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Do you lock your doors in daytime ?

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HeavenLeigh Thu 29-Sep-22 18:22:58

Our front door automatically locks when we come in, we have side gate that is always locked and bolted top and bottom but I never lock back kitchen door, Anyone else?

Kim19 Thu 29-Sep-22 18:25:58

Don't have any doors locked until I go to bed.

GagaJo Thu 29-Sep-22 18:27:30

Should do, but I don't. 12 years here, come to no harm yet.

Calendargirl Thu 29-Sep-22 18:28:50

Yes, always lock my back door.

If you are vacuuming in a bedroom, you would never hear someone nipping in and taking your keys, handbag, whatever,

(Not that I leave my handbag near the back door).

JaneJudge Thu 29-Sep-22 18:29:45

I do but my husband doesn't confused

welbeck Thu 29-Sep-22 18:30:02

rarely open kitchen door, which is not accessible anyway, except to back garden.
front door always locked and chain on when am in.
cannot understand people not keeping their doors locked when inside; seems foolhardy, reckless.
and what about invalidating insurance ?

Joseanne Thu 29-Sep-22 18:33:46

Doors permanently wide open here because dogs go in and out. They would stop anyone entering, I think.

tanith Thu 29-Sep-22 18:35:12

Front door is shut (can’t be opened from outside) but not locked during the day locked at night. Garden gate bolted and locked all the time unless it’s bin day, back is locked if I’m going upstairs but open otherwise. My neighbour frequently leaves his back door open even when he’s out.

Fleurpepper Thu 29-Sep-22 18:36:38


Blossoming Thu 29-Sep-22 18:38:20

I make sure they’re locked when I’m home alone. They’re always locked at night.

NotAGran55 Thu 29-Sep-22 18:38:42

We have 4 sets of patio doors open all summer into our back garden when it’s warm, only closed when we go to bed.
I’ve had one door open all afternoon today while I working at my desk.

avitorl Thu 29-Sep-22 18:38:46

I keep all doors locked except the door to my back garden.I leave that open so that my cat can walk in and out as she pleases.That will be kept closed soon as the weather gets colder.

Georgesgran Thu 29-Sep-22 18:39:50

Locked in most of the day - front can’t be opened from outside without a key. When I have DD2’s dogs I’ll leave the back door open, if I’m jobbing around downstairs. Garden gates are low and could be hurdled!

AreWeThereYet Thu 29-Sep-22 18:40:28

Sometimes we don't even lock the doors when we're away confused

Not deliberately though. Every house we've lived in we've somehow managed to leave the front door wide open overnight at some point. It was open for two days a few weeks ago when we were away - came home to find the mail on the chest in the hall. The one time someone tried to burgle us (many years ago) they went to the effort of breaking in through the back fence and breaking a window. Fortunately for us a neighbour interrupted them.

BlueBelle Thu 29-Sep-22 18:42:04

All main doors locked back and front, and back gate locked I don’t put the chain on at because if I was taken ill family couldn’t get in with their keys

I can’t believe in this day and age people are not locking their doors seems mad to me
I don’t live in a very high crime area but surely all insurance would be invalid if doors weren’t locked I certainly didn’t lock them in the 70 s and 80 s but certainly last 30 + years I wouldn’t dream of being in with an unlocked door

Grannyben Thu 29-Sep-22 18:42:50

I've always kept my doors locked. I spent many years working for a solicitor and, for many years, we represented a young man who repeatedly entered peoples homes whilst they were in. When he was caught he always confessed to previous thefts where victims believed they had just list their purses etc

Dottydots Thu 29-Sep-22 18:43:52

My doors are always locked when I'm on my own. My son says it is like Fort Knox.

Greyduster Thu 29-Sep-22 18:53:52

Front door is always locked whether I am in or out. I don’t use the back door. The side gate has a combi lock on it. The conservatory door into the garden is always in use.

Charleygirl5 Thu 29-Sep-22 18:57:04

The only time my kitchen door is unlocked is if it is open and I am in the kitchen. If I go to the loo I close and lock the door. I never open windows.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 29-Sep-22 19:01:24

Front door is always locked. Back door only if both of us and the GSD are out, beyond a quick toddle down the lane to the post box.

crazyH Thu 29-Sep-22 19:02:01

My front door is always left unlocked, day and night, just in case the emergency services need to enter. ?
But from now on, I will lock - Bluebelle mentioned Insurance being invalid if doors are not locked. Good point ..

Daisymae Thu 29-Sep-22 19:07:08

Yes, always locked. If you have been burgled it does make you super cautious. Next door neighbour was burgled during the afternoon, although they did actually break in. Someone I know had their car stolen on Xmas Day. Just walked in, took the keys and off.

Sparklefizz Thu 29-Sep-22 19:09:58

My doors are always locked. In the 70s I was married to a detective and used to leave the back door unlocked and often open as well.

One time I was bathing my daughter when a man suddenly loomed in the bathroom doorway. I hadn't heard him coming upstairs. Fortunately the man was my husband who gave me a big telling off and pointed out that he could have been anyone. From that day onwards I kept doors locked.

tickingbird Thu 29-Sep-22 19:12:28

My doors are always locked, front and back.

tidyskatemum Thu 29-Sep-22 19:18:31

Where we live people tend to leave their doors unlocked. Burglary is virtually unheard of. Everyone leaves a box outside for parcels and with anything too big for the box the postie/ delivery man usually walks in the houseand leaves the parcel in the hall! A couple of times a year there is a big influx of outsiders for specific events and then we lock everything in sight