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Freya the walrus has been euthanised

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Razzamatazz Sun 14-Aug-22 17:00:21

Daily Mail, today. She was in Northumberland for a while, and I followed her progress to Norway.

Why are there so many stupid humans always trying to interfere with wildlife, the wildlife always suffers.

"Norway's beloved Freya the walrus has been put down because she posed 'a continued threat to human safety', officials have confirmed.

Freya won the public's hearts basking in the sun of the Oslo fjord, climbing into boats and getting up-close with tourists.

But despite repeated appeals to the public to keep their distance from Freya - a young female weighing 1,300 pounds - the mammal continued to attract big crowds.

Walruses rarely attack humans, but are certainly strong enough to pose a danger.

Fisheries director Frank Bakke-Jensen said: 'Through on-site observations the past week it was made clear that the public has disregarded the current recommendation to keep a clear distance to the walrus. "

Esspee Sun 14-Aug-22 17:05:53

That is so sad. Better that they had euthanized the idiots who disregarded the advice to keep away. IMHO

Fleurpepper Sun 14-Aug-22 17:10:24

Agree Esspee. Shameful and so sad.

StarDreamer Sun 14-Aug-22 17:16:01

What I don't understand is why they could not stop people getting close to her.

Barriers, security officers, are well-known and widely used techniques.

Robin49 Sun 14-Aug-22 17:18:36

Agree with Esspee. Disgusting.

SueDonim Sun 14-Aug-22 18:14:53

sad sad

Kate1949 Sun 14-Aug-22 19:10:55

How sad.

Daisymae Sun 14-Aug-22 22:36:36

I think that it's sickening. The arrogance of man.

25Avalon Sun 14-Aug-22 22:42:34

Walruses are supposed to be a protected species. How can it be humane to put Freya down to protect the public? This is so tragic. I don’t see how a so called progressive country could act in this way. Bureaucracy gone mad.

grannydarkhair Sun 14-Aug-22 23:12:25

Yet another animal being killed because of the arrogance and stupidity of humans. One article I read said that she’d previously left the fjord and would almost certainly do so again.

MayBee70 Sun 14-Aug-22 23:20:27

I’m beyond angry. I didn’t manage to see Freya when she was in Northumberland but I, too followedher progress.

Deedaa Sun 14-Aug-22 23:27:31

They said that her health was deteriorating, not helped by the stress caused by the public.

Razzamatazz Mon 15-Aug-22 15:42:07

There is now a petition circulating on Facebook condemning the minister's actions. Tranquilising and relocating would have been the humane option, but I assume considered 'too expensive'.

MayBee70 Mon 15-Aug-22 15:43:33

If she was travelling the world for a year or so she can’t have been that unhealthy?

LadyStardust Mon 15-Aug-22 16:13:53

This world is totally f***ed up. Apologies for my language, but in this instance I feel its wholly appropriate. angryangryangry

Oldbat1 Mon 15-Aug-22 16:25:53

Disgraceful way to treat an animal. She has been all over. Sad reflection on humans yet again.

Fleurpepper Mon 15-Aug-22 16:30:21


This world is totally f***ed up. Apologies for my language, but in this instance I feel its wholly appropriate. angryangryangry

Totally agree. I always try to explain that with wild animals there are limits you must never cross. You never get too close, you never feed, and you never ever touch, NEVER.

Because if you do, the animal's behaviour will change, become dependent, too trusting, and eventually, become a pest - and then it will have to be put down- for those stupid and **ed people's safety sad

AGAA4 Mon 15-Aug-22 17:01:01

I am sick and tired of stupid entitled humans who think they can do what they like to the detriment of animals.

Fleurpepper Mon 15-Aug-22 17:02:56

If you love dolphins, the last thing you'd want to do is swim on their back or holding their fins, in a pool sad sad sad