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Do they work?

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Mollygo Thu 07-Jul-22 11:33:18

Has anyone tried any version of these?
I’m not putting a brand name on-there are several versions. They’re supposed to attract animal hair from your washing machine load. If they work the price isn’t bad, but if they don’t it’s a waste of money. If you’ve tried them and they work and you don’t want to mention a particular brand on here, could you PM me with the brand that worked? Thanks.

Mollygo Thu 07-Jul-22 11:33:41

Forgot the image.

shysal Thu 07-Jul-22 13:09:45

I hadn't heard of them, but would be interested if they work. I tend to wash my pet bedding by hand with a scrubbing brush because of the hairs, but of course they as well as my own hairs are present on my clothes.

Elizabeth27 Thu 07-Jul-22 14:07:50

I hadn’t heard of them so looked on Amazon, was not really impressed with the reviews.