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Mattsmum2 Wed 17-Aug-22 17:10:27

Is it me or has the art of saying thank you for receiving a card gone out of fashion. I can see some threads elsewhere on here but nothing about sending cards. I wouldn’t dream if not saying thanks even though electronic means if I received a card yet I tend to not get this returned., or am I being too touchy? Example is a friend whose birthday it was followed by a house move card. Nothing from them 🤷‍♀️

BlueBelle Wed 17-Aug-22 17:16:24

I hope and expect thanks for presents I don’t ever get a thank you for a card sent and don’t actually think I expect one

Doodledog Wed 17-Aug-22 17:23:26

I don't expect thanks for cards. I tend to send cards to say thank you, so it could go on forever grin.

I also think that birthday cards are getting to the end of the line. Very few people I know still send them, as they are seen as a marketing exercise by card companies, and not great for the planet. A visit, a text, a phone call are all much better, IMO, and don't leave the recipient beholden to the sender.

welbeck Wed 17-Aug-22 17:31:24

i don't think it's usual to expect ot to get a specific thank-you for a card; if you happen to see or talk to the person then it would be mentioned, i hope.

Elizabeth27 Wed 17-Aug-22 17:43:33

I do not send cards anymore, when I did it would be to people I speak to and they would thank me the next time I saw them, I would not expect a text or call to say thank you.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-Aug-22 17:47:09

I wouldn’t expect thanks for a card. When I send one to someone I’m not in regular contact with I usually put a note of any news inside and often they email me with thanks and their news, which is nice but I don’t expect it.

StarDreamer Wed 17-Aug-22 17:49:38

Doodledog wrote ...,as they are seen as a marketing exercise by card companies, ...

I have sometimes wondered why they don't market 'half' ones, like 7 and a half.

Or quarters, smile ... or thirds! grin

Madgran77 Wed 17-Aug-22 17:50:42

I wouldn't particularly expect thanks for a card. However I am unimpressed by the lack of thankyous for gifts these days.

welbeck Wed 17-Aug-22 17:51:05

what does that mean ??
seven and a half what ?

nadateturbe Wed 17-Aug-22 17:58:37

I always thank people for birthday cards. But not for Christmas or thank you cards. People always thank me for birthday cards.

VioletSky Wed 17-Aug-22 18:02:34

Nono don't expect thanks for cards. It's probably nice fpr some to hear if someone appreciated a gift but I have no idea how their day has gone or how much they received so don't expect thanks then either

Actually I find it a bit overwhelming anyway... so prefer not giving gifts in person or opening them in front of people in case I'm not appreciative enough

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-Aug-22 18:23:10

Remembering actual birthdays and the cost nowadays of buying and posting cards is bad enough without the half etc birthdays StarDreamer suggests. That is an idea I can confidently predict the card manufacturers will not be taking up.

Aveline Wed 17-Aug-22 18:24:41

I don't expect thanks for a card but a thank you would be nice from people/relatives I've given substantial gifts to. (Sore point!!)

Doodledog Wed 17-Aug-22 18:26:28


what does that mean ??
seven and a half what ?

I think it means that we (or maybe children) could celebrate being seven and a half? My great niece loves to tell me that she is seven and a half - it's much more grown up than just being seven grin. It's not a bad idea, but I think adults would get a bit sick of buying all the cards.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-Aug-22 18:29:00

And they would start to expect presents and parties!

BlueBelle Wed 17-Aug-22 18:31:44

So ‘a’ sends a card and ‘b’ thanks her for sending the card and ‘a’ thanks her for thanking her and ‘b’ thanks her for thanking her for thanking her
I m very happy to get a thank you for a present

Granmarderby10 Wed 17-Aug-22 18:36:29

I * like* a birthday card and appreciate them. The more the merrier. Same at Christmas. Just sayin’ like -so it’s out there….

Doodledog Wed 17-Aug-22 18:38:29


I * like* a birthday card and appreciate them. The more the merrier. Same at Christmas. Just sayin’ like -so it’s out there….

We'll all send you one, Granmarderby grin. Each to her own.

When is your next half-birthday?

Yammy Wed 17-Aug-22 18:41:42

I did send birthday cards with a family catch up but in recent years it has not been reciprecated.
Long term friends send cards and a text which I do to them. Neices and nephews do not send Christmas cards so I have stopped and any one else who does not reciprocate.
I always feel mean but then if they can't be bothered they obviously don't appreciate the gestured unless it is accompanied by a substantial cheque which was assumed would be enclosed.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-Aug-22 18:45:16

I feel the same Yammy.

M0nica Wed 17-Aug-22 19:02:55

I have never given or received thanks for a card.

Mine Wed 17-Aug-22 19:07:33

I would probably send a text to say thanks for a card...If there was money or a voucher say in a birthday card I may send a thank you card then..

MrsKen33 Wed 17-Aug-22 19:16:56

We don’t seem to get a thank you for anything these days. What with WhatsApp, texts , email etc it should be easy.The young especially just don’t.

Georgesgran Wed 17-Aug-22 19:19:03

I love a card - receiving and sending and I take ages picking them - often walking away until another time, if I can’t see one I really think suitable. I thank the sender of any cards to me when I next see them or text those I don’t see, as they’ve usually sent a text as well.
I’ll hide behind the sofa now because ‘we’ do half birthdays.
DD2 was born exactly 4 and a half years after DD1 and my Mum thought it would be a good idea to have a little gift for her, so she wouldn’t feel left out when gifts arrived for her baby sister. It stuck. Baby sister will be 39 next week and Big Sister will get half birthday cards, a bottle of fizz and flowers.

Georgesgran Wed 17-Aug-22 19:19:53

Meant to add - everyone thinks we’re crazy, but we don’t care.