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Thank you all for yesterday

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GrannyC777 Wed 17-Aug-22 18:27:29

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words and advice yesterday. The post has been deleted as per my request because I think I inadvertently said too much or names or something whilst upset

Needless to say my GS has a new tooth his actual first tooth so that was probably why he was so bereft and inconsolable when I had him…

So that explains a lot especially when my D said that he was far too young to be teething and I did not need gel etc

Anyway just wanted to say thanks x

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-Aug-22 18:36:35

It’s so nice of you to come back. We all worry about posters who are distressed.

I think you said your grandson is 9 months? Not too young to be teething and it explains why he was so upset. I expect you’re armed with gel and Calpol, if that’s allowed, now!

I hope the meeting went ok and you’re feeling better. If it helps, I don’t recall you saying anything that might identify you - certainly no names.

Do stay on GN, there’s a lot of companionship and advice here.

Farmor15 Wed 17-Aug-22 19:35:37

GrannyC777 I'm sure I'm one of many others who will appreciate you coming back with an update. I think you were wise to get yesterday's thread deleted as although there may not have been names, you mentioned a number of holiday destinations which could make people identifiable.

Gransnet is a great source of advice and support- just reading other posts and threads can be helpful.

There was someone else in a somewhat similar situation to you a while ago. One bit of advice was to write a letter to parents of grandchild, explaining health issues and what help could and couldn't be given. Time could be taken composing the letter so that it came across in a positive way.

GrannyC777 Wed 17-Aug-22 19:35:42

Thanks gsm. It was awkward until they acknowledged I must not have overreacted at all due to the new tooth! And yes I have all sorts in there I am now allowed to use

GrannyC777 Wed 17-Aug-22 19:36:49

Hi F15 Great idea but they would think I was a nutcase more than they already do!

icanhandthemback Wed 17-Aug-22 19:42:55

Thank you for letting us know and try to remember next time there is a problem, that you weren't in the wrong. Try to put some boundaries in place so these situations don't arise and keep up the good work.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-Aug-22 19:48:33

I’m so glad they understood there was a genuine problem and that you did the right thing. Any mother would want to know if their baby was distressed, and the distress was down to teething pain, not your fault at all. It’s really good to see you happier.

ixion Wed 17-Aug-22 20:08:28

We're here for the little things as well!
So come back anytime, for anything. Help is always nearby.
And carry on believing in yourself🌼

Squiffy Wed 17-Aug-22 20:17:35

Glad you’ve come back on GN. I was so concerned that naming your GS might ‘out’ you, so pleased my pm was of help smile

Smileless2012 Wed 17-Aug-22 20:21:37

Granny how lovely of you to come back and say thank you. Have more faith in yourself; you have every reason too flowers.

Callistemon21 Wed 17-Aug-22 20:30:36

Nine months is not too young for a new tooth. (Is seven months the norm?)

Of course, we used to use Bonjela but it is not allowed for infants now as I think it's aspirin based. It may have been updated with new ingredients, of course.

Now he's teething perhaps the parents will provide their approved remedies.

Sometimes I wish humans could produce a third set of teeth in their seventies.

Best wishes

lixy Wed 17-Aug-22 20:52:03

That's good news - thank you for letting us know.
Hope the rest of the teeth come through more easily and you are able to find some time to look after yourself as well.