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Bar coded stamps

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Mapleleaf Sat 02-Jul-22 21:22:18

I thought that Royal Mail were replacing “ordinary” stamps with bar coded ones, so why are they still issuing non bar coded stamps in the Post Office at their machines? My DH bought 12 stamps in the PO today at the machine and was issued with non bar coded ones. Yes, we’ll no doubt use them all up before the February 2023 deadline, but my question is, why are they still issuing the old style ones - or have they had a re-think?

lixy Sat 02-Jul-22 21:38:50

Guess they're using up stock.
I was given bar-coded ones at our local PO last week. Then used one on a postcard - need to stick stamp on before writing address next time as it took up more room of course!

Grannybags Sat 02-Jul-22 21:44:44

I bought some for postcards too. They're huge aren't they?!

Mapleleaf Sat 02-Jul-22 22:17:58

They are huge!

Mapleleaf Sat 02-Jul-22 22:19:56

I suppose they could be using up old stock, but these were purchased from the main post office in town, whereas the ones with the bar code that we had before these came from our local PO.

shysal Sun 03-Jul-22 07:23:17

Perhaps the machines have not yet been converted to the new size.

Mapleleaf Sun 03-Jul-22 07:57:30

That’s a possibility. 😁

Franbern Sun 03-Jul-22 08:38:02

New (very large) can be used and will be the only ones as from January next year. I sent ALL my old stamps back to the post office using one of their on-line forms, first, and second class, plus a lot denominational, and all were exchanged by them for these new stamps.

LadyGracie Sun 03-Jul-22 12:39:24

They are using up all there old stock, I was given a choice at the post office, old or new.

Mapleleaf Sun 03-Jul-22 15:03:26

No choice offered, my DH got what the machine printed out. Luckily, they will get used up before January, but it’s rather naughty of the PO to do this - they need to sort out their machines to produce the new stamps.