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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

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kittylester Thu 04-Aug-22 08:36:17

Well someone had to start the thread.

First celebrity was announced on Breakfast this morning.

Will Mellors - I like him!

VB000 Thu 04-Aug-22 09:18:22

Cannot wait for Strictly - thanks for the info!

TillyTrotter Thu 04-Aug-22 09:21:14

Yes, I do too.
Anton to permanently replace Bruno too.
I don’t mind that either. Bruno says can’t commute between USA Dancing with Stars and Strictly as he used to do.

Joseanne Thu 04-Aug-22 09:33:34

Bring it on! I'll be there. 💃 🕺

Grannynannywanny Thu 04-Aug-22 09:39:09

I’m really looking forward to it. Light relief amidst the doom and gloom. I wonder who else will be in the line up.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 04-Aug-22 09:42:20

Yes that’s a good start I like him too. I also saw that Kym Marsh has been announced too. I can take or leave her.

I’m just hoping a certain travel announcer on Radio 2 isn’t a contestant despite the constant pushing and gushing by Zoe Ball.

BigBertha1 Thu 04-Aug-22 11:59:10

I like Will Mellors a good actor and a great comic - looking forward with some fun from him and looking forward to having something to watch on Saturday evenings.

henetha Thu 04-Aug-22 12:00:23

Yay! Good news to brighten us up....(and we sure need it).
Will Mellor and Kym Marsh, both great.

Grandmabatty Thu 04-Aug-22 12:05:17

I look forward to Strictly every year and I'm always taken by surprise when they announce the contestants so early. I like Will Mellor. Kym Marsh I don't know anything about but that's what I enjoy about Strictly. Over the weeks, people you might not know become familiar and you have favourites and 'agins' to quote Marion Keyes. It's a couple of hours a week of glitter,music, dancing and comedy (Ann widdicombe or John Sergeant anyone?) It gives me something to talk about with mum which is increasingly difficult so I'm looking forward to it all.

TillyTrotter Thu 04-Aug-22 16:03:30

For us fans it brightens up increasingly darkening Saturday evenings and lifts out spirits. Even if the lineup doesn’t exactly thrill me when first I read their names, we soon get to “know” them and root for our favourites.
Bring it on ! 🕺 💃 🎶

TwiceAsNice Thu 04-Aug-22 17:21:33

Looking forward to it as usual but disappointed that Oti and Aliajsh( don’t think that’s spelt right) are not in it this year as they’ve decided to leave

Sparklefizz Thu 04-Aug-22 17:25:28

Thanks for starting this thread kittylester
It will be great. Something bright and cheerful to look forward to at weekends which lifts the spirits.

One thing - I just wish they would show the results show on the Saturday instead of all the ridiculous pretence.

Sweetpeasue Thu 04-Aug-22 20:55:06

So need this programme. It brings joy to so many.
I agree Sparklefizz about the results show being aired on a Saturday. Might stop the result leaks spoiling it.

gulligranny Thu 04-Aug-22 21:03:40

I'll do a joyful jig the day they announce that Daly & Winkleman are leaving the show! I have to record it so I can fast-forward past these two and their inane chatter.

I'm very happy that Anton is replacing Bruno permanently, he was so good last series.

merlotgran Thu 04-Aug-22 21:43:46

I love Strictly but once the names start being announced it feels like the year is slipping away. 😟

MerylStreep Thu 04-Aug-22 21:48:27

I’m the same as you. I love strictly but it does mean the end of summer 😥

LauraNorderr Thu 04-Aug-22 22:02:25

Ooh lovely, looking forward to the dancing, the music, the costumes, the comments from the judges, great light hearted entertainment, just what we all need. Most of all, the chat amongst gransnetters about our favourite.
Agree with others about loving Anton but missing Oti and Aliyash, spelling?
Bring it on, woohoo 🎉

gillgran Thu 04-Aug-22 22:39:54

Thank you, kittylester, for starting this thread.
I'm a great fan of "Strictly", it's good to look forward to watching. I enjoy all of it.

Taichinan Thu 04-Aug-22 22:57:58

I love it too, though I shall miss Aliaj (that's yetta nuvva way of spelling his name!). It's just so pleasant to sit back and enjoy the glitz and music - pure escapism and just what's needed! But I do wish something bright and cheery could be found to lighten up the miserable January and February evenings .........

Callistemon21 Thu 04-Aug-22 23:20:02

It's Slovenian 🙂

GrandmasueUK Thu 04-Aug-22 23:25:16

I’m another one looking forward to Strictly. I just hope they don’t have any reality ‘stars’ taking part! I think it will almost be like old times with a live audience. I hope they go back to Blackpool this year.

Kate1949 Fri 05-Aug-22 13:31:58

Kaye Adams from Loose Women has just announced that she's doing it.

Grannynannywanny Fri 05-Aug-22 14:17:40

I like Kaye Adams. She has a good sense of humour. I’ll look forward to seeing how she gets on.

Grannmarie Fri 05-Aug-22 14:28:04

Grandmadinosaur, it looks like Zoe Ball's pushing and gushing has worked, I heard on Radio 2 that Richie the traffic announcer will be on Strictly.
I saw him on Richard Osman's House of Games recently. I hadn't realised that travel/ traffic staff are celebrities now... will the newsreaders be next?
Still looking forward to Strictly though!

Grandmadinosaur Fri 05-Aug-22 16:43:22

Grannmarie yes I heard that news earlier. I can only hope he soon gets voted off 🤞