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Good Morning Thursday 11th August 2022

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Michael12 Thu 11-Aug-22 05:49:52

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a clear sky and another warm day , today I plan to stay in with the heat .
And once the weather has cooled down then consider going on the bus .
Take Care

Pantglas2 Thu 11-Aug-22 06:00:30

Bore da Mick from lovely north Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 where another glorious day is promised - gosh this weather is as good as we get in Spain ☀️ Hope it lasts 🤞until we go back to mi Casa next week!

Well our lovely visitors departed yesterday after a very busy couple of days trotting to the castle, the beach, the waterfalls and the gin distillery…🍸😋 and of course I fed them to the gunnels 🤣. Will meet up with them again in Spain at the end of this month for more merriment 🍹

Hope everyone enjoyed their seaside adventures and thanks for the 🍦 mapleleaf 😉

BlueBalou Thu 11-Aug-22 06:40:59

Good morning, off for DDog walk in a minute then I plan to sort out the kitchen which is a mess (thank you DH 🙄) and maybe do some baking.
Have a lovely day everyone x

Greyduster Thu 11-Aug-22 06:43:36

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Going to be another hot one in South Yorkshire. I am currently at DDs house and will probably stay until midday then do some shopping and go home, calling in on my niece on the way. Other than that, no plans for the day. Have a good one whatever you are doing!

grandMattie Thu 11-Aug-22 06:56:29

Good morning from a hot E Kent. It’s 20C already. I shall be very grumpy today☹️
Had an odd night. But I did have a new trick if frozen (hot) water bottle; it was perfect and stayed very cold until I got up.
I’m visiting my old friend in the nursing home. She is very emotionally needy, has very little conversation these days and wears me out with lessons about widowhood and grieving. Her husband was 20 years older than her, and died 35 years ago, leaving her a 53 year old widow. Things have changed, everyone is different…. I find it all very trying but since I’m the only person visiting her, I can’t just drop her, can I?
Afterwards, I’m having lunch with friends from our old church in the same village. I don’t know them very well but they are kind and sweet and it’ll be one meal not in my own.
Hope all goes well today for the poorly, sad, anxious as well as for everyone else. Plod on, dear friends. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Grandmadinosaur Thu 11-Aug-22 06:57:59

Good morning all from East Yorkshire. It is 13 degrees and Alexa woke us up saying there was fog but would be sunny later. I peeped out the window to find a little fog not a lot.
Yesterday I went to the post office and on my way home decided to take advantage of the air conditioning in Costa for an iced latte. Who was in there but DIL and GC. A nice surprise. GS wanted to visit so I had him after lunch. We walked up to the foreshore where he had a lovely time. We had ice creams, he went in the play area and as we were passing the Humber Rescue building he spotted the huge tractor used to pull out the vehicles. The gentleman there invited us in to look around at the boats. GS loved that. DH had been in a Zoom meeting and I was relieved to receive a text saying he was finished and did I want him to drive up and pick us up. Oh yes please! #shatteredgran

Today I’m going to the market not far away from us. DH will pick me up from there and we are doing a small shop on the way home. We are away next week ( I’ll keep my eye on things there for you pantglas ) so don’t need a lot.

Take care everyone.

Pittcity Thu 11-Aug-22 07:12:58

Good morning from sunny Colchester where it's 17° and due to reach 30 for 5 days in a row. Rain is forecast for Monday to break the heat.
I am off to Aldi early to get some basics then pottering to keep cool.
I've plenty of laundry that will dry in no time.
Love to all 🦩 x

dragonfly46 Thu 11-Aug-22 07:13:24

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Setting off for our trip to Holland today.
We will catch the night boat with the car.
It will be lovely to catch up with friends and attend a very good friends Golden Wedding.
We will have air on in the hotel!
Hoping every one has a good day.

Ashcombe Thu 11-Aug-22 07:13:40

Good morning, all, from a sunny (again!) Torbay.

I’m glad you have reasons to go out, grandMattie, especially when the chance of shared dining is available. It's kind of you to continue with visiting the friend in a nursing home and I hope having the lunch engagement to follow will help you through it.

Our best performance so far happened last night, mainly because of the warm response of the audience who laughed and applauded very readily. When I mingle (in character) beforehand, I can tell from the buzz in the bar if we can expect a good reception.

Enjoy whatever your day brings! 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

dragonfly46 Thu 11-Aug-22 07:13:53


Grandmabatty Thu 11-Aug-22 07:14:18

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 12° and the sun is splitting the sky. Another beautiful day. It's very rare for us, so it's nice to see. There's to be lots of rain next week.
Yesterday was a good day. Mum was cheerier. We are going out for her birthday lunch on Sunday so she had nice things to say about that. Then I was at a friend's house for lunch. They have a beautiful place and the views are amazing, right across to the Forth Bridges. There were five of us and we blethered until half past four!
Today I will stay home and potter. I'm looking forward to that. Ham salad for dinner. Have a good day all

Ashcombe Thu 11-Aug-22 07:20:11

Safe journey, dragonfly46, to the land of windmills and dykes! 🚢 💕🥂🍾

ShazzaKanazza Thu 11-Aug-22 07:27:15

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Hull. Tired this morning as I’ve not slept great it was too warm. DH slept downstairs where it was cooler.

Today I’m having lunch with my daughter and her best friend who is visiting her from Romford. I will get my baby B cuddles.
Later I have a hair appointment for my colour. DH will drop me off and I will walk to meet him later in a bar and restaurant after all I can’t waste a new hair do can I.

I had better get up and wake DH. Our son stayed again last night and I want to make him a sausage sandwich to take to work.
Have a good day if you can. Try to keep cool and thoughts to those who are struggling.🌻🌻

Jaxjacky Thu 11-Aug-22 07:27:24

Good morning all from S Hants, 18 already, it’s relentless. Dentist yesterday, which is always a challenge for me, with great support from GN friends I’ve started a course of treatment long overdue.
Today I’m on the volunteer phone, boiler is being serviced and a friend is calling in for coffee, that’ll do me.
Have a lovely holiday dragonfly should be a calm crossing.
Enjoy today all 🦩🦩

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 11-Aug-22 07:36:02

Morning all from West Oxfordshire where it promises to be scorchio! OH and I are going to Oxford today. Lunch first and then we need a new curtain rail for the lounge, curtain hooks and lampshades. I really don’t want to be outside in the heat so we’ll park in the centre of Oxford rather than park and ride. Im looking forward to going into air conditioned shops!

brook2704 Thu 11-Aug-22 07:53:14

Good morning everyone from a very sunny and warm Inverness with a high of 24º forecast for later
I’ve nothing planned today except making the most of the lovely weather so I’ll be doing a quick clean and tidy up and then just pottering in the garden.
Safe journey dragonfly and everyone else travelling today and if you’re meeting friends or family enjoy the special time together
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

BlueSapphire Thu 11-Aug-22 07:59:18

Good morning everyone from yet another bright and sunny day in Northampton, day 6 of my self-imposed isolation before my cruise next week. Hope it will all be worth it. I have fallen into a routine of pottering round the house in the morning, catching up on a few overdue tasks, then an afternoon spent in the shade in the garden with book, drink and radio. Luckily my shady spot usually has the benefit of whatever breeze there is and is quite bearable until the sun moves round at about 5pm. Then I do the watering and replenish the birdbaths.

Have got a new dress to try on after my shower this morning; noticed last week that one of my favourite shops had a sale on and it was too good to miss! I can buy this particular style of dress in my size straight off the rail and know that it will fit me; I now have 5 or 6 of them in different fabrics!

A Sainsbury's delivery late morning to break up the day; they didn't have the bread I'd ordered but luckily some is in the freezer. While I'm away I will I do an online order for delivery the day after I get home.

Hope we all manage to find some relief from the heat and have a pleasant Thursday.

ShazzaKanazza Thu 11-Aug-22 08:09:59

Safe journey to Holland Dragonfly and enjoy your friends Golden Wedding.

Marydoll Thu 11-Aug-22 08:10:41

Good morning all from a very sunny Glasgow.

Yesterday was was the most wonderful of days, mainly due to the company of Dollie.
The sun was shining and Prestwick was quite quiet. It take us some time to get there. Many of the roads here are closed for maintenance work, but I had assured DH, that the back road, near Dollie's home, down to the coast was open again. It was, but had the longest single lane, with traffic lights I have ever seen, so long that the workman at either had to use radios to control it.
We set on our merry way to find the main road at Irvine closed! Fortunately we used to live down there, so DH knew all the minor roads. It added twenty minutes on to our journey!

We scooted, had a lovely lunch (I was amazed at how much tiny Dollie ate!), built sandcastles, paddled in the sea ( bliss, apart from a dizzy spell, I had) and finished off with ice cream. A perfect day.
No shopping allowed (all those lovely boutiques 😔), apart from my usual one, where unsurprisingly, I managed to spend my saved points.😉
On the sale rail, I spotted a Made in Italy dress, which I had seen at the beginning of the season, but hadn't yet been priced, so was unable to buy it..
It was reduced to £15, I couldn't believe my luck!

The journey home was not so enjoyable. We took the M77, due to the road works. I persuade DH to come off the motorway and go onto the A77, to take the country roads. He was reluctant ( a creature of habit) , but agreed.
Big mistake! Kalu will be able to visualise this. We got to the Dams road, to find it was closed, with no room to do a u turn, due to the traffic behind it.
I suggested that we take the country road to the left, to find a turning point. Eight miles later, we still hadn't found one! DH, of course, didn't have the sat nav on , because there was no need for it. Another big mistake!
It was hairy to say, the least. The last straw was when DH met a lorry on a tight bend,I thought we were going to end up in the adjacent field.
Forgetting Dollie was in the car, he uttered an expletive! He was mortified, as he doesn't usually swear. *Dollie's first words to her mum, ^Mummy, papa said a bad word! 😚

I had sent our live location to DIL so that she would know where were were. She started to worry, when we were moving further away from home, so I switched it off and only started a new one, when I knew we were back on track!
DS, then started contributing to the WhatsApp chat, with suggestions! Papa was not amused!
We did arrive home safely, only forty minutes later than planned!
An added bonus, I saw parts or North Ayrshire, East Ayrshhire and East Renfrewshire, I didn't even know existed! (and never want to see again) 😁

Today, we plan to shampoo the carpets. Well, DH will shampoo, I as management, will nag supervise!
We had planned to do it months ago, but then the home invaders arrived, so we decided to wait until they eventually left.

Safe journey, Dragonfly, I hope you have a great time. Good friends are a treasure.
Hugs and prayers for all, who need them and enjoy your day, whatever your plans. I shall be doing nothing, I'm whacked!

PS. I always advise not posting pictures of grandchildren on GN, but this one of Dollie and I is a faraway shot and I do have permission!

Georgesgran Thu 11-Aug-22 08:16:29

Good morning from Durham on what promises to be another hot day. However, I was up early to let the old dog out and it was beautifully cool. Today I am taking him and picking up the young dog for their grooming appointments. They are both ready for it and suffering with the heat. It won’t help that the air con in my car has packed in - needs re-gassing? DD2 has an appointment at Hospital for her little one who has skin problems. She’s waited so long that it’s much better, but she has plenty of pics of it at its worst - poor little baby, he must be in so much discomfort.
I’ll have both dogs here overnight, so it’ll be a late walk just before dark - last night the moon was full, orange and huge.

Enjoy what your day has to offer.

Urmstongran Thu 11-Aug-22 08:21:55

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester - oops I mean Malaga! When I chatted to my stepfather yesterday it appears we are having very similar weather 😎 but dipping into a pool is an option here!

More of the same today. The Boy Wonder is becoming quite proficient playing pool with his dad - there a pool table at the garden bar and L’il Miss has made a friend of the same age - sweet watching them hold hands to jump in the pool together for a splash about.

Mum & dad fancy a stroll up to the Carrefour before it gets to hot this morning so I’d best wriggle into my costume ready to mind the children in the gardens!

ginny Thu 11-Aug-22 08:23:59

Another sunny Good Morning from N. Bucks.
A morning of household jobs for me and maybe a visit to Costco this afternoon. On line drawing class this evening .
Thoughts with all who are poorly or sad for any reason.Hope today is good to you.

kittylester Thu 11-Aug-22 08:30:55

Good morning from a sunny North Leicestershire.

We are taking DGD2 clothes shopping for her birthday - only 6 months late, It is DD1's 21 wedding anniversary and my closest friends 78th birthday as well.

And we have a Sainsbury's shop later.

merlotgran Thu 11-Aug-22 08:31:59

Good morning everyone from a sunny south coast. I’m off to the beach today so running through my check list of necessities. I’m a long way from my teens when I just grabbed a towel and a can of Coke!! Where do the years go?

Hope everyone has a good day and manages to keep cool.

Anniebach Thu 11-Aug-22 08:37:41

Good morning Auntyflo and all x