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Light bulb moment

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Franbern Sun 03-Jul-22 08:30:03

Watching the news and seeing the mess we seem to be in. Long lorry queues to cross the channel, shortage of several items in shops, high fuel prices, queues at airports due to shortage of baggage handlers, people complaining how long they have to wait to get qualified work people to carry out work, etc etc. ...

Well, I have had a brilliant idea.......!!!

Accepting we are such a small Island, why don't we join together with a large block of countries close to us (maybe Europe), and have a training block which will be large enough to rea lly negotiate good prices for all goods. This block could also permit free movement of all its citizens, so people in all professions and hobs could come over the England to live and work, as well as allowing people on this Island to go to all the many countries in Europe without having to queue at passport controls.

We could even have some sort of Parliament for all the countries involved in this, to which we all elect representative!!

I am getting old, and perhaps my memory is not that good, but this does all seem to ring a bell in my mind.

BlueBelle Sun 03-Jul-22 08:36:27

Wow brilliant Franbern what a clever idea who d have thought of it ?

Iam64 Sun 03-Jul-22 08:41:22

Excellent idea Franbern. If only our government had thought of this

VioletSky Sun 03-Jul-22 08:43:11



nanna8 Sun 03-Jul-22 08:57:02

But you like queues, you like being ‘separate’, it gives you a sense of superiority, you like lots of extra paperwork to make you feel important, you like paying more for your goods and services. Don’t you ?

Iam64 Sun 03-Jul-22 12:25:03

Not sure I understand your post namna8

MerylStreep Sun 03-Jul-22 12:30:46


Not sure I understand your post namna8

It was a stab at sarcasm.

hazel93 Sun 03-Jul-22 12:36:05

Excellent idea but I can't really see it ever happening.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 03-Jul-22 12:41:49

What a wonderful idea!

hollysteers Sun 03-Jul-22 12:44:10

That all makes sense to me Franbern👍

Loretta1 Sun 03-Jul-22 12:47:55

It is so obvious I am surprised no one thought about it in the 1970s!

Iam64 Sun 03-Jul-22 13:40:39

Ok irony, sarcasm / we need it to get us through this quagmire

NannyJan53 Sun 03-Jul-22 14:00:09

It makes excellent sense, cannot think why we have never done this! Oh wait a minute.

M0nica Sun 03-Jul-22 14:03:24

Yes, but the other countries do not speak English and they are very different.

We, British, have always prided ourselves on muddling through, even if it means constant inefficiencies, We always manage some how. We pride ourselves on being the 'different' from the rest. If currently thata means going backwards economically, so what.

We should pride in our past, and ignore tomorrow, we will all be dead anyway.

RichmondPark Sun 03-Jul-22 14:35:04

Sorry*Franbern*, I don't think you've considered this properly. Your idea is clearly flawed as it might mean Jacob Rees Mogg has to downgrade his vacuum cleaner.

silverlining48 Sun 03-Jul-22 14:39:44

Splendid idea 💡

Ro60 Sun 03-Jul-22 14:48:36

😂 A 'Block' or a 'Block' ? Don't you just love the Enlish language

Namsnanny Sun 03-Jul-22 14:53:11

Such a good idea, but drat! 'They' dont speak English in Europe do they?
Oh dear how will we manage?

Philippa111 Sun 03-Jul-22 15:18:31

I love the sense of humour Franbern and Nanna8 but in a deeper way this just made me so sad. We had achieved such a good arrangement, albeit not perfect, with other countries and it felt so good to belong to a bigger group and be free to come and go. Now as someone said, the English can feel smuggly English...Rule Britannia!! Such a high price to pay for all that has been lost. And Scotland, who didn't want to end this excellent arrangement may not be feeling such an urgent need to distance itself from this pathetic sentiment and outcome. If only Brexiteers could waken up and see they were hoodwinked and led down a very murky garden path. And I wouldn't blame Europe if they never wanted us back.

Lovetopaint037 Sun 03-Jul-22 15:41:32

Well we could do that but there will always people who read the Daily Mail and nothing else. Therefore, we must retain our old insular ways and cry Rule Britannia.

Granny23 Sun 03-Jul-22 15:41:57

I have never had difficulty when communicating with other Europeans. whether I am abroad or they are visitors here. Almost everyone has some English and my school girl French and Latin, along with my sister's Higher German tend to fill in any gaps. Also I've found my own first language (Scots) has many words in common with the Scandinavian languages.

Aside from that, I am looking forward to a soon to be independent Scotland re-joining the EU or at least EFTA. Hope this happens ASAP before I am too decrepit to travel.

Iam64 Sun 03-Jul-22 15:47:43

We can have the classic British mixture of pride and guilt about our imperial, colonial past.
I’m proud of my ancestors who worked tirelessly in agriculture the came north to the mines and mills. I’m proof that cotton workers in our area refused to work in solidarity was the slaves who picked the cotton. They welcomed Ghandi and felt solidarity with Indian cotton workers.
I’m proud we were at the forefront of abolishing slavery. Ashamed of the trade and our involvement in it.
I don’t mind that I’ll be dead when things I worry about now May happen. I m not about to glue myself to anything but I do try to protect resources as best I can without getting obsessed an unhappy abpit it

Pittcity Sun 03-Jul-22 16:07:08

Wonderful idea Franbern. But what colour will the passports be?

RichmondPark Sun 03-Jul-22 16:17:41

This would upset all the right people.

lixy Sun 03-Jul-22 16:29:19

Wow Franbern, that sounds like a spiffing idea! I'm sure there'll be countries all over the world queueing up to form alliances with our well-regarded and trustworthy government.