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Do people suit their names do you think? Do people choose pets that look like them ?

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nanna8 Wed 06-Jul-22 14:41:30

I’m thinking of people who seem to choose dogs that fit with them when I mention pets. Can be quite amusing at times. Sometimes reflected in hair colour,too!
Thinking of the people I know, mostly their names seem to be part of their personalities in some way. Sounds silly but all the Jasons I have come across have been cheeky, smiley and opposed to authority. All the Annes have been friendly and reliable. Same with Peters.

Joseanne Wed 06-Jul-22 14:57:48

People used to laugh at our completely blond matching family - me, DH, kids and our golden dogs! Even the DGC and their dog now fit the brief. We are all sporty and the athletic largish dogs reflect that. And bonkers too! 🐕

SueDonim Wed 06-Jul-22 15:19:52

My friend who has amazing curly dark hair and a brood of curly-and-dark-haired children got a black poodle as a pet. grin

RichmondPark Wed 06-Jul-22 15:29:49

I'm gingery blonde with big ears and little short legs. Here's my dog! I think I prove your theory right nanna8

SueDonim Wed 06-Jul-22 15:41:16

What an adorable doggie! ❤️ Is there some Corgi in there?

Joseanne Wed 06-Jul-22 15:45:37

❤ have you got a swishy tail too RP?

RichmondPark Wed 06-Jul-22 15:53:04

Oh thank you SueDonim, we adore her. She's Jack Russell with a bit of Chihuahua according to our vet, but we all think there must be some corgi in there.

Joseannne Wouldn't that be a party trick! smile Her tail is ALWAYS wagging.

Septimia Wed 06-Jul-22 18:29:03

The owner of the riding stables I went to in my youth said that people grow to look like their pets. I can't say that he looked much like any of the horses - and his dog was a dalmation !

Chestnut Wed 06-Jul-22 18:43:42

We used to laugh at the start of 101 Dalmations (Disney) when the owners walked by with their matching dogs!

CanadianGran Wed 06-Jul-22 19:03:33

I think people can grow to suit their names, and yes, I do feel some pre-conceived assumptions with some names. Mostly good! My youngest is Joseph, partly because of family history, and partly because all the Joe's I've ever met have been very stand-up, solid characters.

I despair for all Karens out there. Social media has turned the name into a noun to mean a nasty woman, but that is definitely not true for the Karen that I know.

And as for pets looking like their aussie shepherd has the boundless energy of my DH, and her fur was the same colour as my hair before I stopped colouring it! I would need a grey dog now if I was going to match. haha!

HeavenLeigh Wed 06-Jul-22 19:16:39

I think a lot of pets resemble their owners, my friend has a red setter and her hair colour is exactly same colour and long, we do have a laugh about it, I think it’s quite cute

grandMattie Wed 06-Jul-22 19:17:46

Perhaps it’s best that we have neither cat nor dog! 😂

nanna8 Thu 07-Jul-22 09:16:11

Our cats are calicoes- bit of grey in the hair along with the blond bits . They are little darlings, nice temperaments so I hope we are like that, too ( likely not !)

paddyann54 Thu 07-Jul-22 09:53:01

I think names of people you know influence how you think of the name.Theres a couple of names I would never have called my children ,simply because the people who had that name when I was a child,or a teen were horrible, bullying ,foul mouthed individuals.I accept not everyone with those names is the same but when I hear them I cringe

paddyann54 Thu 07-Jul-22 09:57:18

Nanna8 We have a calico just like yours,she's feisty but very caring .Her sister is a big white fluff ball with bits of ginger on her tail and a ginger heart on her side...she's a tart .She lies down in front of strangers for a belly rub and goes AWOL at bedtime .Her sister Rosie watches for her or goes out and brings her home.Our bundle of fluff is called Belle .We think their names fit them perfectly

TopsyIrene06 Thu 07-Jul-22 09:59:17

I would have taken it as a great compliment if I was judged to be like my dear departed dog.

We did look alike, you know, grey hair, expanding waistline, stately as a galleon and a voracious appetite. Oh and I like a pat on the head occasionally and of course a daily sniff around the garden.

Chakotay Thu 07-Jul-22 10:11:02

Oh gawd I hope not I have 3 Pugs and a British Bulldog and having a home check for a rescue French Bulldog

Kupari45 Thu 07-Jul-22 10:13:29

I have a 14 year old Cairn Terrier called Molly (After Molly Weir) She has a thick curly coat, and is incredibly stubborn, but very loyal and loving.
My daughter said last week" Do you know Mum you two look and behave just the same".
I have thick coarse curly hair, which I've never been able to tame, and once I make my mind up about anything thats it!
So I'm smiling at this post.

henetha Thu 07-Jul-22 10:19:37

I don't think Wiggy (cockatiel) looks much like me grin

thisisnotme Thu 07-Jul-22 10:25:02

Our last dog was a beautiful honey coloured greyhound - I live in hope that one day I too would be tall and slim.

Sadly at 4’11” I’m still built like a pit pony hmm

GagaJo Thu 07-Jul-22 10:44:33

I think my female calico cat is quite like me. A bit slovenly, loves her food. Never happier than when she's lying down. Adores being stroked and massaged but other than that, really just wants to sleep in the sun.

Petalpop Thu 07-Jul-22 11:19:31

My dog is a nutty Springer Spaniel and my cats are two laid back Norwegian Forest Cats. I think that sums me up - nutty and very lovable !!!!!!! at the same time needing to languish on the sofa all day waiting to be stroked.

missdeke Thu 07-Jul-22 11:28:20

I'm a natural blonde just with a little grey, my cat has long black fur so we are not alike.

Amandajs66 Thu 07-Jul-22 11:31:54

I have always had Greyhounds, I’m still hoping that I wake up one day and my legs are long, you can see my ribs and I can run super fast. The only thing I’ve got in common with my adorable greyhounds is that I have a large chest.

Nanna58 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:17:37

Amandajs66 You have written my post! Will shortly be adopting our 9th greyhound and have still to see any resemblance to them 🙄