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Busiest birthday month?

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Pantglas2 Sun 07-Aug-22 14:09:24

On Friday morning I spent time sorting out August birthday cards for posting/delivering to family and friends and was shocked that it was 12?

Given that I have some months with none (January February and July) that’s a whole third of the total cards I send annually, all in one month!

I made a joke on the GM thread about there being a lot of fun at pre Christmas parties over the years but seems in my neck of the woods I wasn’t far out?

Skydancer Sun 07-Aug-22 14:16:37

Need advice. Been with 2nd husband 25 years. The only time we fall out is because of my family. He says I’m at their beck and call and I do too much for them. But I want to and love their company. Today because I’m spending the afternoon with my DGS he’s sulking even though he has a big garden project to do. He isn’t really a family man and I often feel split. Truth is if I had to choose it’d be family first. I can’t imagine how I’d cope without him but he often makes me feel uncomfortable and uneasy because of his moods- always caused by the same thing. Such a shame as it spoils things. He is right that I bend over backwards for my family but they are my world. Not sure how to go forward.

Skydancer Sun 07-Aug-22 14:17:47

Sorry am I on the wrong post?

Esspee Sun 07-Aug-22 14:23:45

I was born late April. The traditional holiday in Glasgow is the Fair Fortnight - the last two weeks in July.
My mother, who was very prim, was mortified when the Maternity ward sister came round asking all the new mums where they had been for the Fair. ?

Witzend Sun 07-Aug-22 16:05:33

January and the first week of Feb are my busiest - 9 to remember to buy, write and post in time!

tanith Sun 07-Aug-22 17:05:36

Late June and July for me it’s relentless ?

Joy241 Sun 07-Aug-22 17:55:05

It is known that September is the busiest month in maternity units. It seems that Christmas and New Year are celebrated in ore ways than one ?

Grandmadinosaur Sun 07-Aug-22 19:33:10

I’m a September baby and I have a few friends and relatives birthdays that month. I agree it must have been all those parties ?
I also find when trying to book anywhere to celebrate its quite often already booked up so it must have been a busy time ?

Jaxjacky Sun 07-Aug-22 19:41:33

My busiest month is July, none in June/August/October/November or December

Oldnproud Sun 07-Aug-22 20:53:49

May and July are our busiest birthday months.

I can only think of one September birthday in the whole of my and DH's extended family!

Georgesgran Sun 07-Aug-22 21:42:17

I’ve a couple most months, but 4 in February, June and August. I often pick up a nice card when I see one, if it’s appropriate to a particular person, even if I have to hang into it for months.

Grannybags Sun 07-Aug-22 22:14:24

My busiest month is March.

June is the only one without any birthdays

JackyB Mon 08-Aug-22 08:44:15

All our family have/had birthdays in November. In DH's family it was June. I have never known anyone with birthdays in the height of summer -; it seems a strange time for a birthday to me!
Of course now I have daughters in law the birthdays are more spread about the year.

Arnoldormstrong Mon 08-Aug-22 08:47:02

November marks the birthdays of everyone in our family. It was June in DH's family. Summertime birthdays are unheard of in my experience; they seem like an odd time to celebrate!
Of course, now that I have in-law daughters, birthdays are spread out more evenly throughout the stars

MiniMoon Mon 08-Aug-22 11:25:03

We have lots of birthdays in October November December and January, including mine in December.
Only one in the Summer months.

Nandalot Mon 08-Aug-22 12:18:19

Ours are April/May. I always think birthday months seem to run in families.