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RIP Judith Durham

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Kate1949 Sat 06-Aug-22 11:47:00

The lovely Judith Durham has died aged 79. I loved The Seekers and her wonderful voice. I have recently bought a Best of The Seekers CD. It's brilliant. RIP Judith.

Grandmabatty Sat 06-Aug-22 11:52:10

Isn't it sad? She had such a beautiful voice.

Calendargirl Sat 06-Aug-22 11:52:36

Oh, how sad. What a lovely, lovely voice she had.

To hear her singing was a joy.

Marydoll Sat 06-Aug-22 11:54:51

I loved her voice. In fact I recently re-visited the Seekers on You Tube and had a delightful afternoon listening to all the old songs.

Anniebach Sat 06-Aug-22 11:56:40


fairfraise Sat 06-Aug-22 11:59:44

She had a lovely voice. RIP.

Grannmarie Sat 06-Aug-22 12:22:03

I'm so glad we managed to see The Seekers 50th anniversary concert in Glasgow Concert Hall a few years ago. It had been delayed for a year or two because Judith had been ill. They put on a brilliant show and her voice was as beautiful as ever.
R.I.P. Judith Durham. 🙏💕

merlotgran Sat 06-Aug-22 12:22:32

She had such a lovely clear voice and their songs were fun to sing along to on long car journeys.

My father used to call, I’ll Never Find Another You.’ The Shepherd’s Lament! 😂


FannyCornforth Sat 06-Aug-22 12:29:11

Oh no. Judith was lovely with the most beautiful voice. Very sad

Abitbarmy Sat 06-Aug-22 12:35:26

I’ve always loved her voice and the Seekers music, we frequently play Morningtown Ride to Granddaughter who loves to sing it to her dolls. A sad day.

Abitbarmy Sat 06-Aug-22 12:37:09

Plus DH sings along with I’ll never find another you to me occasionally.

Kate1949 Sat 06-Aug-22 12:37:11

I used to sing Morningtown Ride to our granddaughter.

usuallyright Sat 06-Aug-22 12:44:06

What a sad event for the whole world to lose such a wonderful voice. I loved the clarity of her voice, and, to me, it's bell like quality, similar to that of Sarah Brightman. RIP Judith.

MawtheMerrier Sat 06-Aug-22 13:12:24

A beautiful voice, I loved listening to her.
I too used to rock my little ones to Morningtown Ride and I’ll Never Find Another You has reduced me to tears yet again this morning

RIP and thank you for the music

paddyann54 Sat 06-Aug-22 13:26:29

All Ove The World,this is my favourite Seekers song ,it was my Party Piece for quite a long time

Callistemon21 Sat 06-Aug-22 13:32:44

Oh, very sad.

The Seekers were an Australian band with world-wide popularity.

She had the most beautiful voice and I enjoy their music so much.

RIP Judith

Joseanne Sat 06-Aug-22 13:37:01

Oh that's sad, such lovely music.
As an aside, my mum let one of her London flats to the sister of someone who was married to Keith from the band. The Seekers used to sometimes come round to practise and stay over. They gave me signed photos and record sleeves etc but I was a bit too young to be bothered.

nadateturbe Sat 06-Aug-22 13:37:11

So sorry to hear this.
I love the Seekers. I still listen to them all the time. Went to their concert in Belfast few years ago.
Judith was a lovely singer. Sad day.

fairfraise Sat 06-Aug-22 13:48:00

I'm just enjoying hearing them on YouTube!

Kate1949 Sat 06-Aug-22 14:06:44

I loved The Carnival is Over.

nanna8 Sat 06-Aug-22 14:09:22

They did a lovely quick recap of her life on our news tonight.

Calendargirl Sat 06-Aug-22 14:09:50

Just watched the Seekers singing ‘I Am Australian’ on you tube, with tears running down my cheeks, thinking of DD who lives there, and also my dear late dad who loved to hear Judith Durham sing.

As an aside, that particular song should be the Aussie national anthem, IMHO.

Kate1949 Sat 06-Aug-22 14:17:55

I'd never heard of that Calendargirl I've just found it in YouTube. How beautiful it is. Brought a tear to my eye and I have no Australian connections.

Chocolatelovinggran Sat 06-Aug-22 14:36:43

Thank you, posters, for introducing me to the song I am Australian; amazing 👏.
What a wonderful legacy, to be remembered with such affection by so many people.

Grannmarie Sat 06-Aug-22 14:37:37

Paddyann, thank you, what a wonderful version of All over the World. I've only ever heard the Francoise Hardy.

My Seekers ' party piece' is World of our Own, I remember singing that at my grandparents' Golden Wedding. The Seekers were much loved in our family.