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Big brother?

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Daisymae Fri 12-Aug-22 09:52:44

We have a slow dripping tap in the garden. I collect the water and use it to water pots etc. I've had someone look at and it's better but not 100 percent but I can stop it by turning the lot off. We don't have a smart meter but the water company have written about the leak. Can't help but wonder how they know how much is being used and when? No chance of filling a swimming pool or watering the lawn without them knowing! Not that I would do either of those but I guess that this is the future 👁️.

SpringyChicken Fri 12-Aug-22 10:33:29

We had no idea we had a slow leak in the kitchen but it is fixed now. The plumber assured us it would have been a miniscule leak, a pinprick in the copper pipe which the previous owners had set in concrete. It was discovered around the time our water meter was read.

So yesterday, six months on, the next water bill arrived and usage has dropped from 40 to 27 cubic metres and our direct debit has reduced by £10 per month!

Elizabeth27 Fri 12-Aug-22 10:57:10

I was phoned by the water company who said I had a leak, it was due to some building work I was having done.

I assume it shows up as excess water being used. Cannabis farms are sometimes detected this way also, I assume it flags up as more water being used than usual and being used continually.

Daisymae Fri 12-Aug-22 19:26:22

Just wondering how they know without a smart meter.

Chewbacca Fri 12-Aug-22 19:59:28

My water meter must be a smart meter because I never have to provide a reading but the quarterly bills are all accurate.