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Hankering over past times.

36 Oreo

Alexa- Anyone else having trouble with her?!!

4 Pittcity

Paying towards Xmas stay

89 Mollygo

Come me fly with me! ✈️ A whole new career opportunity?

51 Alison333

Soop's welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

707 Ladyleftfieldlover

Not knowing when to give up.

21 Norah

How do I deal with a rude 12 year old nephew?

71 Baggs

🛍 Black Friday Bargains 🛍

57 Beesh

Good Morning Sunday 27th November 2022

62 Urmstongran

we can't stop going to the toilet,so how do WE solve the sewage issue?

44 MaizieD

Anything you would you like to add?

108 choughdancer

Turkish Delight for Christmas.

25 Blondiescot

Staying put or moving house?

77 Witzend

Are people really feeling the pinch?

95 Eloethan

Uninvited at Christmas.

15 biglouis

Has anybody seen

119 BlueBelle

Baron Trump

69 Iam64

Good Morning Saturday 26th November 2022

54 dustyangel

Questionable celebrations

22 LadyHonoriaDedlock

Are you put off from visiting?

138 M0nica

Panic buying or common sense stocking up?

97 Shinamae

So now we know why the Queen died

211 CatsCatsCats

Hard Lessons Learnt

54 biglouis

Welsh schoolchildren - the agony of football!

14 Grandma70s

Good Morning Friday 25th November 2022

73 mrshat

Supporting a friend through her relationship break up

5 silverlining48

Puzzle Time! Can you see it? 🧩

67 Nannagarra


15 Hellogirl1

'Living' - starring Bill Nighy

25 Namsnanny

Gift giving

13 Debbi58

Door curtains

3 Georgesgran


24 Wheniwasyourage

Reunions - school, college, university, work etc - do you go?

40 Eloethan

Good Morning Thursday 24th November 2022

58 Gingster

Do some of you share this thought about the future?

82 bobbydog24

Son in law issues

8 Wyllow3

Good Morning Wednesday 23rd November 2022

74 Borrheid55

Tonie Box

5 AreWeThereYet

12 glorious hours of sleep!

22 ayse

Holiday Insurance in case of cancellation GB

2 Esspee

Chocolates in tin cans are very hard to come by?

26 MawtheMerrier

Very bad dog! 🐶

54 watermeadow

Yma O Had. Amazing song

21 Pittcity

SNOWDrops in November?

9 AreWeThereYet

Does doing something remind you of a GN poster?

82 Greyduster

Plantar Fasciitis anyone?

13 Grannysmith

Good Morning Tuesday 22nd November 2022

51 Kalu

Any views on faith healing?

147 Caleo

Just to say

57 downtoearth

How long could you last ?

91 M0nica