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Remembering life in the 60s as a child...

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AussieGran59 Mon 01-Aug-22 06:27:25

I was born in 1959 in NZ and was wondering if anyone else has memories like mine, from the 60s? I know most of you are British but I'm sure you can relate to some of mine. I hope someone will add to the memories!

Songs such as Mary Hopkin's Tema Harbour, Sandie Shaw's Monsieur Dupont and the best of all: Manfred Mann's My Name is Jack!

Wearing home made brightly coloured shift dresses and playing with those pull apart plastic pearl necklaces (they gave such a satisfying pop as we pulled them apart !)

Warm sand between our bare toes and the sting of sunburn unrelieved by mum's baking soda baths later that evening.

Ice cream and strawberries for dessert on a Saturday; the strawberries having been picked from the local farm ourselves earlier that day; so warm and fragrant.

Playing in the forest with our friends and only coming home at dinnertime. (Wouldn't happen now.)

Having roast chicken as a birthday treat (it must have been expensive back then.)

Going through Grandma's huge collection of buttons. (They were kept in a tin with a picture of a sailing ship in a storm on the battered old lid.) Grandma lived in Australia so it was a rare treat to visit her. She always had some new little knitted dolls for us, too.

Sandals which were too tight and an unsympathetic mother. (You'll have to wait until dad gets a pay rise. They're not that tight!) We just put more bandaids on the blisters.

My mother's perfume and her beautiful beaded ball gowns, pink, aqua and blue, home made of course. I always hoped to go to a ball one day but do you know, I never did!

NotSpaghetti Mon 01-Aug-22 06:48:27

I had knee-length lacy white socks which I hated as they were really uncomfortable. I just thought that was how socks were - so never thought to complain!

I too loved the pop-it beads!

M0nica Mon 01-Aug-22 06:59:02

Weren't the beads called 'poppets/poppits'?

MissAdventure Mon 01-Aug-22 07:05:32

If my socks went baggy around the tops, my mum made elastic "garters" to put around them, and wow, they hurt!

Grandmabatty Mon 01-Aug-22 07:48:08

These resonate with me. Mum and dad had parties and always put out a selection of Sobrani cigarettes. They were different colours. We didn't have ice cream as we didn't have a freezer.

Allegretto Mon 01-Aug-22 07:49:46

I had the elastic garters for round the top of my socks. I also remember having closed in sandals which when my feet grew, had the leather cut out at the toes, creating open-toed sandals so they lasted a bit longer.

MissAdventure Mon 01-Aug-22 07:54:14

Almost as bad as wearing the garters was taking them off.
Red, itchy welts with an extra pain where the knot had rested.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 01-Aug-22 07:55:47

I remember those songs Aussiegran they don’t make them like those any more.
I also remember the garters on the socks - ouch!

I remember spending a lot of fun times with my grandparents. First grandchild and spoilt rotten. The inspiration for my relationship with my GC.
Going to Birthday parties and sitting huddled round a table at the parents house eating jelly and ice cream etc.
Walking to school in winter through the snow and sitting in school with wet feet. The ice on the milk at break time.

AussieGran59 Mon 01-Aug-22 07:56:49

Ooh yes, those knee high socks with elastic garters! Hated them more than my white straw church hat with the prickly plastic flowers.

MissAdventure Mon 01-Aug-22 08:01:20

I had a white fur hat that my nan bought me, and it had a built in steel band around the hairline.
That was painful, too! I despised that hat!

AussieGran59 Mon 01-Aug-22 08:07:11

MOnica, I looked it up and yes they were called poppits. Apparently you can still buy them in vintage shops. Does that make us vintage too?
MissAdventure, how horrible to have a hat with a steel band! But we didn’t dare complain in my childhood, we just put up with discomfort.

Jumblygran Mon 01-Aug-22 08:08:44

Aussiegran I was also born in NZ in 1959.
I remember prickly wool jerseys sitting on the back of the tractor on the farm (no health and safety) the cold crisp sunny days feeding out on the farm. We lived in the central North Island with a view of the mountains the wind coming straight off the snow. The white mountains sharply contrasted with the blue sky. We antipodeans live with much stronger colours and sunlight than our Northern cousins.
I am a redhead my nose was burnt and sore all summer.
Aussiegran you might remember Raro juice in the big green tin.
I still have my Grandmother’s old tin of buttons, I still add to it and use the buttons.
My Grandmother made terrible hats out of taffeta and coarse organdie that made my big sister and mother look like they had those toilet roll holders on their heads.

MissAdventure Mon 01-Aug-22 08:09:23

We had a tent in the garden, and were allowed to sleep in it, sometimes.

ginny Mon 01-Aug-22 08:13:14

My main memory was our freedom to roam.

Harris27 Mon 01-Aug-22 08:26:49

I can remember crimpelene dresses which were itchy. Also the socks were always falling down. I can remember playing out in the back,lane till 9pm on a weekend summers night. Drinking pop eating jam sandwiches and being so happy. The school hols were long and we all loved them.

AussieGran59 Mon 01-Aug-22 08:38:01

What a lovely description of your childhood. Yes I do remember Raro! Loved the stuff. I was a redhead too and always burned. Prickly wool jerseys? I had forgotten about those. What sbout NZ baking? (Sorry everyone else) Afghans, ginger slice, cream buns, cheese scones…

Jumblygran Mon 01-Aug-22 08:53:57

Yes, I remember cream buns being a treat as they weren’t home made. Lamingtons and of course pavlova. My Mother’s cheese scones are the best I have ever tasted but I may be biased.

denbylover Mon 01-Aug-22 08:57:57

Loving this thread. Remember the gymfrocks, the Panama
Fhats, the rompers! and warm milk at morning intervals. Going to manual, cooking and sewing for the girls, woodwork and metalwork for the boys. I remember we made meatballs one week, some of boys got into one girl’s take home box and threw these meatballs around the bus, some got caught in those old netting luggage racks! Pretty daring back then!! Days and days at the beach or by rivers. Good days and many happy memories.

downtoearth Mon 01-Aug-22 09:14:05

A go- kart made with a wooden plank ,an orange box,a puece of rope to steer and the wheels off of my brothers old pram.
Secret dens in the bushes in the park,and when parky found you ( parkeeper,he always wore a uniform like a police man) he would chase you out shaking his fist at you.

First bra from pollards,any one remember them,circular stitching and stood out like two uce cream cornets under your jumper.
Suspender belts,or in my case a roll on,think long elasticated tube of instant torture,especially getting on quickly after PE, garters on socks where a practice run for roll- ons.

Knickers where the elastic could be
changed if it snapped or pinned on to your roll- on with the safety pin specially carried for such emergencies.

ExDancer Mon 01-Aug-22 09:14:38

Walking to school on our own, no adult needed was an escort. Ink pens - no ball-points allowed - and blotting paper stuffed in the inkwells.
Boys and girls strictly segregated in the school playground, as well as separate lessons in cooking and woodwork and no-one had heard of homophobia. Going on nature walks and learning the names of wild flowers. We'd never heard of Sun screen cream and if we got burned we dabbed it with that horrible pink
stuff whose name I've forgotten.
(though to be fair I am going back another 10 years from you - to the 50s)

Jumblygran Mon 01-Aug-22 09:19:34

I NZ we don’t and didn’t ever have midday meals provided but in the 1960’s we had school milk. We had to drink a half pint bottle each day. Often it was left out in the sun until morning break and was pretty unpleasant by the time children got to it. Our school lucky for me, refrigerated it so it wasn’t so bad.

Yammy Mon 01-Aug-22 09:22:14

getting the school bus to the Grammar school eight miles away and having to take a travel sickness tablet Avomine? because the roads were so bad. Playing hockey in skirt shorts down to your knees on freezing school pitches,
Families getting together and having a party at any opportunity at my grans and enjoying her Roast gammon and rum butter.

MissAdventure Mon 01-Aug-22 09:22:50

Pollards, yes!
With a lady who was like Mrs. Overall working there. smile

AussieGran59 Mon 01-Aug-22 09:35:22

Denbylover, what are Fhats? We didn’t have gym frocks as in primary school there was no uniform.
Warm milk! Ugh. Cannot drink milk to this day.
ExDancer, do you mean calamine lotion? That was horrible pink gunk, remember it well. Did nothing for sunburn or anything else.

timetogo2016 Mon 01-Aug-22 09:35:59

Wow,those were the days when we were free to do whaterver we wanted as long as our parents knew where we would be.
I remember two of those songs,i also remember Cliff Richards Congratulations song,we used to sing along to it whilst playing Hop Scotch ect.
We never felt threatened/frightened at all.
I loved my childhood,soooo many great memories.
Oh ,and i just remembered having my first satchel for school and felling very proud and grown up.