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Good Morning Wednesday 6th July 2022

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Michael12 Wed 06-Jul-22 05:51:03

Good Morning Everyone,
I have woken up to a dry but grey start here in brackley this morning.
My plans are to do a local shop early ,and if I feel OK , I may temp the bus to Bicester early , before I watch TV and todays stage of the tour .
Interesting watching the highlights last night , was a programme on ITV 4 featuring cycling history of Ireland ,and those Irish cyclists who became well known.
Take Care,

Pantglas2 Wed 06-Jul-22 06:05:53

Good morning Mick from a damp north Wales where I’m up with sparrowfart again for no good reason…where did my lolling abed 🛌 days go 🤷‍♀️?

I remember Kelly and Roche back in the day but my favourite was Miguel Indurain, Spanish of course, and they called him the 🦎 Lizard as he always did well despite the heat!

A bittersweet afternoon for me today, spending time with my DD going through my beloved late aunt’s photos (think hundreds 🤦‍♀️) We shall have champers 🥂as we celebrate her well recorded travels and I dish out the gossip on who’s who etc
Strangely, no camera was found when my cousins cleared her bungalow recently…a mystery!🕵️

💐😘 to all going through rubbish times at the moment - shan’t name you as I’d hate to miss anyone but be assured that kind thoughts are with you all X

grandMattie Wed 06-Jul-22 06:28:31

Good morning to all you lovely GMmers from a bright E Kent. How I wish you could send some of your rain, Pant, we haven’t had a significant amount since goodness knows when. A dry summer following a dry winter isn’t that great for the farmers in the Garden of England.
A quiet day, will follow another quiet day… sadly very empty.
Carpe diem, dear friends. 🦩🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩

Grandmadinosaur Wed 06-Jul-22 06:59:24

Good morning all from East Yorkshire. It is 14 degrees with a grey sky. Feels very warm.

I haven’t been feeling too well for a few days. I managed to get a face to face Drs appointment yesterday. I’m feeling quite a bit better today but will take it steady. Thankfully I don’t have any calls on my time and DH is wfh so if I need to go out he is at hand to accompany me or be my taxi.

Strange days for you GM after the eventful ones you have had in the last few months. Take care of yourself 💐

Thoughts also to others suffering ills or worries 💐

NanKate Wed 06-Jul-22 07:01:14

Good morning Mick and All.

Yes grandMattie your days will seem very different and you know need to give yourself space to rest and recuperate. From what you say you have a supportive family to help you along. Your GN friends will be here each morning to welcome you.

We are now on the last 3 days of looking after our 2 DGSs. They have been good but exhausting and we are looking forward to going home on Friday (after attending 2 Sports Days) to recuperate and watch wall to wall tennis 🎾.

brook2704 Wed 06-Jul-22 07:11:07

Good morning from just outside Salcombe where it’s a sunny start to the day
Today we’re travelling back home after a really enjoyable holiday walking the south west coast path. We’ll be back again at the end August to finally finish the entire 630 mile distance which we started before covid in 2019
A good idea pantglas to take the champagne and celebrate your dear Aunts many travels - many happy memories over the years I guess
Thinking of you gMattie and sending much love and support for the days ahead
Hope you’re feeling much better soon grandmadinosaur
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Beechnut Wed 06-Jul-22 07:11:13

Good Morning everyone from Severnside with fluffy clouds.
Warm days ahead and looks like it’ll be very warm in the east.

I drove by my friends new house yesterday to see if she had moved in while I was away. Sold sign still up. I got a message later from her to say she’d be back by the weekend.

I’ve a bit of homeworking to do then I might go out and mow the lawn and weed the borders around it.

When I look back on those early days Mattie I can’t believe some of the things. Some days were filled with things to do others I was completely lost. 🦩🌺

kittylester Wed 06-Jul-22 07:14:47

Good morning all from a greyish North Leicestershire.

We had a great couple of days with DD2 and co but are also really glad to be home! You must be really ready for a big sit down kate.

Unpacking today and then a bit of research for a new dementia course AgeUk are putting on.

Sending love and gentle hugs to who need them.

Pittcity Wed 06-Jul-22 07:14:58

Good morning from hazy Colchester. I am early this morning as I'm off to catch a train to Wimbledon. DD1 and I have tickets to see Kyrios v Garin this afternoon. We're hoping for a good match without the fireworks!
Must dash.
Love to all 🦩x

cornergran Wed 06-Jul-22 07:20:00

Morning Mick, Morning All. A clear sky over our corner of Somerset.

Yesterdays venture forth took us to Wells, a thoroughly enjoyable wander. Back to routine today with a grocery delivery and dust removal. Hay fever is proving difficult to manage so happy to stay indoors.

Thoughts are with grandmattie and all finding life tough going. Hope Wednesday is gentle with us all.

BlueSapphire Wed 06-Jul-22 07:25:53

Good morning everyone from a cloudy Northampton; it's very dull but set to be dry, so I have a load of washing in the machine.

Had a lovely lunch out with friends yesterday, followed by a pleasant walk in our local woods.

A morning of pottering, and then well-being cafe after lunch.

Hope everyone can find a bit of sunshine and flowersflowers today, especially those whose days seem very dark at the moment.

Chrissielou Wed 06-Jul-22 07:30:33

A grey start, but it feels very warm. Yesterday was lovely, we visited Hidcote and spent a couple of hours wandering around beautiful gardens. We bought some white plants to fill a very large pot we have and will enjoy planting it up today. When we arrived home I quickly made fruit scones which we ate in the garden with jam and cream.
Wishing you all a peaceful, calm day.

Marydoll Wed 06-Jul-22 07:31:01

Good morning all, its blowing a hoodie here in Glasgow.

A gentle day is what you need GM, you must be exhausted and feeling lost.

Off this morning for another attempt at blood letting, then returning home to await a telephone consultation with my GP. (Why can't she see me, since I'm in the surgery anyway.)
I don't seem to be making much progress and am still feeling pretty grim. Chronic ill health is not for the faint hearted.

DS2, my son, who has chronic asthma and suffers from anaphylaxis, has contracted Covid for the first time. I can't help, but worry about him.
He and DH were going on a whisky tasting tomorrow, it has now been cancelled for the third time, due to Covid.
I don't know who is more disappointed, DH or me.
DD and SIL will both be at work and with DH gone, I would have had a much longed for empty!!! 🤬

To add to my misery, my mouth is now full of ulcers and I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself! However, on the bonus side, I have lost a bit of much needed flab, because I have no appetite!
It's very hard to indulge in some wallowing as the lodgers are still here.
Does anyone remember the crime programme in the 1960s, called No Hiding Place? It's just like that in our house! My SIL, loves it so much here, I fear he may never leave! 😂
He is like my shadow, Mr MDoll, says its because SIL thinks I'm his mother!!🤣

Wishing you all the best of days, whatever your plans. For all our brave mountaineers, I hope today is an easy one. 💐

Grandmabatty Wed 06-Jul-22 07:34:51

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 14°, very windy and has been raining in the night. The clouds are scudding across the sky.
Yesterday I met a friend for coffee and managed to buy gooseberries so I will make jam later today. Dd and the boys came round in the afternoon. Dgs1 kept complimenting me on my 'lovely dress'. It was a floaty blue top. 😂 He is very funny and likes to have conversations. "Grandma, how did you sleep?" is a favourite starter.
Today I'll visit mum then my dearest friend and her partner. Then home to make jam. Have a good day all.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 06-Jul-22 07:38:10

Good morning all from wet Harrogate- I would gladly send you the rain if I could GrandMattie
Had a lovely but bust day yesterday with the art club in the morning and meeting another club inthe afternoon. When I got home I spoke to my cousin’s DS to discover she has a brain tumour Argh!! He’ll let me know what treatment she’ll be having after her hospital appointment this week.
Meantime, my sister in Surrey has sold her house and had an offer accepted on another, so big changes there!
Nothing much doing here,Sainsburies delivery today and maybe a trip to Lidl or Aldi - tomorrow I’m having a day trip to Carlisle.
Have the best day possible folks

Greyduster Wed 06-Jul-22 07:41:42

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Overnight rain in South Yorkshire. My StepGS was back very late from town last night and then we sat up chatting about his day, so I am like a limp rag this morning as I didn’t sleep well. I think I pulled something yesterday heaving the mower back into the shed, so I’ll take it easy today. The grass looks good though!
Have a good day one and all.

ShazzaKanazza Wed 06-Jul-22 07:45:45

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a grey Hull.

grandMattie a few quiet days to rest and recuperate. Thinking of you as always💐
My son in China sent videos of an apocalyptic storm yesterday they were having. Floods in his city. Children wading through water in the school rooms. The sky was jet black in the middle of the day. We are so dry here we really need some good rain.

Grandmadinosaur I’m sorry you aren’t well but pleased you are feeling better today. It’s good you have your DH with you.

Pittcity enjoy your day in Wimbledon. We’ve loved our trips there. We might have to try for the ballot again this year.
Going to the gym again this morning and picking DGS up from school.
Take care everyone and loving thoughts to those with worries, stress and illness. 🌻🌻

NannyJan53 Wed 06-Jul-22 07:49:31

Good morning from a dull and grey Black Country.

Handed Gdog over to DS yesterday. He has come back from holiday and tested positive for Covid! So hand over was done on the drive. It had to happen sooner or later I suppose, his wife had it quite badly in February, and he escaped then. Dog was very pleased to see him though.

Looks like it will warm up as the day goes on, but no real plans today.

Holding grandMattie in my thoughts as you navigate these difficult few days. So pleased you have your family to support you.

Nannytopsy Wed 06-Jul-22 07:51:34

Good morning Mick and all his followers. It’s cloudy in Suffolk this morning and we too need lots of rain. There’s no sign in the forecast. I have planting to do still, which has been waiting for a few days and gooseberries to pick and freeze. Then we are on to the last job, the pressure washer. That should be tomorrow, all being well.
I am looking forward to enjoying the garden, rather than working in it!

Lots of tired grams out there and the school holidays haven’t started yet. We are probably on duty at the weekend.

Marydoll I do hope things improve soon for you. Mouth ulcers are very miserable. Fingers crossed that you get an empty soon.
I hope the day is kind to us all.

hulahoop Wed 06-Jul-22 08:03:17

It's a dull morning here and it's rained overnight ,waiting for engineer to do our yearly check ,then out for lunch if he doesn't come late. Sorry to see you haven't been well Grandmadinasaur hope you continue to improve, good luck with blood letting Marydoll,my veins are rubbish to find .

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 06-Jul-22 08:04:33

Morning all from a bright West Oxfordshire.
🌺🌺🌺 for GM,
I have a WI Coffee Morning today. When I get home I will start packing for my trip to Vienna tomorrow with my daughter. I have a WI Committee this evening, I am Secretary but the Chairman has asked me to Chair the meeting too as she is on holiday.

Gingster Wed 06-Jul-22 08:13:36

Good morning all from a grey-skyed Suffolk by the sea.

Yesterday was lovely and our visitors enjoyed their day. My db, SIL and a couple of their friends . We sat In the garden and had coffee and cake and then joined them for lunch in Thorpeness.
Back home to watch the Norris match. Nail biting! Enjoy Wimbledon Pitcity. 🎾.

Our new gazebo arrived yesterday. We need a strong heavy duty one as our garden looks over the sea and can be very windy. A parasol just blows away.
It’s a pop up one and the instructions say ‘put up in 5 mins’ . This remains to be seen! 🙄.

We will invite our lovely (as opposed to our grumpy) neighbour for fish and chips at the cafe on the beach. She is so kind and helpful to us , when we aren’t here. Nothing is a bother to her and she is calm and reassuring. ♥️

GM - look after yourself and take each day as it comes. 💐

Wishing you all a ‘good’ day whatever it entails. 🦋

hollysteers Wed 06-Jul-22 08:16:27

Good morning Mick and all from Cloudy Chambers northwest coast. Wish I had sun as I’m off on a jolly to Morecambe (new to me) and Grange over Sands, last visited in the early seventies with late DH. Bit overtired as sang yesterday then bought lots of frames for paintings which have to be delivered soon. Should really stay home and get on with that as well as domestic stuff, but want to make the most of the ‘summer’ and gadabout. Anyway, I have made my sarnies and flask of coffee!
grandMattie 💐 and thoughts to all with troubles.

Kalu Wed 06-Jul-22 08:22:02

Good morning everyone, it’s a grey, blustery day in Glasgow and I have been in the garden staking some fragile tall white campanula, kick start espresso followed by hip exercises and I am ready for the day ahead.

More wonderful news for DH who passed the swallow test yesterday and enjoyed his first mango smoothie. The build up waiting for this test is over and he is elated to have conquered one more mountain. I will be visiting him this afternoon with a flask of his preferred tea. What a relief!

Much love and strength to those who need it.

dragonfly46 Wed 06-Jul-22 08:23:12

Good morning from cloudy Leicestershire although we are promised sun later.

Walking in the woods this afternoon after Ocado (butter at £9 a tub!) delivery then tea after.

Thinking of you Mattie and Marydoll.
Wishing everyone the best day possible.