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Creative nicknames (lighthearted obviously)

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giulia Tue 05-Jul-22 07:32:47

When I was at primary school the creative nickname they gave me was "Julia-Caeser-the-lemon-squeezer".

And you?

Joseanne Tue 05-Jul-22 08:13:33

I was Wally, from my surname.
I was a bit silly too!

The Where's Wally books came out 10 years later and I laughed

Redhead56 Tue 05-Jul-22 10:17:28

Everyone in our school had a nickname I was snakehead because I had very curly red hair. I liked my unique nickname it made me stand out from the crowd.

Ali08 Tue 05-Jul-22 23:50:43

Flo or Flossy, I'm assuming because of my very fine, flyaway hair.
At high school, Olive Oyl, because I was so skinny.
In my 20s to mid-40s a friend called me Skeletor, weight again.
I'd hate to know what he'd call me now I've put on enough weight to not be a skinny anything!!