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Anyone unwillingly "on the night shift" tonight

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Wyllow3 Tue 27-Sep-22 01:00:25

Share light stuff awhile.

User7777 Tue 27-Sep-22 01:36:23

Yeah. Am awake. Thinking about a holiday

3dognight Tue 27-Sep-22 01:46:26

Yes I’m up with a decaf. Alarm inadvertently went off at midnight and I’ve been awake since.
My eyes are tired, but my mind is too awake.

MissAdventure Tue 27-Sep-22 02:03:39

Awake here.
Doing some housework, would you believe?
The flat is in such a mess, I can't stand it!!
Heartburn, too.

Aldom Tue 27-Sep-22 04:03:01

I'm awake, but I suspect you've all gone back to sleep! grin

FannyCornforth Tue 27-Sep-22 04:04:20

Nope Aldom! I’m here! smile
And I suspect that Sweetpeasue might be here any minute too

FannyCornforth Tue 27-Sep-22 04:09:50

MissA like you said on the parcel thread, my sleep pattern is ridiculous too
It’s usually something like 9pm-1am, awake until 7am and then awake around 10.30am
I’m away on my jollies at the moment and something in the lodge is making a twanging sound.
I’ve just accused DH of doing it, but it isn’t him

Sweetpeasue Tue 27-Sep-22 04:14:54

I usually wake in night now for various reasons. Can get really awful dreams but have had some good ones occasionally. Like producing the most beautiful music on the piano or gliding along the ice skating professionally. ?

FannyCornforth Tue 27-Sep-22 04:18:08

Wow! That sounds amazing
All my dreams are on the anxiety spectrum! I’m always losing my bag or being unable to phone someone. It’s often the last day of school too for some reason confused

Nannytopsy Tue 27-Sep-22 04:19:44

I’m awake too. Weird dreams here and DH’s CPAP machine is a bit noisy tonight.

Mollygo Tue 27-Sep-22 04:21:09

A twanging sound? That’s a bit unnerving at this time of night, but I wouldn’t get up and look. Have you?
I’m just re-revising the planning for the head observing me teach, so I know why I’m awake.

Aldom Tue 27-Sep-22 04:22:50

'Morning to you ladies. I've had a cup of Red Bush and a biscuit in the last hour and eighteen minutes grin so now I think I will return to bed. See you later sunshine

SunshineSally Tue 27-Sep-22 04:23:14

Am in the wide awake club too - much to DH’s annoyance?

Sweetpeasue Tue 27-Sep-22 04:25:30

Mollygo I'd find that terrifying.

FannyCornforth Tue 27-Sep-22 04:31:47

Oh Molly I do feel for you!
I used to quite enjoy being observed, but it depends on how you get on with them.
What lesson is it?
Is it today?
I used to hate not being able to sleep when I was teaching.
I used to worry all night about stuff.

The twanging seems to be coming from the bathroom radiator.
Other than that it’s incredibly peaceful here.

FannyCornforth Tue 27-Sep-22 04:32:32

Night night Aldom ?

FannyCornforth Tue 27-Sep-22 04:45:02

And good luck Molly, ? I’m sure that you’ll be amazing

SunshineSally Tue 27-Sep-22 04:46:06

I’m desperate for a drink but know if I get up DDog will wake up and think it’s time for walkies ?. Have already shoved the cat out the window (s’okay, we live in a bungalow and not a block of flats!) as he wanted to go outside.

SunshineSally Tue 27-Sep-22 04:49:19

Good luck for today Molly - I hope it goes well for you ?.

BlueBelle Tue 27-Sep-22 04:51:17

I bunny hop through the night but apparently that is how we were made to sleep Its all ok

FannyCornforth Tue 27-Sep-22 05:03:21

Yes, I read that BlueBelle
People used to have two sleeps. They’d go to bed pretty much as soon as they finished work.
Then get up and do stuff for a few hours and then go to bed again.
I think that a full sleep cycle is something like four hours.

FannyCornforth Tue 27-Sep-22 05:04:46

Sally I’ve got a dog and a cat too.
The cat is currently at a Cattery, I hope that she’s okay.
She’s never been in one before and she’s very outdoorsy

SunshineSally Tue 27-Sep-22 05:24:20


Sally I’ve got a dog and a cat too.
The cat is currently at a Cattery, I hope that she’s okay.
She’s never been in one before and she’s very outdoorsy

Oh bless - am sure she’ll be fine. We do worry about them tho - cats are so fussy aren’t they. Mine sulks when we come home after a holiday! Ours is an outdoor cat too but doesn’t stray too far these days (he’s 12) - not since his operation anyway.

SunshineSally Tue 27-Sep-22 05:26:13

Fanny you could always give the cattery a ring (at a more decent hour!) to put your mind at rest x

FannyCornforth Tue 27-Sep-22 05:49:30

Yes, thank you Sally I will do that.
Rosie doesn’t go far either, she makes nests in the field at the bottom of the garden.
She is such a gentle soul. She’s a bit of a hippy at heart, bless her