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Dh just unearthed this - I thought it might amuse some of you!

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Witzend Mon 08-Aug-22 12:38:16

He’s going through a mass of old photos. It was taken decades ago, when we lived in Oman and passed the shop so many times on our way to the beach.

Eventually I remembered to take a photo of it and send it to Private Eye, for their ‘I-Spy’ spot, and they used it.

More than one fellow Brit later told me that they’d seen it in Private Eye and had often meant to do the same.

grannysyb Mon 08-Aug-22 12:49:02


Hellogirl1 Mon 08-Aug-22 12:51:47

LOL, reminds me of a supermarket we saw in Marmaris, Turkey, called the Ufuk Market, SIL took a photo, but he`s no longer on our family scene.

Jaxjacky Mon 08-Aug-22 12:59:09

Spray painting Witzend?

JackyB Mon 08-Aug-22 13:29:13


Spray painting Witzend?


Airbrushing, more like! grin

Visgir1 Mon 08-Aug-22 15:59:56

From our trip in Dubai 👍

Aveline Mon 08-Aug-22 16:04:05


Septimia Mon 08-Aug-22 17:48:25

We were told to drive onto the Harwich ferry, when departing Gothenburg, "backside first".

In a small Norwegian town we came across some spray polish (I think!) called "Hard Glans Plus".

And somewhere there's a photo of DH and DS with agonised faces standing by a roadside saying "Farthinder".

The joys of language differences!

MayBee70 Mon 08-Aug-22 17:55:35

My cousin lives in Middelfart in Denmark.

GrandmasueUK Mon 08-Aug-22 19:24:22

I used to see this church in Toronto, when I lived there. I never took a photo though, but I just found this one.

Aveline Mon 08-Aug-22 21:25:03

Shurely shome mishtake GrandmasueUK!

GrandmasueUK Mon 08-Aug-22 22:38:08


Shurely shome mishtake GrandmasueUK!

🤣👏 love it

Grantanow Wed 10-Aug-22 11:33:08

I recall a sign outside a shop in Egypt: 'Asda prices. No hassle! Hassle extra.'

Boolya Wed 10-Aug-22 11:49:18

Back in the 60s I saw a menu in York offering 'Steak and Kiddy Pie'. I wasn't tempted.

seadragon Wed 10-Aug-22 11:56:56

We recently had a delicious Egyptian dish called on the menu "Foul" at our new Egyptian run cafe here in Orkney(!):

grandMattie Wed 10-Aug-22 12:20:43

There used to be an sports shoe shop in France called “Athlete’s Foot”!
And in the Netherlands, I saw a little cafe called “Titty Twister” . Ouch!

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 12:31:04


MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 12:37:52

These too..

Nell8 Wed 10-Aug-22 12:48:27

I remember a small ad for puppies which said "Will eat anything. Very fond of children"

Tizliz Wed 10-Aug-22 12:55:58

My husband got upset when he thought he was offered steak and owl pie in a pub in Suffolk. It was only when he realised we were all laughing at him that it was steak and ale pie.

nanna8 Wed 10-Aug-22 12:59:45

On Norfolk Island April this year

Coconut Wed 10-Aug-22 13:01:02

Went to Chile before going to the Rio Carnival and this is the coach that greeted us at the airport ….. 🤣🤣🤣

Coconut Wed 10-Aug-22 13:02:34

Pic didn’t attach …

pce612 Wed 10-Aug-22 13:06:11

When I lived at home with my parents before I got married, we got a flyer through the door for Fidler and Leak roofing specialists.
I kept it but it disappeared in a house move.

TwinLolly Wed 10-Aug-22 13:34:12

Love these! ❤️ It has brightened up my day.