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Our Phoenix

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kittylester Fri 19-Aug-22 06:47:44

It is a year today since our lovely, kind and funny Phoenix died. I'm sure lots of you will remember her many irreverent threads.

Sadly, she wasn't a member of GN when she died but had been here from the beginning.

Maw, who is also sadly no longer a member, has been in touch with the lovely person who helped care for and is happy to pass on any messages of remembrance.

Personally, I am going to complain the my ex son in law is still hale and heart despite the spell she wrote.

silverlining48 Fri 19-Aug-22 06:50:38

Remembering Phoenix today. flowers

Aldom Fri 19-Aug-22 06:55:02

Rest in peace Phoenix. flowers

harrigran Fri 19-Aug-22 06:57:46

Remembering Phoenix today, she always had a way of brightening a day.
I still have a copy of the rhyme she wrote for you kitty.

BigBertha1 Fri 19-Aug-22 07:02:34

RIP Phoenix xx

kittylester Fri 19-Aug-22 07:07:57

Harri, I've searched for mine and can't find it, would you mind posting it.

M0nica Fri 19-Aug-22 07:09:25

She was irrepressible and a joy to know, even if it was only online.

Chrissielou Fri 19-Aug-22 07:17:25

Always think of her and her sense of fun when I play Pata Pata, I downloaded it on her recommendation.
Rest in peace.

shysal Fri 19-Aug-22 07:25:59

Phoenix, still sadly missed on here. There has been no humour like hers since her departure.

NotAGran55 Fri 19-Aug-22 07:27:44

My attempt to grow some mini sunflowers for her today was a total failure! It’s impossible to think of her without a smile 😃

MerylStreep Fri 19-Aug-22 07:28:08

I very rarely look at my Montbretia without thinking of her.
Some years ago I wanted to know if they would be ok to move.
Her reply was you could boil the bloody things and not kill them 😄
What a wordsmith she was.

NotAGran55 Fri 19-Aug-22 07:28:48

My picture is too big to upload sad

Aldom Fri 19-Aug-22 07:40:58

My sunflower for Phoenix

Cherrytree59 Fri 19-Aug-22 07:46:18

The Phoenix's of this world are not gone, whilst so many remember them with a smile or sometimes even a chuckle

I was so pleased when Phoenix GN name was the first thread I spotted when I switched on this morning. (Jut like old times)

Thank you, Kitty flowers.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 19-Aug-22 07:50:07

I have her toast to the Gammon saved, and think of her as I am cooking the flipping things at Christmas, she brought joy to a lot of people.

Remembering dear Phoenix 💐💐💐

Iam64 Fri 19-Aug-22 07:57:16

Remembering Phoenix x

Redhead56 Fri 19-Aug-22 08:02:06

Christmas does bring memories of Phoenix x

cornergran Fri 19-Aug-22 08:13:55

Thinking of phoenix.

I remember that rhyme kitty, unfortunately didn’t keep a copy.

Luckygirl3 Fri 19-Aug-22 08:39:40

I was thinking of her yesterday, but had no idea it was a whole year since she died. RIP x

dragonfly46 Fri 19-Aug-22 08:44:22

Thinking of Phoenix today.

Dogsmakemesmile Fri 19-Aug-22 08:51:37

I did not have the pleasure of "knowing " Phoenix but I know so many of you loved her. I hope today is full of happy memories for you albeit on a sad day.

TillyTrotter Fri 19-Aug-22 08:53:11

Having a quiet moment of remembering dear Phoenix. 🕊

glammanana Fri 19-Aug-22 09:00:08

Such a joy to have known this lady GN is a sad place without her x

TillyTrotter Fri 19-Aug-22 09:00:31

Then I danced like a crazy thing to the glorious Pata Pata 🎶

Nannagarra Fri 19-Aug-22 09:01:38

Damp squid, boiling monbretias…she had a wonderful sense of humour and lively wit. RIP dear Phoenix.