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Good Morning Sunday 3rd July 2022

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Michael12 Sun 03-Jul-22 05:54:23

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a sunny start here in brackley this morning.
Today , a nice easy day for me , with the British GP F1 up the road , the local skies will see Helicopters passing above or close by taking people to Silverstone , which because of the event , becomes one of the busiest airfields in UK .
I my self will watch Tour de France live , on its last day in Denmark .
Health wise seem OK but getting used to when I take medication now plus with having Iron as well how soon that settles in , I have scrubbed taking paracetamol as when the Doctor told me acid shown in my blood test , hence why they want to check my stomach .
Take Care,

CanadianGran Sun 03-Jul-22 06:01:18

Good evening from me - the sun hasn't yet set here in northern BC. I'm at work on a slow evening, so able to log in and have a look.

We had a beautiful day, sun shining and about 22 degrees. Another one predicted tomorrow.

Beechnut Sun 03-Jul-22 06:09:35

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s cloudy. I haven’t actually been to bed. I fell asleep on the sofa and when I woke it was getting light.

I’m home from my family get together. We visited a few places and pub food.

Today I’ll go and do a bit of shopping and think about the week ahead as I’ve a few things going on.

Have a good day all 🌺

grandMattie Sun 03-Jul-22 06:45:45

Good morning from a cloudy E Kent. Th3 day will clear and it’ll be hot by early evening again.
DH is hanging on by the thread still being spun by the Fates…. we sat vigil in turns all night again. It turns out that Crossroads only comes if they telephone first! No real notice, so we lurch from night to night…
Quiet day yesterday, ditto today with the hospice carers coming in twice a day to freshen DH up and settle him for the night, and the district nurse doing the syringe driver.
DS and DD had a little outing to the town for the Folk and Ale festival.
Iris celebrated her 9 3/4 birthday yesterday, which her mum missed. Her daddy invited his sisters and their babies to be with her. (pace Harry Potter)
Best wishes to Those in sick bay, especially if they need to behave themselves!
Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩❤️❤️

BlueBalou Sun 03-Jul-22 06:50:36

Good morning from Wiltshire, it’s a bright start here.
I managed to get upstairs pretty much sorted yesterday, I ground to a complete halt by mid afternoon 😵‍💫. I need to tackle the living room today and the laundry mountain 🙄
DDog walk first, not sure where, then hoping everything will be sorted by this afternoon so I can watch some of the Tour de France 🤞🏻
Hope you all have a peaceful day x

Gingster Sun 03-Jul-22 06:59:34

Good morning and it’s another sunny one here in Essex.

Yesterday was such a perfect day at Kentwell Hall, - travel, weather, company and being transported back to 1545. The reinactment of Tudor times was so realistic with all the volunteer ‘players’ never waivering from their roles and various work on the estate. We helped serve the lords and ladies to their banquet accompanied by minstrels .

Back home for fish and chips and then round to DS1’s to sit in with the girls. We all fell asleep ! 😴😴😴.

Today we travel up to our cottage by the sea for just over a week. The garden will need attention AGAIN!

GM 🙏.

Hoping you all have a pleasant day 🦋

Ashcombe Sun 03-Jul-22 07:04:25

Good morning from a brightish Torbay.

Church this morning then I’m out to a final matinée performance of “Shrek, the Musical” at our main theatre (the Princess) which is being staged by our sister company, Toads Stage Musical Company. It has had rave reviews and I know a few folk taking part so it will be fun to see.

Thoughts are with grandMattie and family as they travel a heart wrenching road. Take care of yourselves. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

cornergran Sun 03-Jul-22 07:08:45

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset looks undecided out there. Hoping some sunshine wins.

A young friend will be with us for a few hours today. The brownies I made yesterday were a total disaster, goodness knows what I did, so I must venture forth and find some edible cake before she arrives. The brownies will keep the birds happy or may work with custard grin.

flowers for grandmattie, marydoll and everyone facing challenges just now. Hope Sunday is kind to us all.

NanKate Sun 03-Jul-22 07:26:09

grandMattie and Marydollwhat difficult times 💐💐

dragonfly46 Sun 03-Jul-22 07:34:51

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Pole walking didn’t happen yesterday as the instructors insurance hadn’t come through and he certainly needs it with me!
Going to a local farmer’s market this morning then May go into town to listen to the male voice choir in the park.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

Pittcity Sun 03-Jul-22 07:40:10

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
Family lunch in a nearby restaurant to celebrate DD1'S birthday.
This evening we have Ball and Boe in the next door park. Hope we can hear it as clearly as Westlife yesterday, which was fabulous.
Love to all🦩x

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 03-Jul-22 07:44:17

Morning all from a bright West Oxfordshire. 🌹🌹🌹 for GM and her family. Son and his family are going back to London after breakfast. It was lovely having them to stay. Oh and I are going out for lunch today to one of our favourite local restaurants. Afterwards I have two V&A lectures on the Edwardians to catch up with and a new pair of curtains to hang in my bedroom. I am using younger son’s old bedroom to sleep in while other son and his family are here. It is at the front of the house and there is a big hedge which seems to be full of very noisy blackbirds! I’ve been awake since 5 am.

Susan56 Sun 03-Jul-22 07:45:12

Good morning from Shropshire.

Thank you all for the anniversary wishes on Friday.

A quiet morning planned.Like dragonfly we may walk into town to listen to music in the park.

💐👋🏻for Urms and the missing ones.

Thoughts with you and your family grandMattie🙏🏻💐

Thinking of all with illness,worries about family members and all our missing good morningers🌻🦩

Sar53 Sun 03-Jul-22 07:48:05

Good morning from Essex by the sea where the sun is shining, looks like a beautiful day.
I arrived home from DD2 early yesterday morning and yesterday evening we spent at the Yacht club where there was a good band playing.
We are back there at lunchtime today for more of the same.
Love and hugs to all poorly folk. Enjoy Sunday xx

Marydoll Sun 03-Jul-22 07:51:55

Good morning all, from a breezy, cloudy Glasgow.

I obviously wasn't at church last night, but did ask DH to light candles for everyone here, who have mountains to climb on a daily basis.
GM, I feel so sad for you and your family.💐

Ginny, that sounds like a great day out!

Another groundhog day for me. Apart from the doctors, I haven't been out in two weeks. Contrary to suffering from my usual ants in my pants syndrome, I have no desire to go anywhere.

I do feel a tiny bit better, (I think), but still feeling pretty grim.
DD has offered to make Sunday dinner and SIL, tomorrow's dinner. I'm living in a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ hotel! Well not quite, they have no idea, what tidy means!

I wish you all a pleasant Sunday, whatever your plans.
Finally, thank you all for your continuing good wishes, they mean a lot to me.

kittylester Sun 03-Jul-22 08:03:10

Good morning all from a very bright North Leicestershire.

Yesterday we went to watch Bertie and his team in a football tournament. I have never got so wet in my life.

DD1 is home and seems likely to stay there.

Today we may also go to a Farmer's Market - possibly the same one as dragonfly.

Thinking of you gm and sending strength.

Mapleleaf Sun 03-Jul-22 08:05:00

Good morning,

The sun is trying to break through the clouds, so I think we are in for a nice day today, which is good because the hedge needs a trim.

💐 for you and your family, grandMattie. Such a difficult time for you all. 🙏.

Glad you feel a little better today, Marydoll and hope you continue to do so, and that it won’t be too long before you are able to venture outside for a bit. 💐

Take care everyone.

Greyduster Sun 03-Jul-22 08:07:23

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a cool, overcast South Yorkshire. Mick my GS and his dad were at Silverstone yesterday for the qualifiers and despite a blip in the weather they had a great day.
Yesterday was a difficult day for me; it was our fifty sixth anniversary - the first without DH. DD came over and spent the day with me. We had a walk round our lovely valley, stopping for lunch at the pub, and then she helped me with some gardening. I was not allowed to wallow!
One of field margins was full of glorious poppies against a backdrop of soya beans. He would have loved to see that.
Have best day you can folks.

Greyduster Sun 03-Jul-22 08:09:13

Laptop playing silly beggars!

ginny Sun 03-Jul-22 08:09:42

Good morning everyone.
The weather is looking better here in Brixham this morning.
I’m waiting to hear how DGS is after his long day in hospital yesterday.
DH also spent the day very quietly, not feeling too well.
Today is our 46 th wedding anniversary so hope he Weill be able to join in with the day planned. We are going for lunch with our friends, one couple of which also have their anniversary today. Afterwards we are planning on a crazy golf challenge.

Hope everyone has a good day especially those who are dealing with illness.

Marydoll Sun 03-Jul-22 08:12:22

ginster, not Ginny. #confused old woman!

Beechnut Sun 03-Jul-22 08:15:43

Happy Anniversary to you both ginny 🥂

Greyduster Sun 03-Jul-22 08:15:58

kitty we’ve spent many a day like that😁! The only consolation is to know they’re getting wet too, but they don’t seem to care! Glad your DD is home fingers crossed things go well now.

BlueSapphire Sun 03-Jul-22 08:18:39

Good morning from a bright and sunny sunshine Northampton. Hoping it stays like it as we are off to visit more open gardens this afternoon. A good excuse to be nosy again!

Collected my John Lewis order from Waitrose the other side of town yesterday - it is yet another dress (!) which I shall try on later this morning. It certainly looks lovely on the hanger, but may not look the same on me!

Watched all three hours of Paul McCartney's Glastonbury set last night, singing along with the ones I knew - the atmosphere looked amazing, and you would never have guessed that Paul was 80.

Wishing all a good peaceful day, especially thinking of those with struggles.

Grannyme6 Sun 03-Jul-22 08:34:45

Good morning from a sunny and dry Essex.
Busy times but have enjoyed watching what I can of Wimbledon.
On Friday DH and I went to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at the Royal Albert Hall - he, and the whole production was fantastic - and he’s 88 years old!
Wishing some joy in everyone’s day.