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‘So when WILL he go?’: Sweepstake 🧹

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FannyCornforth Thu 07-Jul-22 08:05:00

‘Bet Nah!’ 👊 as Ray Winston might say.

Name your day and time of the announcement
(and, as another thread suggests, get your celebratory tipple of choice at the ready)🍾

Oldnproud Thu 07-Jul-22 08:07:56

Today, 11.46 am

M0nica Thu 07-Jul-22 08:12:32

This evening - 8.30pm. No announcement until well after he has left Downing Street for an unknown destination.

A nice cool sparkling rose.

Maggiemaybe Thu 07-Jul-22 08:25:46

Today, 1000h. Fingers crossed. smile

FannyCornforth Thu 07-Jul-22 08:26:43

I hope that Oldnproud is right (more time for fun and celebrations) but I rather think that Monica is correct.
Listening to the Today program, some are saying that it could be next week shock

Maggiemaybe Thu 07-Jul-22 08:26:50

And I’ll raise a glass (or two) of fizz.

dragonfly46 Thu 07-Jul-22 08:32:24

I am not sure he will until he is dragged out of Downing Street!

Riverwalk Thu 07-Jul-22 08:32:34

Today at 18.00.

A can of Irn Bru at the ready which my grandson left behind!

Ailidh Thu 07-Jul-22 08:42:38

Today at 13:45. I'll have to record Neighbours. The BBC lunchtime news will be officially over, so the resignation will play havoc with scheduling. And Wimbledon coverage.

Visgir1 Thu 07-Jul-22 08:44:51


Grandmabatty Thu 07-Jul-22 08:47:17

He will never go. He'll be banking on limping on til the next disaster, hoping it will divert the public from his awfulness. Even if the Tories do the right thing and sack him, the next PM will have Johnson to contend with, like a sitting tenant you can't get rid of, or a wart that just won't go away.

Esspee Thu 07-Jul-22 08:48:32

Tonight 10pm.

I read that backbenchers are terrified to answer their phones in case it's Boris offering them a job.

rubysong Thu 07-Jul-22 08:49:13

Tonight 7:30pm. I shall be emailing my mp (con) to tell her if she continues to support him I won't be voting for her next time. I have emailed her twice in recent months and she has praised him saying she doesn't want to be contacted again on the subject. I'm not impressed by that and this time I shall copy in the Conservative local chairman. (The letters are now in the village Post Office for everyone to see.)

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 07-Jul-22 09:00:56

Oh, Esspee, that made me laugh! I did post previously about the possibility of resurrecting the YTS scheme to fill the spaces in the cabinet...

Galaxy Thu 07-Jul-22 09:05:10

Sky news are saying today so I will go with them. 2.30 because it's when I am at the hairdresser.

Chewbacca Thu 07-Jul-22 09:08:23

16.00 today. I'll be at the cinema though so won't be able to check.

Visgir1 Thu 07-Jul-22 09:08:41

He's gone!!

Shinamae Thu 07-Jul-22 09:09:39


He's gone!!

Well if he has it’s not been reported on ITV

FannyCornforth Thu 07-Jul-22 09:09:42


He's gone!!

Has he?!!? 🤩 wow!!!

Chewbacca Thu 07-Jul-22 09:09:58

Drat! I never win anything! 🍾🍾🍾🍾

Galaxy Thu 07-Jul-22 09:11:42

I dont think he has? Has he? Sky news and BBC are saying he is about to resign.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 07-Jul-22 09:11:54

BBC Reports he’s resigning today.

FannyCornforth Thu 07-Jul-22 09:12:09

I’m trying to listen to Lbc and Today at the same time…

Stephanie48 Thu 07-Jul-22 09:12:58


He's gone!!


Not yet?

I think by midday today - Gin and Fevertree elderflower tonic please

Galaxy Thu 07-Jul-22 09:13:05

About to doesnt count for the sweepstake surely grin. Fanny has final say.