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Virgin Atlantic’s cabin crew

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Urmstongran Thu 29-Sep-22 10:29:23

Sir Richard Branson is dropping rules that require its employees to wear “gendered uniform options” in a first for the UK aviation industry.

I think as long as cabin crew are polite and helpful it doesn’t much matter. It’s a funny old world anyway. I do wonder whether large groups flying abroad on stag parties might become even more raucous though.

Actually we never fly Virgin so I’ll never know!

What do you think? A PR stunt or good business nous in a changing/challenging times?

Riverwalk Thu 29-Sep-22 10:38:40

I've flown Virgin Atlantic many times and it's always been a good experience.

Crew can wear what they look as long as they do their job - can't imagine many men will want to wear skirts, even if they are that way inclined.

JackyB Thu 29-Sep-22 11:06:02

Female Flight attendants have been unhappy with the constrictions of their pencil skirts and heeled shoes for a long time now. They are totally impractical in serious situations, which, unfortunately, are becoming more common. I'm glad for them that they can now wear trousers and I hope other airlines soon follow suit. Policewomen and other uniformed services still look smart in trousers. The days of the "trolley dolly" are long numbered.

Callistemon21 Thu 29-Sep-22 11:13:15

If anyone chooses to wear high-heeled shoes when doing a job which requires them to be on their feet, walking up and down in constricted spaces they must be daft.

Callistemon21 Thu 29-Sep-22 11:14:30

JackyB yes, I'm surprised that those required to wear pencil skirts and high heeled shoes hadn't rebelled before now.

GagaJo Thu 29-Sep-22 11:23:51

I prefer Virgin for long-haul. I don't really care what the crew wear as long as they can be kind to me when I'm in the middle of my flying phobia hysteria. They've always been good on Virgin. Which is more than I can say for BA long haul.

Mollygo Thu 29-Sep-22 11:27:19

Great idea! Possibly Virgin making the decision before they were pushed into it.
I remember the joy when a new head stopped banning trousers for female teachers-and that was in the late 90s.

karmalady Thu 29-Sep-22 11:27:48

RB is an absolutely brilliant employer, he adapts to his workers needs, is aware of issues. His employees think the world of him. To put his message out there is good

Urmstongran Thu 29-Sep-22 11:48:50

Whenever we fly with other airlines we notice female cabin crew greet passengers on boarding then at ‘cabin crew release’ announcement from the captain the change out of their heels in their hub area and into flatties - changing back as the aeroplane descends. Practical, if not so glamorous!

Lathyrus Thu 29-Sep-22 13:30:44

Only flown with Virgin Atlantic twice.

Both total rubbish. Tv screen didn’t work, ran out of food choices s couldn’t eat anything, messed up the seating, lost the luggage, put the stay in your seat sign on for the whole journey and shouted at people when they needed the toilet, wouldn’t answer the call buttons.

Nightmare journeys. Never again.

Won’t make any difference what they wear?

Callistemon21 Thu 29-Sep-22 14:05:27

I'm beginning to think it's the luck of the draw, Lathyrus

We've not flown with Virgin only Virgin Blue.

However, other airlines seem to be failing in their care of passengers too - Qantas, BA, Cathay Pacific and even the so-called World's Number One Airline (Qatar) all guilty, no food, although ordered in advance, for someone who had special dietary needs, hold luggage lost, no tv or radio etc.

GagaJo Thu 29-Sep-22 14:08:52

BA is the worst I've been on (other than Delta, a US airline). Staff unhelpful, rude. Not sure why they were there really, because they didn't support any passengers that I saw at any point, other than the food, drinks and sales trolleys.

Hithere Thu 29-Sep-22 14:15:58

Awesome, women now have options vs ridiculous clothes they are forced to wear for no reason but to "look good"

TerriBull Thu 29-Sep-22 14:44:59

I've never really liked the "in your face" red, easily identifiable with Virgin crew I know. Flew with them quite a lot in the past, thought they were always very good, far preferable to any American airline I've been on. Glad they're getting more choice with their uniform a pencil skirt, I imagine, wouldn't be that comfortable for hours on end.

I always thought the most attractive female air crew attire were those worn, and I don't think they've changed, by the Singapore Airline crew, not sure how practical they'd be in a crisis, given the bottom half is a floor length skirt.

Callistemon21 Thu 29-Sep-22 16:29:20

Singapore Airline cabin crew uniforms do look lovely but probably not practical, I agree.

LovelyCuppa Thu 29-Sep-22 16:34:07

Appalling that it's got to 2022 before this happened!

Esspee Thu 29-Sep-22 16:45:06

The very best airline to fly with in my opinion is Air New Zealand.

As I find men in kilts very attractive I am rather hoping to have a few Virgin male crew wearing "skirts" on my Virgin flight in February. ?

Bodach Thu 29-Sep-22 16:47:05

Now: who's going to be the first to speculate on this thread about passengers' reactions to the imminent appearance of male Virgin cabin crew in pencil skirts and high heels?

Oh dear: it seems to be me...

Bodach Thu 29-Sep-22 16:48:12

Dammit, Esspee! You beat me to it.

Philippa111 Thu 29-Sep-22 17:07:35

Espee come to the Edinburgh Tattoo next year... you'll be in heaven. Hundreds of kilted men there!
Cheaper than a flight and very eco!!

biglouis Thu 29-Sep-22 17:22:59

Back in the late 1960s I worked in a department of local government. There was no formal rule about women wearing trousers but my boss said it was an "unwritten rule" and tried to stop me. I told him I did not obey "unwritten" rules as they had no legal basis. Then the 1970 Equal Pay Act came in which stated that women and men doing the same job were entitled to the same pay and contractual benefits. The union waded in and women began to wear trousers - several years after I had began wearing them.

Hithere Fri 30-Sep-22 02:25:40

Just saw a video about Virgin Atlantic inclusivity policy - this is huge and fantastic!

Dress how you identify yourself

Hope other companies catch on and adopt it

Serendipity22 Fri 30-Sep-22 08:00:09

I dont see a problem at all with what attire the cabin crew wear, my issue would be their efficiency in their job. They could dance down the isle wearing ballet shoes and a tutu for all I cared.


skunkhair63 Fri 30-Sep-22 08:09:30

Oh Christ, don’t give them ideas! ?

Esspee Fri 30-Sep-22 18:22:49

Phillippa111. Fortunately I live in Scotland so I quite often get a thrill when I encounter a burly Scot wearing our National dress. I have to say I particularly like the casual sweater and boots with a kilt look.
I could, of course, coax O.H. into his kilt but the mystery wouldn’t be there. ?