it came!

Marydoll, I think your GP has had a brainwave there , adding the biologics on for information. I had to write them on DH’s repeat prescription last week, in readiness for his trip abroad, just in case he was taken ill and I thought how useful it would be for them all to be typed up together.
I hope that your blood tests turn out ok.

GM ? for your family.

I’m getting ready to hold a craft and gift stall tomorrow at an open gardens village event in aid of GEMS, a Leicestershire charity that helps people on chemotherapy. ? for people at the gardens, and ? and ?.

Enjoy your weekend.

kittylester Sat 02-Jul-22 08:21:38

Good morning all from a greyuish North Leicestershire.

I need to go to the florist this morning and to post some birthday cards while I am in the village. This afternoon we are watching Bertie in a football tournament so hope the rain holds off.

DD1 is home now (thank you for all the good wishes - they worked) but we had quite unsettling news about one of my brothers.

Sending love and support to everyone who needs it.

dragonfly46 Sat 02-Jul-22 08:23:07

Good morning from cloudy Leicestershire.

I had my annual call from my consultant yesterday. I will stop taking my daily tablet where I have to sit upright for an hour in March. He will ring me again in 2 years! It’s the oncologists turn next year!

Hoping it doesn’t rain as I am going Nordic walking again this morning. I am going with a different group in the woods I can see from my bedroom window - softer landings.

I hope your help comes tonight Mattie.
? Urms I hope you are okay.
Hoping kitty’s DD is home.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

Jaxjacky Sat 02-Jul-22 08:39:17

Good morning from sun and cloud in S Hants, it feels fresh.
We had our whole house done about 7 years ago Blue it was hell at the time, but so worth it. We have the grandchildren this afternoon for 24 hours as it’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow so she’s got an open house party today. I’ll have to sneak in some sport when we’re in, tennis, cricket and GP this weekend, spoilt for choice.
My thoughts are with you grandMattie.
Have your best day all with a ? or ??

Kalu Sat 02-Jul-22 08:46:09

Good morning everyone from a light greyish Glasgow, hopefully some sunshine will follow.

Although I have nursed many patients, post op, being on the other side of the fence floored me on Thursday when I saw my darling DH at the day two, post op slump stage. What a difference a day makes indeed. Both DDs ordered me to stay home and rest yesterday. Regular updates lifted my spirits as our girls reported signs of steady improvements during their visits, twice yesterday and eventually messages from DH arrived reassuring me he was feeling 100% back on track followed by wonderful news he was well enough to leave HDU and be taken back to his room shortly Phew! I leapt out of bed, well kind of ? with a new spring in my step this morning. Heartfelt thanks again to all who offered kindness and support. It meant so much to me and our family. Much love. ?

I am holding you in my heart and thoughts GM ?

Thank you also for you kind wishes Marydoll especially as you are going through such an awful time yourself at the moment. Always here if and when you need me xx

Gentle hugs and strength to others with their own difficult times with hopes, everyone finds positives in their day.

Grandmadinosaur Sat 02-Jul-22 08:48:19

Good morning from a dull East Yorkshire.

My lunch at the Greek yesterday was disappointing. I’ve been there several times before and it’s usually delicious. It was just my choice really (Spanakopita) and despite bringing me a different portion it was only slightly better. They were most helpful and I eventually changed it to a chicken skewer. They also only charged me for my drinks so
I was generous on the tip.

Today we are taking GS out to a little place on the coast. We have to fit it in with the busy lives they have! So despite the weather he will love having a run on the beach, throwing pebbles and being generally spoilt! We will stop for lunch at a pub on the way back. Then I will hopefully have a date with Rafa this afternoon on our return.

Enjoy your meal Shazza we’ve been there it’s lovely. The day we went it was sunny and we sat outside.
Bluesapphire that hotel is my favourite coffee spot on the marina.

Love to the GM family and all the support you now have.
Take care everyone.

Kalu Sat 02-Jul-22 08:50:43

So happy to hear your DD is home kitty and I sincerely hope whatever unsettling news you have of your brother can be turned around to better news. x