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Some good NHS news

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Aveline Tue 09-Aug-22 19:53:40

I was amazed to read on the BBC news website that NHS England had cut the backlog of operations from 22,500 down to less than 200. That's an amazing feat for those dedicated surgeons and nurses. I don't know how they've done it in such a short time. Well done.sunshine

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 09-Aug-22 19:55:10

It will be interesting to read how they did it.

Blossoming Tue 09-Aug-22 20:04:58

It isn’t a reduction in the backlog of operations, it is a reduction in the number of patients who have been waiting for 2+ years for routine surgery. It doesn’t include complex cases .

Here is a link to the item on the BBC website.

Knittynatter Tue 09-Aug-22 20:11:59

I haven’t seen the report - do you have a link please?
They write to people to ask if they still want the operation and, if they do, they have to contact the department to confirm they do and want to stay on the list. Then they suggest going privately will beat the queue. Also consider the number of people who will have passed away - of any cause - while waiting. Additionally there are ways of deciding an operation is no longer necessary and they will offer alternative care.
Statistics are curious things that can be manipulated to say whatever you want them to say. The list doesn’t actually confirm that everyone waiting has had their treatment.
I love the nhs but they definitely need more on the ground workers and less ‘directors’

Knittynatter Tue 09-Aug-22 20:13:24

Cross post with Blossoming! Thanks for the link and explanation!!

Aveline Tue 09-Aug-22 20:15:04

It's still good news!

SueDonim Tue 09-Aug-22 21:13:14

I’ve been waiting two years and five months for an operation and still no sign of a date. That’s in Scotland.

I was called by the hospital this morning to ask if I still wanted an op. Er yes - my condition is considerably worse that it was in March 2020.

focused1 Tue 09-Aug-22 21:20:40

I have only been waiting 11 months for emergency surgery.

Aveline Wed 10-Aug-22 06:48:26

Good luck SueDonim. Hope you have your op soon.

FlexibleFriend Wed 10-Aug-22 08:35:37

I've been waiting a lot longer than 2 years for tkr and they know I want and need it done urgently. I don't believe they've got the figures down to anywhere near what they claim. I think someone has fiddled the figures.

Maggiemaybe Wed 10-Aug-22 09:05:20

I agree, Aveline, it’s very good news.

I know someone who was offered surgery (plus travel costs) for a long overdue operation in an area well away from their own, and two others who’ve been waiting a long time who were treated recently under the NHS in private clinics. I also noticed that a mobile scanner unit had popped up in a hospital car park recently as I cut through.

They really are trying, and deserve recognition for it.

Oldnproud Wed 10-Aug-22 09:09:19

On the face of it, yes. I hope it is as it seems.

However, being sceptical by nature, I cant help suspecting that a significant number of people might have been either removed from the list altogether , or dubious ways found to 'lower' their apparent waiting time in some way.

I will be extremely happy to have my doubts proved wrong. smile