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What comics did you read as a child?

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Blossoming Thu 11-Aug-22 22:54:24

Following on from some comments in the ‘Common’ thread, what did you read and enjoy?

As a large family of boys and girls we had a mixture. The Beano (probably everyone’s favourite), Beezer, Topper, Eagle and Rover. Our cousins who lived nearby had Bunty and Dandy so we could read those too. Later on we had ‘Look and Learn’ and I started reading Jackie as a teenager.

LauraNorderr Thu 11-Aug-22 22:59:30

My mother didn’t allow comics, but our cousins had Bunty, Dandy and Beano and I’d avidly devour them at every visit. As soon as our boys began to read I always bought them comics, most of their general knowledge came from the Beano, so many great facts were hidden in those pages.

Grannmarie Thu 11-Aug-22 23:07:37

My brothers had Beano and Dandy, my wee sister had Twinkle, I had Diana, occasionally Bunty and Judy, and then Jackie. I loved the free gifts. All D.C.Thomson, I think?

SpringyChicken Thu 11-Aug-22 23:09:55

I read a comic with Harold Hare and Tiny Mole, can't remember its name though.

Elizabeth27 Thu 11-Aug-22 23:17:39

My sister had Bunty and I had Mandy later on it was Jackie.

Deedaa Thu 11-Aug-22 23:18:04

I started off with Robin and then moved on to Swift and later to Girl. Topper started when I was about 10 and was really good. with all sorts of interesting stuff on the centre pages. I sometimes bought Schoolfriend but it wasn't as good as Girl. When I was about 7 or 8 I loved the Roy Rogers comic as well.

maddyone Thu 11-Aug-22 23:25:45

Jackie and Bunty.

Shinamae Thu 11-Aug-22 23:32:34

If I remember rightly on Monday we had the Beezer abd the dandy and on Wednesday we had the topper and the Beano..

travelsafar Thu 11-Aug-22 23:41:12

I had Bu ty every week and loved the back page with the cut out doll and clothes. My cousins who were older had Jackie and they kept them to pass on to me.

SueDonim Thu 11-Aug-22 23:48:33

We had Look and Learn and I think my brother had Harold Hare. Later I had Bunty and he had The Eagle. I think Beano or Dandy was in there somewhere, too.

I loved the Bunty annual and the Bunty summer specials. smile

Chestnut Thu 11-Aug-22 23:51:57

I distinctly remember getting the very first issue of Judy in 1960 which I thought was a wonderfully exciting event, especially as they were giving away a little flowery plastic bracelet.

grannydarkhair Fri 12-Aug-22 02:35:40

I had the the Bunty, Judy, Diana, Jackie when I was a bit older. But my favourite was the Hotspur, Mum never cancelled it when my older brother left home to join the RAF. Both my g’dad and I enjoyed reading it, in my case it was because I thought the stories were much more exciting than the ones in the girly comics.

Shirleyw Fri 12-Aug-22 04:48:05

Topper and Bunty….I loved Beryl the Peril, also had her annuals .

MrsKen33 Fri 12-Aug-22 05:24:43

School Friend and Girl. Loved it when they plopped through the letter box with the papers

Whitewavemark2 Fri 12-Aug-22 06:10:26

Chicks Own


Had annuals every Christmas

Sara1954 Fri 12-Aug-22 06:32:07

I’m pretty sure I used to have one called Playhour, but could be wrong, a very long time ago, but there was Nurse Susan and Doctor David, Walter Hottlebottle and lots of things to colour.
I also had one called Diana, and I think one called Tammy, like most women of my time, ended up with Jackie.

Calendargirl Fri 12-Aug-22 06:44:24

I had Bunty, my sister had Judy. still got all my Bunty annuals, very well thumbed and tatty, but I only have to glance at the stories and can remember them so well.

Think the comic was 4d in old money.

Golddustwoman Fri 12-Aug-22 06:45:06

Princess Tina was my fave

Ashcombe Fri 12-Aug-22 06:47:25

I had Bunty every week and loved the back page with the cut out doll and clothes

Me, too, travelsafar. I used to make other clothes for them. I’m sure this interest was due to my own very limited range of clothes when growing up in the Fifties.

Jaylou Fri 12-Aug-22 06:48:48

The ones I had that I remember were June & School Friend, Mirabelle & Jackie

Beechnut Fri 12-Aug-22 06:56:27

We had Playhour, then Princess (was that the one who had stories of a girl who was very good at swimming ??) then ended up with Jackie.

Sara1954 Fri 12-Aug-22 07:59:47

I don’t know which one it was, but there was a story I think called Tenderfoot, he was a young Indian Brave and had to complete about a dozen tasks, but he had been poisoned so was too weak, and his sister did them for him.
I absolutely loved it.

GrannySomerset Fri 12-Aug-22 09:02:57

Had the Children’s Newspaper until I made so much fuss that I was allowed School Friend instead. Can still remember reading it as I walked to school on Tuesday mornings (think it was Tuesday but someone may know better).

boheminan Fri 12-Aug-22 09:29:49

'Sunny Stories' and my big brother had the Eagle.

fourormore Fri 12-Aug-22 10:28:07

I was just about to ask if I had dreamed 'Sunny Stories' boheminan and then you posted! I remember that so clearly as it was a small sized comic - about A5 in today's language?
Strange how memories flood back - I remember staying overnight at my Nan's house and she came in to check if I was asleep - I was flat on my back, rigid as a pole pretending to be asleep! Of course she pulled the bedclothes back to find me clutching Sunny Stories!!! She was a darling Nan - all we did was laugh as there was no way I could fool her and my Mum never ever knew!!! gringringrin