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Christmas is . . . just around the corner . . .apparently

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Vintagenonna Thu 18-Aug-22 20:59:04

God-daughter has put a message on the family whatsapp saying that decorated xmas trees are on show at CostCo.

HowVeryDareYou Thu 18-Aug-22 21:01:27

That's absurd. The run-up to Christmas seems to get earlier every year. Tesco has for tins of Roses and Quality Street on sale

Vintagenonna Thu 18-Aug-22 21:04:58

I used to have a competition with my (then teenage) son about how quickly ranges changed. He was shelf-stacking one new year and sent me a message to say creme eggs were available.

Hellogirl1 Thu 18-Aug-22 21:13:39

I`ve just had an email from Iceland, inviting me to join their Christmas club.

bikergran Thu 18-Aug-22 21:14:08

I went in the Works last weeka nd they had "C" mas craft decorations etc

GrannyGravy13 Thu 18-Aug-22 21:14:15

I have bought two Christmas gifts

Elizabeth27 Thu 18-Aug-22 21:16:47

With money short for a lot of people this year there will be those that want to start buying early.

Grannybags Thu 18-Aug-22 21:21:14

Nooooo!!! ?

TerriBull Thu 18-Aug-22 21:34:20

Christmas is not just around the corner, it's still summer hmm

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 18-Aug-22 21:36:48

I don’t want to think about it. People can always put some money aside throughout the year to spread the cost rather than having the C word forced on us in August.

Hithere Thu 18-Aug-22 22:02:41

I saw two sets of xmas decoration in Costco by mid july

Just last weekend, some Halloween decorations are up in the shelves

I don't mind it, personally. Tired of summer and heat, happy for a change of scenery

Casdon Thu 18-Aug-22 22:22:07

I really don’t want to hear that word in August, I want to enjoy the summer and autumn first. 1st November is quite soon enough.

MissAdventure Thu 18-Aug-22 22:26:39

This really angers me!
I don't think we should be having Christmas rammed down our throats the minute we've had five minutes of summer. angry

Harris27 Thu 18-Aug-22 22:32:07

I saw this in clays garden centre and they had the lights twinkling but cordoned off.

Redhead56 Fri 19-Aug-22 00:08:08

I start my Christmas gift shopping in September every year.

biglouis Fri 19-Aug-22 00:52:17

The only thing I like about christmas is that I run an online business and peeps buy like crazy in November and December. So Im already getting in a cheaper line of stock to fit in with reduced discretionary spends.

I personally dont spend a dime on it. Havnt bought christmas presents or sent cards since 1976.

Smudgie Fri 19-Aug-22 02:17:47

This sounds horrendous. I did see Quality Street and Roses piled up in Tesco the other day but just assumed they had a glut! I'm going to lay my cards on the table and admit that I hate Xmas. The pressure to find presents for people who have everything, the excessive spending that people with little money to spare feel they have to do, the blatant advertising on TV showing families sitting round tables bursting with food and not a grumpy family member in sight. This year will be a very different Xmas, it will be cold, people will need any spare money to pay their heating bills and will no doubt go into debt due to the pressure of advertising. Prices always go up at Xmas, can you imagine what they will be when businesses and retailers try to recoup their Covid losses? A lady serving me at the checkout in Tesco said that she and her neighbours were going to take it in turns to host each other and cook the meals for a day. This would save each of them having to turn heating and the oven on every day. This is the UK in 2022 and they are having to think like this. What a state we are in.

Serendipity22 Fri 19-Aug-22 06:29:08


That's absurd. The run-up to Christmas seems to get earlier every year. Tesco has for tins of Roses and Quality Street on sale

Yes, i walked into Tesco the other day and there in the doorway were stacks of Quality Street and Celebration, my mind shot to them being displayed around Christmas time and I said to myself well, it can't be for Christmas, were only in August.


Sara1954 Fri 19-Aug-22 06:32:47

Yes, I’ve heard people talking about it.
I always think it starts in earnest when the children return to school, this seems even earlier than usual.

I used to love Christmas when my children were little, but I now have six grandchildren, and it’s just a matter of getting things on their lists, no joy in shopping, or finding things you think they might like.

I get people need to budget, and it’s a good idea to pick up things gradually, but August? No, please give us another couple of months.

I don’t find it works anyway, if I start early I run out of steam early, and then I still have a rush at the end.

karmalady Fri 19-Aug-22 06:49:12

Ugh, the thought of it puts a pit in my stomach

BigBertha1 Fri 19-Aug-22 07:06:06

I love Christmas. I have made a restaurant booking for 9th December for 20 people from my W.I. based Walking Netball groups.

LOUISA1523 Fri 19-Aug-22 07:50:20

I've booked a christmas dhow for myself and friends....I've booked pantomime for us and family and have booked westend tickets for next march as Xmas presents....Will pick up Christmas again in November

Serendipity22 Fri 19-Aug-22 07:55:33

I will be the first in the queue for Christmas, absolutely revel in everything about Christmas... BUT not in August! let me revel in my birthday first ! ?

Witzend Fri 19-Aug-22 08:14:12

OP, you’ve reminded me that I need to get on with the knitted Nativity set that needs to be ready by the end of November, for Gdcs’ school fair. Still various bits, inc. Mary, a sheep, and the donkey to go, plus most of the sewing up.

Once we’re into September the time just zooms past (always seems to for me, anyway) and we’re away for the first half of that.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 19-Aug-22 08:21:23

I used to enjoy Christmas but it just seems such a hassle now, thinking what to buy people who seem to have everything, planning meals, cooking, all the shopping, so I really don’t want to think about it any earlier than absolutely necessary. Bah humbug!