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Premier Inn or Travelodge - which do you prefer

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larry5 Tue 13-Sep-22 13:00:55

We have been to both of these chains over the years and have found that we prefer Premier Inn although they tend to be a little more expensive. What do others think?

notgran Tue 13-Sep-22 13:08:17

Always Premier Inn. We have often got some real bargains from their website and if we are planning time away in advance it is even cheaper if you pay in full. The staff also seem more professional which is a main reason we book Premier Inn.

tanith Tue 13-Sep-22 13:15:21

Premier Inn for me too, those mattresses ??

MawtheMerrier Tue 13-Sep-22 13:15:33

I have always found Premier Inn beds extremely comfortable .
Now that they no longer seem not to be situated on busy dual carriageways/industrial estates, I would choose a P I any tine - what you see is what you get!

Marilla Tue 13-Sep-22 13:16:47

My daughter, toddler grandson and I recently stayed overnight at a Premier Inn and it was excellent value for money. Comfortable beds, immaculate room and bathroom.
Staff were so helpful.
I haven’t stayed in a Travelodge for many years. I am not sure if they have been refurbished more recently as the rooms were pretty basic and needing attention back then.

BigBertha1 Tue 13-Sep-22 13:28:04

I hate them both but needs must they are cheap and reliable. Holiday Inn are Ok too but I'd much rather have a Radisson or similar- DH disagrees he enjoys a bit of privation.

Smileless2012 Tue 13-Sep-22 13:31:49

Always Premier Inn for us, no contest.

AreWeThereYet Tue 13-Sep-22 13:39:48

Haven't stayed in a Travelodge for years, most of them used to be a bit spartan at best. They've done lots of them up though, and they look much like Premier Inns now on the website. We use Premier Inns quite a lot when we are doing an overnight stay. I actually lived in one in Norfolk for nearly a year when I was working away from home Mon-Fri many years ago.

Candelle Tue 13-Sep-22 13:47:12

We use both as we enjoy taking our cycles on trips and the chains are happy for us to take them into the room (we do ensure we don't mark walls or leave muddy trails).

Travelodge were the original 'cheapo' hotel for travellers, situated on motorways etc., but they have now diversified into using other buildings which make for a nicer environment.

Premier Inn were 'the new kid on the block' and left Travelodge napping with their better facilities, decent beds and cleaner rooms.

We would rather use a Premier Inn for the above reasons but I guess cleanliness is dependent on staff - and they are all very short of them now!

Esspee Tue 13-Sep-22 13:48:53

We visit friends up north. We used to stay with them but as their health deteriorated we chose to book an hotel so as to give them the pleasure of a visit without the work.
Travelodge in a far better option for us. Both are clean and similarly attractive but the WiFi is much better at Premier Inns.

Barmeyoldbat Tue 13-Sep-22 14:16:59

Cancelled we are the same as you, we use both for our cycle trips but do prefer the Premier Inn and as you say the are happy for you to bring your bikes up to your room. Great value for money

Witzend Tue 13-Sep-22 14:27:52

Haven’t stayed at a Travelodge for ages. However have stayed at many P Inns, when only a night or two was needed. Always reliably good - nice big bed, perfectly fine basics.
If we wanted ‘lux’ we’d go elsewhere, but for a night or two when we’re hardly going to be in the room, it’s just not needed.
There’s one cheaper chain I’d never ever stay at again, because many years ago when dds were little we stayed at one abroad - dd2 was still at the crawling stage and her nice little pink dungarees turned literally black at the knees - the carpets were utterly filthy!

MrsKen33 Tue 13-Sep-22 14:50:54

Always Premier Inn, but never stayed in a Travelodge

annsixty Tue 13-Sep-22 15:06:30

Always and frequently PI although it is worth noting, you still don’t get your rooms cleaned and made up daily.
I only ever stay two nights though so whether they get cleaned if you stay more I don’t know.
The original reason was Covid, it may be difficulty getting staff now.

Nandalot Tue 13-Sep-22 15:15:53

Premier Inn. We even bought a Premier Inn bed. It’s great!

Nannytopsy Tue 13-Sep-22 15:18:43

We have stayed at some pretty awful Travelodges but Premier Inns have always been good.

Mollygo Tue 13-Sep-22 15:25:47

Premier Inn rather than Travel Lodge every time, but we use Holiday Inn when there’s one available.

GagaJo Tue 13-Sep-22 15:51:24

Conditions wise, definitely Premier Inn. But I've found they're often noisy, the clientele they attract maybe? Whereas all the Travelodges I've stayed at have been beautifully quiet. And I put a good night's sleep before anything else.

BlueBelle Tue 13-Sep-22 16:31:43

Have used both see little difference between them
Whichever has the best prices at the time I need them

larry5 Wed 14-Sep-22 12:38:49

Thanks for all the comments. We tend to go to Premier Inn if we are using it as a base for a holiday or Travelodge if it is for just one night.

The best Premier Inn for space was one we went to in Caernavon where they made a point of giving family rooms, if they weren't booked, to people who were staying for more than two nights as they assumed that you were on holiday. We also like the PI in South Croydon if we are having a special occasion in the Croydon area, where we used to live as it is surrounded by trees and is very quiet. We used to live near Croydon.

If we are going to be up for just one night we stay at the Travelodge at Caterham as it is cheaper and there is easy access to the M25 so it is quicker for us to get home to Somerset.

Katie59 Wed 14-Sep-22 19:12:59

We used Premier Inn twice this year both very good and not expensive, so will be first choice next time. Have not used Travel Lodge recently so can’t comment.

JECB Thu 29-Sep-22 12:17:39

Premier Inn have better breakfasts and generally a higher standard of comfort. The downside is that many Premier Innes have windows which don’t open, whereas the Travelodge ones tend to.

Kim19 Thu 29-Sep-22 12:32:02

Very interesting and topical as I've just booked one night with T a couple of minutes ago. As a result of this thread I did a price comparison with PI. I paid £26:99 for two which includes parking. PI quote £90 for room plus £9 for parking. Maybe PI is 'superior' (not in my opinion) but for that price difference and only one night it would be T for me every time. I also usually find their locations more suitable for me.

Fleurpepper Thu 29-Sep-22 12:46:08

For me it is all about, location, location, location.

Maggierose Thu 29-Sep-22 14:28:35

I’ve never stayed at a Premier Inn but have just returned from my first stay at a Travelodge. Location was great. Staff were lovely. Room clean and comfortable but I was shocked to find they didn’t make the bed! Since when has this been normal?