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Anyone else get the feeling the west is giving up on Ukraine ?

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Secretsquirrel1 Mon 04-Jul-22 22:44:49

I’m getting the feeling that the west / nato is now losing the sense of urgency to help Ukraine win the war., I wonder if it’s because they have at this stage, calculated that unless we actually joined the fighting ( which we won’t do) , that it is highly likely that Russia is going to win.

I really hope we haven’t given up. I feel like screaming at the TV when I hear Ukraine’s leaders desperately asking for more weapons. Although we hear we are sending more, it now seems to me, slow to respond and with less sense of determination.

Am I just feeling gloomy ?

biglouis Mon 04-Jul-22 23:32:12

I think many people are just bored with hearing about it and blaming the war for rising prices. Yes - unfair. But people just want to get on with their own lives. I think the UK is over invested in this war and we should have just made the right noises and kept our distance.

nanna8 Mon 04-Jul-22 23:37:16

Not here so much. Our new government has pledged support until the end which might be a long way off by the looks of things.

CanadianGran Mon 04-Jul-22 23:38:50

Funny, I was thinking the same thing yesterday after watching the news. People tend to get acclimatized to bad news, and less outraged as time progresses, which leads to complacency and apathy.

BlueSky Mon 04-Jul-22 23:49:34

It’s getting the same as the pandemic, at first nothing else on the news, now hardly mentioned.

mumofmadboys Tue 05-Jul-22 04:38:39

How could we possibly 'just make the right noises and kept our distance'? ??

giulia Tue 05-Jul-22 07:38:40

Here in Italy, the Government have pledged support to the end but I notice the local collection of essentials to be sent by van have dropped off. Am afraid boredom is taking over. How dare we! I too follow the details on the news with far less attention than before, despite being aware that indifference is similar to negativity.

eazybee Tue 05-Jul-22 07:50:50

The war in Ukraine is no longer frontline news, and the atrocities lack the impact they once had. Many countries voice their support but do little in terms of practical help, most noticeably Germany, which does not augur well for the future.
(The pandemic is over; covid remains).

Calendargirl Tue 05-Jul-22 07:57:21

Nothing remains frontline news for very long.

Something else overtakes it.

Gingster Tue 05-Jul-22 08:00:32

It’s called compassion fatigue

Katie59 Tue 05-Jul-22 08:11:48

The war has changed from a takeover of Ukraine as a whole to annexing the East and Southern part, Russia is intensively pounding with artillery as it advances. Ukraine cannot withstand that kind of assault, NATO is not likely to supply enough arms to do that.

When Russia has decided they have taken enough of the Eastern part they will offer a cease fire, with the threat that Odessa will be attacked if not accepted. Odessa is critical to the survival of a smaller Ukraine, it will be a bitter pill to swallow but do they really have an alternative.

nadateturbe Tue 05-Jul-22 08:50:26

People become acclimatised to bad news. We all cried at first. It's very sad for Ukraine. We shouldn't have let Putin away with this. We should have helped more. Life has changed for ever for the Ukrainians and so many dead.

M0nica Tue 05-Jul-22 09:10:21

Well, the arms and ammunition continue to roll in. But I agree. We know all about it, it just isn't frontline news.

RichmondPark Tue 05-Jul-22 10:13:47

There are so many things to worry about and the modern day 24 hour constant deluge of information from multiple sources inundates us. I think people have to prioritize immediate and local risk for the sake of their own sanity and quietly even horrific situations find a steady place in our minds rather than occupying all our thoughts.

I don't think this means we are giving up on Ukraine or that it is not on the mind of many people daily. I bought some sunflowers yesterday and it made me think of Ukraine so sharply I could have cried. I crossed the shop and put all my change in the Ukraine fundraising bucket. My town is full of Ukraine flags and fundraising initiatives from concerts, fetes and collection tins.

Governments and leaders seem still very much behind Ukraine.

maddyone Tue 05-Jul-22 10:54:56


People become acclimatised to bad news. We all cried at first. It's very sad for Ukraine. We shouldn't have let Putin away with this. We should have helped more. Life has changed for ever for the Ukrainians and so many dead.

Yes, this is right. I feel so sorry for the Ukrainians. I fear we may live to regret the lack of interest. Putin won’t stop at Ukraine because he’s got away with it. What comes next will probably be worse. There’s only one way to stop a bully and it’s not ignoring him.

Witzend Tue 05-Jul-22 13:19:16

I’m afraid so. Poor Ukraine.😥

I don’t think he’ll stop at Ukraine, either - he wants the old Soviet empire back.
Hitler all over again, except that Russia surely has enough ‘Lebensraum’ anyway.

timetogo2016 Tue 05-Jul-22 14:16:06

I think things are being done under the radar so to speak,and we are being kept in the dark.
Not a bad thing if i am right tbh.

nadateturbe Tue 05-Jul-22 15:56:28

I so hope you are right timetogo.
Because it does seem like the bully is getting his way.