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Good Morning Tuesday 9th August 2022

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Michael12 Tue 09-Aug-22 05:54:53

Good Morning Everyone,
A clear blue sky is what I have woken up to this morning in brackley .
My plans for the day is to get the bus to Bicester around 9 , returning about 1130 , while the temperatures are reasonable as it seems to get hotter mid afternoon .
The only advantage with this heatwave , is the days are drawing in slowly .
Take Care,

grandMattie Tue 09-Aug-22 06:27:39

Good morning from yet another bright, dry day in E Kent. This is getting tiresome; how I long for some rain 🌧!
Ash, all the best to you and olddudders for your play, and its run.
I had an absolutely lovely morning with my friend at Walmer Castle. Despite the dry weather, the gardens were looking pretty good, nice cuppa and lots of chat. Quiet afternoon and evening.
She has a two year old GD and I have asked if I could make her a quilt. Perhaps doing that will tempt my mojo back.
Today, I have T’ai Chi and chats with my friends afterwards.

Greyduster Tue 09-Aug-22 06:39:30

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Going to be warm again today. GS is coming for an overnight. It seems to have become a regular thing now during the holidays and I’m happy to have him if he’s happy to come. I have a GP appointment this afternoon, but that shouldn’t take long. We will make a chicken pie for tea.
Enjoy your day, folks.

Beechnut Tue 09-Aug-22 06:39:44

Good morning everyone from sunny Severnside.

A good idea about the quilt Mattie. I lost my mojo for card making and only got it back when I started craft classes.

I had a successful outing yesterday, only buying the things I needed and had a nice surprise in Dunelm when on questioning my total spend at the till was told one of the items was reduced. £. I then called into the place I did a course at on the weekend to see if I had left my folder there as I couldn’t find it on getting home. Yes, still there in the place I had put it down. Can’t understand why I didn’t pick it up as I’d put my sunglasses on top and I picked them up.

Off to swimming this morning then taking it fairly easy as I did too much on the weekend.

Have a good day all 👒🌞🌸

Jaxjacky Tue 09-Aug-22 06:45:31

Good morning all from sun in S Hants. Like you grandMattie I yearn to wake up hearing rain, pleased you had a lovely day.
Hope last night went well Ashcombe and set the tone for performances ahead.
Yesterday was out and about in the morning, before as Mick says, it heats up, in the evening the watering cans are out. Friend round for coffee, then some washing today, it’s drying almost to a crisp!
Have a good day all 🦩🦩

dragonfly46 Tue 09-Aug-22 06:49:52

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

We are back from a lovely stay in Brighton seeing the DGC.
It was full on and we are now pretty tired but preparing for a trip to Holland on Thursday for a friend’s Golden Wedding.

Hoping everyone has a good day.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 09-Aug-22 06:54:08

Good morning all from East Yorkshire. Is is dry and feels a bit cooler. Thankfully I don’t think we will be getting the high temperatures forecast later in the week.

Today it is coffee morning and after that we are all going for lunch. With holidays etc we might not all be together for a few weeks. We’re going to an Italian. If you hear rowdy noise down the road from you Shazza it might be us 🤣

Take care everyone.

ginny Tue 09-Aug-22 06:58:22

Good morning everyone.
DD3 and family are home now from their holiday so we have youngest Grandson for a couple of hours this morning. Then he , his brother and DD will have a bit of lunch with us. It will be lovely to see them.
I shall pop down to the doctors to ask if someone can take a look at my hand as the hospital instructed. The swelling has gone down a little. It would be good to know what caused it.
Some art ‘homework this afternoon and this evening I am going with a couple of friends to a fashion show being put on by a neighbouring WI.

Wishing you all a good day and thoughts with all who are struggling in any way.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 09-Aug-22 06:58:27

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. The decorators are making their final visit this morning and will finish off the lounge. We have already asked them if they can come back in the new year and decorate one of the spare bedrooms. I will pop into our nearby town later and take books back to the library and do a Waitrose shop. I will also speak to a picture framer. My print arrived yesterday - the one I chose from the Summer Exhibition - and I would like it framed.

Pittcity Tue 09-Aug-22 07:21:06

Good morning from a misty Colchester. I wasn't expecting to see grey skies and distant mist when I opened the curtains. Still no rain in the forecast and 25° predicted, so it'll soon burn off.
Charity shop volunteering as it's Tuesday. It's lovely to sit at the till under the air conditioning.
Love to all 🦩 x

Nannagarra Tue 09-Aug-22 07:26:41

Good morning from sunny Sefton by the sea. Fortunately temperatures here are not too high plus we’re able to water our gardens.
Yesterday we were asked if the flooring people can come today, sooner than planned. The more immediate prospect of having gripperrods covered and the top of the dining table cleared of the few items 😉 I keep in the under stairs cupboard fills me with joy.
Last night’s news of Olivia Newton John, shared and discussed with a group of friends on WhatsApp, was sad and shocking. As Mattie advises, carpe diem. Today I plan to swim and go to Tai Chi. My Call the Midwives bicycle is winking at me too.
Have the best day possible everyone.

Sar53 Tue 09-Aug-22 07:27:33

Good morning from Essex by the sea, sunny again 😎.
My eldest granddaughter is 14 today, she is having a pampering day with her mum, whose birthday it was yesterday.
I lost a crown yesterday, broke off at the gumline, but have managed to get an appointment with my dentist for lunchtime. I'm really pleased as we go away tomorrow for a couple of days.
DH has a doctors appointment this afternoon for a worrying spot on his head that won't heal, fingers crossed it is OK.
I wish you all a pleasant Tuesday, much love xx

Marydoll Tue 09-Aug-22 07:43:04

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where its 16 °C.
Beechnut, I too lost my mojo for cardmaking, my lack of dexterity is now a problem, but I still have so many materials. Consequently I have donated my Cricut and Sizzix machines to a very delighted DIL.
However, after recently having to repair some broken jewellery, I have been inspired to start making jewellery again. I had forgotten how much making it, soothes my restless soul!

Today we are off to look for compost for my new pots and get rid of a number of charity shop items.
My foray into the depths of the porch cupboard resulted in only one jacket being disposed off. However, DH could not believe how tidy it was, when he put his clubs away. 😁
What I did find was a brand new, lemon coloured, fine wool coat from Zara, complete with tags. 😚
I had bought it just before I started sheilding and of course that and illness meant I never got to wear it.
It is too loose under the armpits, so yesterday, I prepared it for the alterations. 🤞
I thought asking his lordship to visit TKMAXX today was a step too far, (Quote: We are not out for long.) but I have persuaded Mr MDoll that a visit to Home Bargains is essential. 🤣

Sending prayers and hugs to all, who are struggling and good luck for any upcoming appointments.
*Sar I broke mine at the gum line, months ago. The new one was due to be fitted on the day of my endoscopy, so I'm still toothless. Thank goodness it is at the back!

Enjoy your day folks.

Grandmabatty Tue 09-Aug-22 07:45:51

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 15° and cloudy. I'm not sure how the weather will go.
My quiet day yesterday evaporated. Dd asked if I would have the boys for a few hours to let her get on with cleaning. Of course I said yes. Within half an hour my house was upside down and the sounds of a toddler and a baby reverberated. Dgs1 never stops moving or talking. I was exhausted by the time dd came for them. Then she stayed another two hours! I enjoyed it really. I'm lucky to have them so close by.
Today I have a dentist's appointment. It's been a long wait as my dentist was slow to open up again. After that, a quiet day for certain. I want to tidy up the garden. Chicken curry for dinner. Have a good day all.

harrigran Tue 09-Aug-22 07:50:17

Good morning from a sunny NE 🌞
I spent yesterday washing, everything dried so quickly on the washing line. Waited until it was a little cooler to do the ironing.
Had to water all the patio pots, the tiny bit of rain we had did not soak the soil.
Hairdresser coming this morning and then I will just have an easy day as it is going to be very warm.

Gingster Tue 09-Aug-22 07:50:45

Good morning all and yes it’s a bit hazy here in Essex.

Yesterday mornings Chimes group was fun . We sat in the garden in the shade next to the pond with tinkling running water. Bliss!
I could have stayed there all day.

Today I will go to DD’s this morning. She’s not very well at all, so I will do anything that’s necessary. Little gd is off to summer camp for the day, so Dd will be able to rest.

This afternoon I have my Bridge Club.

Ash - good luck with the show.🎭.
Sar - I hope your crown gets fixed.🤞.

I hope everyone has a ‘good’ day. 🌻

Kalu Tue 09-Aug-22 07:59:02

Good morning all from a cloudy start in Glasgow, similar start yesterday which became a perfect sunny day spent mostly pottering about in the garden in shorts and Tshirt. Looking forward to a visit from DD1 and the girls today as it is eldest GD’s 17th birthday. We bought her a block of driving lessons the first of which will be at 9.00am on Thursday! Good luck to DD getting her out of bed before noon and awake for her first lesson!😂. When did driving lessons become so expensive??
And, the sun has now arrived, another sunny day in the garden - bliss. I have placed a comfy chair in the shade hoping to entice DH to spend some time outside in the fresh air. 🤞

Hoping all find some enjoyment today.

cornergran Tue 09-Aug-22 08:06:13

Morning Mick, morning All from a sunny corner of Somerset

The plumber took up all morning yesterday, sadly the cause of the leak remains a mystery. Two washer loads dry I ironed in the evening, not too hot then. Mr C was a star, we now have a sparkling clean oven. Off for an early-ish walk along the beach before it gets too busy. Not sure what else. Suspect not much, another missing mojo here. I am very preoccupied with my friend who is deteriorating rapidly in hospital.

Hope all your endeavours go to plan today and Tuesday is kind to us all.

MawtheMerrier Tue 09-Aug-22 08:10:19

Good morning all from deep snow in N Bucks.
Only kidding! Clear blue sky of course and the Dyson fan earning its keep already.
Out at book club barbecue lunch today (quite safe, gas barbecue in a walled garden, nothing to catch fire) Glad to be eating out as dishwasher has packed up sad
It’s not pumping out and I am hoping it is “just” a blockage and also that “the man” is still in business and not away on holiday.
I don’t actually have a washing up bowl and the drying rack is a bit manky so I may replace those while I am waiting.
Ah well, at least it’s not the washing machine and with just me I can manage easily enough.
I hope those who need to can keep cool and those who need sunshine get some. We ought to organise an exchange north -south and vice versa. The thought of eg 15 degrees in Polmont is very attractive!
Wishing you all a pleasant day 😎

ShazzaKanazza Tue 09-Aug-22 08:18:07

Good morning everyone from a sunny Hull. The days are hot but as we found last night the nights come cool as we sat under a blanket watching the bats. Certainly a lot more comfortable to sleep.

Grandmadinosaur enjoy your Italian lunch. We will really have to go with you and your DH.

Sar hope your DGD enjoys her birthday pamper with her Mum.

Marydoll I’ll send up my DH to take you shopping to Home Bargains he loves the place.

Ash hope opening night of the play went well.

Today it’s my visit to uncle and to take his shopping and put it away for him. He asked me husband yesterday if he could call me darling so I seem to be flavour of the month at the moment.
I’m picking my mum up from her caravan and bringing her home for the next fortnight. She’s enjoyed being there watching the games.
Have a lovely day everyone and thoughts to those suffering illness and stress. 🌻

BlueSapphire Tue 09-Aug-22 08:23:21

Good morning everyone from another bright and sunny day in Northampton

Yesterday morning I fear I let #lazygran down as I had a sudden rush of blood to the head and did some unplanned housework...... Put the towels in the washing machine, vacuumed upstairs, flicked the feather duster around to remove the (many) cobwebs. Then decided to clear and re-organise some kitchen glass and china cupboards, as I had bought some new matching mugs and had nowhere to put them. Ended up with a box of stuff for the charity shop, and several items ended up in the bin as they were too worn looking for charity and couldn't go in the recycling. My previous best set of mugs have been downgraded to everyday use, and my lovely new ones now sit proudly in their place.

After that it was coffee time, shower and dress, then lunch. Spent the whole afternoon reading in the garden and finished my book, but was shocked and surprised at the ending, so disappointed with it. Have chosen a new much lighter book to start today.

Tried on the shorts I am planning to take on my cruise and decided the waist buttons could do with moving (for comfort of course), so spent half an hour on that after lunch.

Some washing to put in this morning and tidy the kitchen.

Have a pleasant Tuesday everyone.

Urmstongran Tue 09-Aug-22 08:25:08

Here’s Matt! We’ve missed him.

Bugger, I just lost my succinct (ha!) post in the ether. x

Urmstongran Tue 09-Aug-22 08:26:16

Oops. Cos I’d already included it in the one that went AWOL I forgot to include it again.

baubles Tue 09-Aug-22 08:41:49

Good morning all from sunny South Lanarkshire. It’s so good to feel the warmth of the sun.

Second born GD’s 10th birthday today so I’ll make a few cupcakes to take over this afternoon. Their house is a building site at the moment so we’ll be sitting amongst the scaffolding.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

Urmstongran Tue 09-Aug-22 08:50:48

Try again.

Good morning everyone from Malaga where we have a misty start and irs quite humid after a thunderstorm at 6am. However I closed the curtains to block out the sun and we slept on until 9am! Unheard of. It was the hours of pool play yesterday wot cream crackered us!

Cesar is cutting the grass, it smells lovely. It’s very green.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday yay! That means LWW for me at 2pm after my wash and blow at the salon downstairs. I’m so looking forward to a (long) afternoon with my friends who live out here. I’ve really missed them!

And Himself is going to watch the Rangers game in the bar up in Bonanza with his Glasgow mates - they even provided him with a shirt on Saturday ha!

So an ebbing and flowing day family-wise. I know the little family are planning a taxi down to the marina to eat and L’il Miss would like a ‘holiday braid’. She’s already decided on purple - mum only lets her have the one but it does look pretty. She had her first one in Ibiza in June so it’s set a holiday trend now I think!