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Always being on call for my elderly neighbour.

85 Georgesgran

Are you a Christmas shuffler?

8 Georgesgran

disrespectful Rishi Sunak

91 Delila

Fish and Chips - not a cheap meal anymore

40 Sago

Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for friendship...

892 Grandmabatty

I've only gone and done it!!

59 henetha

Encouraging moss

11 Luckygirl3

Keeping heating costs down

39 M0nica

New laptop or 2TB external hard drive?

7 Starof1972

Age U.K and Silver voices not seeing eye to eye?

13 Doodledog

Endometriosis charity appoints trans woman as the new head of the organisation.

528 Doodledog

The true meaning of Christmas.

36 Desdemona

Vast frightening experiment. King Charles speech

7 Jaberwok

Things you would like to Avoid- alphabetical and could be anything!

508 hollysteers

Cute kids movie

2 B9exchange

Do you like flowers in the house?

109 Grandmabatty

Good Morning Friday 1st December 2023

54 Grandmabatty

Homemade Christmas gifts - good or bad?

79 Primrose53

Just for fun, nothing explicit please.

155 Georgesgran

Call centres.

10 annsixty

Emails re Online Orders clogging up Inbox

23 win

People saying Merry Christmas in November

61 Redhead56


1 Puzzlelove

Social query

43 Suki70

Checking your bank statement

84 TheatreLover

Good Morning Thursday 30th November 2023

48 GrannySomerset

Wood burner cleaning.

23 Greyisnotmycolour

Sex Education

74 Nannee49

My new hobby

9 lixy

Good Morning Wednesday 29th November 2023

67 hulahoop

Please tell me to calm down!

89 netflixfan

Help needed! Game suggestion needed please

22 Sago

Good Morning Tuesday 28th November 2023

50 hollysteers

Something rogue in my white wash!!!

26 Grammaretto

Can you tell when it is a full moon?

51 karmalady

Good Morning Monday 27th November 2023

53 RosiesMaw

A happy positive thread 😃

236 ginny

Does Anyone Remember Clackers?

52 Fairycakes

For those who have trouble opening foil pill/tablet blister packs.

3 Baggs

Old Amersham short break

13 silverlining48

Favourite day?

76 DanniRae

Back Brush, a Shy Recommendation

10 Caleo

Good Morning Sunday 26th November 2023

60 Auntieflo

Blogs and who to follow- looking for inspiration

49 HelterSkelter1

Waking up with nonsense words in my head

13 Primrose53

Moon halo

14 Callistemon21

Help buying Fibogel!

5 spyder08


12 Aveline

Good Morning Saturday 25th November 2023

47 Litterpicker


15 Redhead56