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MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 13:37:17

I need some help, please.

My to do list is going to include, probably, vertical blinds. (Not everyone's choice, I know)

My living room is starting to look quite dingy; the wood furniture has become dark, and the colours are quite rich.

So, any suggestions of a colour for the blinds?

I had thought of just white, with white flimsy sort of curtains, too, but I'm worried they may show every mark that they'll inevitably get.

Now I'm thinking of a bamboo type, woody looking colour.

Then I could (but don't want to) whitewash the furniture.

Any suggestions?

VB000 Wed 10-Aug-22 13:42:31

Hillarys do a faux wood option on slatted (horizontal blinds) which are easy to wipe clean, and come in lots of colours... Got some for the kitchen - other brands would probably have come in cheaper, even with the discount I got (I realised too late!)

They look great in white - I prefer them to vertical as (sorry if this upsets anyone) they remind me of offices or prison bars!

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 13:44:44

Oh no that doesnt upset me.
The thing with horizontal, is that I'm worried about dust.

This flat is really, really dusty, so I don't want to make myself an extra dusting job.

icanhandthemback Wed 10-Aug-22 13:54:41

I have vertical blinds n various colours. I just went online and ordered them. I have some lovely red ones, some blackout silver grey ones, some faux suede purple ones and some bright pink ones which don't have those annoying cords along the bottom but have the weights sewn in.

I wouldn't have horizontal ones because of the dust. The other thing with vertical blinds is you can change the colour of the slats with ease if you change your mind. I rather like that as I could make a feature of them later if I wanted to.

Sometimes it is worth thinking about which quality is the most important to you: thermal, blackout, waterproof, etc. That will often limit the colours you can choose.

Farzanah Wed 10-Aug-22 14:03:31

I prefer blinds to curtains any day and particularly like plantation shutters (am saving up for some). Vertical blinds remind me of dentists and offices. I have wooden painted pale green horizontal.
I’m sure curtains are far dustier, you just can’t see it 😀

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 14:16:42

That is another question.
Blackout, or not?
I do get full sun in my huge living room window for most of the day - its unbearable.

Baggytrazzas Wed 10-Aug-22 14:24:02

Hi, you may not need to go for full black out, "dimming" might work for you, and might be more economical. Dimming colours usually involve grey somewhere in the blind but could be within 2 other layers so unseen.

If your window is big and draughty or just cold, you might want to consider " thermal".

You could ask someone to bring some samples and hold them up for you so you can see for yourself in the room.

enjoy choosing, its nice getting new things.

VB000 Wed 10-Aug-22 14:32:15


Oh no that doesnt upset me.
The thing with horizontal, is that I'm worried about dust.

This flat is really, really dusty, so I don't want to make myself an extra dusting job.

The ones I have are flat when closed, so easy to just wipe over. The faux wood ones were recommended for a kitchen, as they're so easy to keep clean.

Definitely a good idea to get samples to see how they look in your room!

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 14:34:00

I find it stressful. blush
I have been putting it off for 33 years, now, though.
My windows are drafty and ugly, and the living room one is over 7ft wide.

I really like the zebra blinds, but I know the windows are "on the wonk" as we say here.

Auntieflo Wed 10-Aug-22 14:38:50

We changed our cream vertical blinds last year, to silvery grey, blackout ones. They have been a boon in this hot weather. Keeping them, and the curtains closed when the sun comes round, has managed to keep the rooms a reasonable temperature.
We used a local company and they were great.

Auntieflo Wed 10-Aug-22 14:40:11

MissA, our lounge and DH study are both 7 ft wide or more.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 14:44:06

Thank you.
I have actually been in someone's house who has black/dark grey blinds (vertical) and I was surprised at how much they just blend in, and are almost unnoticeable.
Just as well, because I really wouldn't choose grey or black.

Although, my sofa is black... so...

Maria59 Wed 10-Aug-22 14:47:56

I have horizontal micro blinds and just hoover them with the brush attachment once a week to tackle the dust

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 14:49:26

Ah, are they good for dimming, Maria?

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 14:52:44

Also, I haven't heard much good about Hillary's after sales services.
I have a local firm in mind, and I do want them properly fitted, so I won't spend the next 20 years being careful about all the little flaws in the fit.

Sago Wed 10-Aug-22 15:31:14

We have these, they fit into the window and filter the light.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 15:36:52

They look lovely.
They would also be ideal at blocking out different sections of window as needed.
I'm worried my frames will fall apart, a bit, though.

They do look really good, and would hide the ugly frames, too.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 15:39:11

It would be lovely if I could have your windows and views, sago. smile
They are just perfect.

Baggytrazzas Wed 10-Aug-22 15:56:50


We have these, they fit into the window and filter the light.

That looks beautiful, cosy and comfortable Sago.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 16:00:53

It does, doesn't it?
I have one massive window, then two small side windows - nowhere near as elegant.
I'm feeling all peeved now!

Sago Wed 10-Aug-22 16:42:32

A local company came and measured up then fitted them, I think they’re called “ Perfect Fit”.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 17:00:17

Yes, I've looked at them often (because you can "easily" fit them yourself, apparently)

I must resist the urge to think I can do that, because if I mess up, I'll be stuck with the consequences.

Baggytrazzas Wed 10-Aug-22 17:08:47

I don't think I've quite grown into " elegance", yet, in any form. Still, I can live in hope!

If it were me, then yes my instinct would be DIY which I used to be really good at, but then remembering my current limitations, get someone in to do the job and sit back and enjoy it.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 17:12:18

That's the plan.
I dread to think how much I've wasted on diy options, especially because it would mean me holding the weight of the blind, and the span.
Then when I stand on a ladder I'm too fat to get close to the screws.blush

Baggytrazzas Wed 10-Aug-22 17:16:11